Friday, October 25, 2013

They made their decision.... again.

There has been controversy and arguments for months now about who is going to play the title role of Christian Grey in E.L. James film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Charlie Hunnam was going to be the signature character, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Personally, if I was him I would've dropped out to. It's like I told Momma when she asked me, that is the kind of movie that will either make or break someone's career. There will be no in between. Period. I have to say, I'm please with their choice. To me, It's All Good. Kudos!

Meet the new Christian Grey...His name is Jamie Dornan and he's an actor/model/musician. It was announced on Thursday, October 24. Apparently, he's multi-talented. Which considering the content of the book, could come in pretty handy in the long run. If you know what I mean. Catch my drift? I have to say, I find him reasonably attractive. Like...he's beautiful, he's Irish, and he's built fairly good. Gotta keep up the bod when you're a model I reckon. I'll probably still watch the movie after this decision, I have to admit it was iffy for a minute. I know he won't have his accent in the movie, or at least he shouldn't, but I have to favorite kind of accent Irish one. If ya'll want to know more about him you can read/look at pictures here, here, or here. Oh, and here. All you crazy and/or obsessed ladies...You're Welcome. Considering some of the "Contenders" that they had I would say fans of the book lucked out. Who knew there was so many dweebs in the entertainment industry? I for one certainly didn't. And I don't like to talk bad about people. Honestly, I don't. To me beauty is more on the inside than out. However, when you have a character in a book that is described as being so panty-droppingly gorgeous that women cannot quit staring and you can't even stand it, then you kind of expect a certain kind of person to play that role. I mean more than just looks too. I'm talking about looks, walk, stance, body, personality, charisma...I'm talking the works.

Of course when something like this comes around then everyone has their own opinion on it. Back when I hadn't read the book, Danielle was just telling me about it and I still picked who I wanted to play the role. And I just knew what she had told me. In fact we both picked our Number One Contenders over a couple of beers. It was, fun. One of my original picks was...Charlie Hunnam. Yeah, I know that he dropped out, but the point is I was right to begin with. There was alot of flack after he was cast in the role and after he dropped out, the "voting" started again. The more well known people were immediately brought up. Of course, but the producers/writers wanted a "fresher face" so to speak. The "Contenders" that people wanted were...

Matt Bomer. Really ya'll? I'm not sure why everyone finds this man so attractive, but I personally don't get it. I mean he's not horrible or anything, but I just don't find him all that appealing. I'm probably the only woman to ever say that, but it's the truth. I didn't even find him attractive in Magic Mike. But then again I couldn't quit  looking at Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin. Yeah, I know you're about to Google that name. Alexander Skarsgard. Now I know that he's got a giant fanbase, I'm actually included in that, but I don't think that he's right for it. He's so widely popular with True Blood that it seems like it would take a little something away from it. I love him as Eric Northman, and when he played Charlie and Lincoln, he's such a badass, but I just don't see him in that role. Even if he says that he was born to play it. And I think he's too skinny for it. Just saying. Ian Somerhalder. Ok, don't even get me started on this dude. Why does everyone find him so attractive? What is it? Is it the whole plays a vampire thing? I know that women tend to find men that play vampires more attractive than the Average Joe, you can thank Brad Pitt circa 1994, I know for some strange reason I do, but come on. He's creepy as hell. And not in a good way, because I like creepy. Trust me. But this one is just too much, and he kind of reminds me of a Python...and not in a good way. Henry Cavill. This one I'll give you. He's a pretty guy. Like really pretty. Seriously. I never really thought much about this dude, I'm not a Superman fan-don't stone me, but then I started watching The Tudors. After a few episodes I have no lie to tell, I was a fan. I just hadn't been giving that guy enough credit. I'll admit, after Charlie Hunnam dropped out he was my second choice. (Since I knew that they weren't going to be hiring Sam Worthington).

Theo James. No. Just no. This dude is completely wrong. What were ya'll thinking? He's not ugly or anything, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that he's a mix between Mark Consuelos and Olivier Martinez. Good in theory, but not for this particular character. I don't think that he's repulsive, but I'm definitely not attracted to him. At all. Scott Eastwood. Out of all of these (less known) guys I have to say that he comes the closest. He's got that strong jaw, that muscular, but not overly done bod, and those blue/grey eyes that make you want to keep staring at him, even if you look insanely creepy. What I'm trying to say is, dude's pretty! Like, seriously pretty. He's got that good looking, manly-man look just like his daddy. I don't know if he could take on the complex character because I've never actually seen him in anything but Flags of Our Fathers, and that was years ago so I don't remember it all that well. Apparently he was in Texas Chainsaw 3D too, but I can't remember that movie all that well either, but if we're going on looks and stance, guy's good to go. He's a damn Eastwood after all. Billy Magnussen. What the hell? No. Dude looks like a Serial Killer Clown without the make-up. Why? Why would people think that this was a good idea? An episode of Criminal Minds or Law and Order: SVU, yes. FSOG, no. He might be a nice guy, I don't know, but he kind of looks like a tool to me. You know one of those guys that thinks that they're beautiful and God's gift to women, when really all you wanna do when you look at them is throw up in your mouth a little bit. Narcissist table for one. It's ok honey, choke that vom back down.

Luke Bracey. He looks like that guy that played a frat guy in all of those late 90s/early 00s Lifetime movies that try and teach girls about the dangers of dating. Know what I mean? You know, that one guy that thinks he's a ladies man, but really is just going around asking girls if they want a he can Roofie them! Then he sneaks around and lurks in the darkness so he can eventually strangle you and run away, resulting in a trial where he tries to get out of it. Do ya'll see where I'm going with this? Christian Cooke. You guys are kidding me right? No, seriously this must be a joke. He looks more scared than I would running into Freddy Kreuger in a dark alley. Just so you know, that's damn scared. He's adorable in that you want him to be your lab partner and watch Forrest Gump with you kind of way, but never think about dating. Maybe a couple years later you think-why not? But mostly he's just your "Bestie". You're pretty sure that he's you GBF, and you're perfectly fine with that. Not for this particular role. Francois Arnaud. Does anyone else see a little John Mayer in this guy? Or is that just me? He seems more like he should be crooning on the stage in a College Coffee House, reading awful poetry out loud, and writing songs about lost love while sipping a latte. I'm just saying what we're all thinking and you know it. All he needs is a beanie hat at a hacky sack and he'd be the coolest guy on the block. Women would find him attractive, but only young girls that are into the artist/unemployed/misunderstood type. Not exactly what they were looking for when they were trying to cast this movie.