Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cheap booze, no pants, and emotional turmoil? Sounds like a party.

{1}I'm loving....That it's at least a day closer to a three day weekend. (4th of July is on a Friday this year.) And naps. (I love naps.)
{2}I'm loving....The Fault In Our Stars. (The book version, I haven't seen the movie. But reading the book twice since last Friday? Yep.)
{3}I'm loving....Spending so much time with family. It's been very nice. (Cookouts? Keeping the crazy away? Water moccasins? Yes to all!)
{4}I'm loving....The fact that I'm now boycotting pants at home. (Just for me.)
{5}I'm loving....Cheap wine. (I know that I sound like an alcoholic right now, but I'm not. I promise. However, aside from favorite- Crown Royal, I have reverted back to my old school cheapy days. Boonesfarm anyone?)
{6}I'm loving....That I'm sticking to my guns. (Remember when I said that I always kind of 'fell' into relationships and things, but I wasn't going to 'serious' date until I was ready and found the right person? Well, I made that perfectly clear to dude. I may be a jerk, but at least I was honest and told him what I want/didn't want. I'm counting that as a win)
{7}I'm loving....That I got to talk to Noodle for a long while on Sunday. (It's been far too long since we got to have a long talk. Being an adult stinks.)
{8}I'm loving....That I finally beat someone on that "Words With Friends" game. (Granted I haven't beat Danielle yet, but someday. Maybe.)
{9}I'm loving....All of these new blogs that I'm finding and reading. (And also that new people are finding mine.)
{10}I'm loving....That I thought in order to get over the emotional turmoil of TFIOS, I had to watch Halloween II. The Rob Zombie version. (P.s. It didn't work, I'm still an emotional wreck and I'm going to read it again. Beginning to end.)