Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I didn't realize how blind I was.

Nor did I realize how big my nose is or how uneven my ears set. I'm not trying to be philosophical or anything, I literally didn't realize how bad my vision was. I knew that my eyes weren't exactly the best, but I had no clue about how much I was actually missing. I can actually read street signs now.

Because glasses.

I had to make an eye appointment last week and go in for an eye exam.... I have been having trouble with seeing far off for awhile now and everything was kind of blurry and fuzzy. I got the exam on Friday and picked up my glasses on Saturday (quick and painless, just how it should get to be).... I might have been able to get them on Friday, but their system was down and I would've had to pay 100% out of pocket without my insurance.... NO THANKS, I'LL COME BACK TOMORROW.

The tests were painless and my new optometrist explained to me why I'm so sensitive to light (I have large pupils and my eyes are so blue that they're almost translucent- his words, not mine- so that is the two highest strikes against eyes when it comes to dealing with light)- it's not going anywhere- and he informed me that when I'm not in the shower or sleeping, I have to wear my glasses. Like, we're talking a whole lot of wearing glasses.

Because my eyesight sucks and I'm a hazard- again, his words.

I would have talked about this sooner, but I had to drop a line or two about Superbowl LI (but mostly just to have an excuse to share a pic of Gronk). And for the first two days (Sat and Sun) my new glasses made me feel drunk.... and not in the good way.

I'll be twenty-seven in a few days and I'm chubby, have acne, and now have to wear glasses constantly.... it's like I'm reliving my awkward years and I call foul. I thought these things were supposed to improve with age, but apparently I was mistaken. In any event, I'm still getting used to these things (I won't be doing contacts, I'll just learn to live with glasses), but I don't feel quite as drunk today as I did the day before (it improves every day), so.... winning?!!