Wednesday, May 7, 2014

See. I don't have commitment issues.

People are all the time telling me that I have commitment issues. All of my friends and exboyfriends people that I know from back in the day always say things like- "Katie, you're gonna die alone. You have issues. You have so many commitment issues that you should have been a guy. I can't believe you broke up with that guy just because he smelled like cheese, you love cheese."

Whatevs, joke is on you guys, because I think being a dude would have been so much easier than being a girl. Less maintenance, less strategy, more places to pee. I mean, hello trees. Plus, I didn't break up with that guy just because he smelled like cheese. I broke up with him because he was an asshole, who just so happened to smell like cheese. See, I don't hate. And we all know how much I love sandwiches, so I mean if my boyfriend smelled like sandwiches then I would want to do nothing but cuddle with him and sniff him all day. This is starting to get creepy. Moving on.

But now I have proof that they're all wrong. Definitive proof, I say! What is this proof? Well, I'm glad that you asked. Even though technically you didn't ask. Minor detail. My proof is the fact that I watched this awesome movie Monday night. The movie was- Rust and Bone and I loved it.

I watched it in the living room. Alone. Because I'm pretty sure that no one likes the weird ass, long movies like I do. Anyways, while I was watching this movie Shy walked through the living room and when she saw/heard the tv she looked at me and the following conversation happened-

Shy: Katie, what language are they speaking in this movie? Me: French and Belgium. Shy: Do you speak French or Belgium? Me: No. But I took two years of German in school. Shy: Oh, so you speak German? Me: Of course not. Shy: So why are you watching it if you don't know what they're saying? Me: Because I'm already committed. It's been on like 15 minutes. Shy: Committed? Me: Yes. Shy: You can't even commit to a color to paint your nails. Me: Shut up.

See what I mean? That is commitment there, my friends. I mean, the movie had subtitles to help me out, but the whole point is that I watched a foreign film, and made it through the WHOLE thing. No commitment problems here. None. So to all of those people that say I have "commitment issues", suck it! I have proven you wrong. And don't try to bring me down, because I am counting this as a victory.