Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The worst three days of my life.

Last week I noticed that Momma's face looked a bit funny. No, I'm not being mean, I'm being completely serious. Something was just not right. I told her that she had two choices. One) She could call her doctor and get in- immediately...or... Two) I was taking her to the ER- immediately. Those were the only two options. She called her doctor and went in, and they sent her over to have an MRI. The MRI came back and said that she was fine, but they diagnosed her with bell's palsy, which however inconvenient, is not serious or life threatening. We were relieved and happy. That was all on Thursday.

Friday- April 25:
I was at work doing the deposits when I answered the phone. They asked for me by my full first name, and the only thing that I could think was that I was in trouble, because the only time someone uses my full name is when I'm either in trouble or it's one of the people I grew up with. I knew that they weren't calling. It was Momma's doctor. Doc: Have you seen your mother in the last 24 hours? Me: Yes. I saw her around two/three hours ago. Why? Doc: Well, you need to go to her and take her to the ER immediately, because we found abnormalities on her MRI. Me: What?!! Umph!! *$@!#$!! Doc: Now, don't panic, we just need to do this precautionary. Me: You do not start a conversation like that! You start with don't panic! So I called Momma and told her that I was headed home, Danielle took me (thank you Dani) and when I got there I told her that we were going to the ER- NOW. I woke Jim up and off we went. I was a nervous wreck and I know that Momma was to, but she wasn't letting it show. We were admitted into the ER and they hooked her up to the monitor. A million different doctors and nurses came in and out and after three grueling hours we were informed that she had in fact had a stroke. It was so scary and like everything came crashing down. I immediately reverted back to the nursing home and started thinking off side effects, therapy, and everything else that accompanies stroke patients. She was admitted into the hospital and they took us to her room. She had another MRI, and we were told that over the next couple of days that she would have more testing done. After that we basically just hung out in her room and tried to relax. Like that was going to happen. People came to visit and by the time the evening rolled around it was just me and her there. I wasn't going anywhere without her. She wasn't aloud to walk a lot, because of her medicine, so we did the only thing that there was to do. Watch TV. A night of The Back-up Plan, Sheldon, and Rob Dyrdek.

Saturday- April 26:
After a sleepless night, there was more testing to be done. We were informed that she wasn't going to get to go home for at least another day and that things were looking bad, but a little better. I know, right? Talk about ass backwards. After having an ultrasound on her neck, another MRI, a CT Scan, and having about 23 tubes of blood taken, she was pretty beat. I tried to bring her spirits up, and it seemed to work. I even drew on the pain scale board. You know the board that shows you the different faces raking pain from one to ten? Yeah, that one. It made her smile and laugh and I was so happy to see that. Her face was still drawn and her balance shaky, but all in all she was doing pretty good. We met with the neurologist and physical/occupational therapists. We were told that she had had a stroke on the left side, and also had bell's palsy on the right. Talk about a double whammy. She was of course wore out and wanted to go home immediately, but i talked her down and told her that she couldn't go anywhere until we figured everything out. Kenny and Jim came to visit us later that evening and Momma made me go with Jim to get Taco Bell. She also made me promise to bring her back a taco, because hospital food- yuck. After all of that, I helped mom take her shower like I had the night before and settled her in. We watched Tangled, some other random shows, and of course more Sheldon. Sheldon always makes Momma feel better.

Sunday- April 27:
This was the day that we would finally get some real answers. Although we knew that she had a stroke we weren't exactly sure to what extent the damage had went. She had to have a heart ultrasound done, to make sure that there were also no blockages anywhere in her body. Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger came to visit (hi guys!). They stayed for awhile and we all talked it out. I had helped Momma with her shower earlier and braided her hair, so needless to say she was feeling pretty fancy :) A little bit later the neurologist came in and talked to us about her condition. Thankfully the stroke was minor and hadn't done to much damage. Unfortunately some spots appeared on the MRI(S) that looked as though they could be multiple sclerosis (MS), but not necessarily, so she has to go back for a follow-up with the physicians. However, they discharged her home and she was out of there like she had been in Alcatraz for thirty years. Aunt Susi told me to take one of my vacation days for Monday so I could stay home and get some rest. (Thanks, Aunt Susi).

I'm back at work today. Momma is feeling better and we're pretty optimistic. Even though I'm worried every minute of every day, but I don't tell anyone that, because then they'll worry, and they don't need to do that. Also, Aunt Susi is picking me up for work (thank you again!!) and she has enough on her plate as it is. So here I sit. Telling you that those three days were the worst of my life. I was scared and felt beyond helpless. You never imagine something happening to your loved ones until it does. To me my Momma is the strongest, greatest woman that I have ever known, and to see her like that is mind boggling. She keeps telling me that I don't have to be the strong one. But I do. I have to be the strong one for her. I know that we have a long way to go, but knowing that she's going to be ok lifts a giant weight of worry off my brain. Does that make sense? So here we go. Take all of her meds. Check. (Both of us) Quit smoking. DOUBLE-CHECK. Making her as healthy and able as possible. We're on it. I'm just happy that she's not going anywhere for a long, long time.