Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brown eyed girl- Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to the Woman who fed me Razzles and Kool-Aid, and didn't make me eat peas. To the one who tickled me until I couldn't stand it any longer, but didn't let others do it to me when she was around. To the woman who never missed a school function for My Brother, or Myself, even when she was working or sick. The one who sat through all of Greg's ballgames with me, in rain, sleet, hail, lightning, unbearable heat and freezing cold, just so we could cheer him and his friends on. The one who kept me laughing even when we thought there was nothing to be happy about, the one who tried to put a smile on my face, even when she herself was to sad to find joy. The one that held my hand all of those times that I was scared of the doctor. The one who told me that I could do, or be, anything in the whole world, and believed in me no matter which path I decided to take, with the proudest look on her face that any one person could have.The one that cried from the day she put me on the bus for my first day of Kindergarten, to when she stood up cheering, tears streaming as she watched me walk across that Graduation stage. She was right, WE did it.To the woman who convinced me that I could accomplish anything that I sat my mind to. The one who has always told me that I was beautiful, even on the days that I felt the ugliest. The one who seems to know everything about everything, and is usually always right. The one who always told me that it was better late than never when I was upset about missing something. To the one that made my childhood magical by filling it with books, music, movies,and fun. To the one that instilled in me the importance of kindness, compassion, and gratitude. The one that took care of me when I was sick. The one that kept me from scratching more so I wouldn't have scars from the "chicky pops". The one I look exactly like, and couldn't be any more proud of. The one that was both mom and dad, and did all that she could for my brother and myself. The one that has made me feel beyond blessed for the passed 23 years just to have known her, and especially to be her daughter. She has not only been a mother, but also a father, a best friend, a confidant, and a role model. Her character continues to amaze me even to this day. Momma, Thank You for all that you have and continue to do. You Are My Heart!! I Love You!! Happy Mother's Day!!