Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Erica will be so incredibly pleased.

In other random things that I've been reading about, obsessing about, thinking about, or basically anything else let me share some more. It was announced today that the release date of the FSOG film will be pushed from August 01, 2014 to February 13, 2015.

That's right, my 25th birthday. I thought that this was cool, because that is the day of my birthday, but then I was a little like- "Really y'all? Be a little more corny than releasing it the day before V-Day."  Seriously. I've never been a fan of V-Day. I think it's because it is so close to my birthday. Every year Momma, my friends, and some other family members tried to make it feel like separate occasions, but it still felt like V-Day over took my birthday. Bradley used to tell me that I should be happy about it, because then I would get double the cake, jewelry, and cards. Bradley was wrong.

It's all good though, no biggy. Sorry, I'm getting off subject. My mind wanders quite a bit. Oops. The point is they pushed the release date back, and also released the first photo's of the two main characters together "in character." They look pretty good to me. I didn't picture her with bangs, and I figured that he would be a bit more.... what's the word? Less.... odd looking? Does that make sense? The Serial killer look, I get. He's supposed to look demented, and I don't mean he's odd looking, because he is a good looking man. I meant the actual look on his face. Odd, huh? Wahtevs, I like it. Yes, I would have preferred for Charlie Hunnam to keep and play the role, because I'm convinced that he's an artistic.... genius! But, I'm glad that when he decided to lay the role down, that they found somebody not as "known" to play it. Makes peoples imaginations better. They seem to fit well together. By the way, this is all my opinion from the Photo Observation. Sometimes, I feel like talking about things that I have no clue about. I also like how they incorporated the plum dress and silver tie. Nice touch, Mr. Photo Man. Nice touch.