Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting older or growing up? It's a fine line, you know.

My Question is :

Am I at the point in my life where I am growing up, or am I simply just getting old? I had this conversation with Momma. I have held a full-time job since I was 15 years old, and according to Momma, hit maturity at a very young age. Yet, I still find myself wondering, since I have been pretty much an adult since such a young age, did it make me an old lady or is it the fact that I am old that makes me old? I think I'm going with I'm not old I'm just mature. Ok, maybe not so much mature, because I still find immature and childish things at times incredibly funny, but it's my blog and life, so that's what I'm going with.

The conversation between Momma and myself happened while driving down the road one day. It was a chilly day out, and she had turned to me and asked the question "what do you want for dinner"? Simple enough question, right? WRONG! The question wasn't what had caused the explosion in my brain, no, that came from the fact that my brain doesn't know what to do with itself or the rest of me at times. The question was simple enough, in fact it was one of the simplest questions ever, and asked across the world everyday. However, when my brain tried to process it a million factors went through my head such as: heartburn, acid reflux, bad breath, leftover possibly, grease factors (I wanted the grease, not the healthy route)... and that's when it all stopped and only one thought was stuck in my head.

Now, mind you while I was having this conversation all by myself, in my head, Momma was driving down the road all like: "Katie, hello! Are you gonna answer me or not?" Finally, knowing me like she does so well, she chose to smack me in the back of the head to snap me back into reality. When I came back to reality, she said "ok, I know that look, what were you thinking?"

The realization just hit me like a ton of bricks, yes I am getting older! Now I am very aware that 23 is still very young, and that I still have a long way to go before I'm considered "old", however during this conversation I thought to myself dang!!

The conversation went like this:

By the way when I say "the conversation" I mean I was talking, and rambling on, and Momma just listened, nodded, and laughed hysterically (thanks a lot):

"In the good ole days 6,7, or even 8 of us would all pile into 1 truck (usually an old beat up one that looked rough, but ran with ease). If you were to look into that truck you would see all of us sitting on each other, practically laying half in/out of the windows. We screamed, laughed, drank, ate whatever was left over from the night before, and passed out in random fields. Basically, just had a whole lot of FUN!

Now skip to early twenties:

What's the First thing I do while getting into a new vehicle you ask. Well, I shall tell you..       

  •  Uhh, There's No Seatbelts? Really? What's the Crash Test Rating?

Followed by other moments in my life:

  • Oh my God! I can't go party tonight! It's Friday, and been a very stressful week!! Plus I have to be back at work on Monday morning!
  • Oh, I can't drink that! I'll get heartburn!
  • Oh no really, I can't eat that! My digestive system just can't process it, nor handle it!

Boy how times change!!! When did I all of the sudden become a little old lady??! Good times!! Good times!! You should've seen Momma laughing, she thought it was hilarious! Glad that my mid-life crisis was so amusing to her! I say that cause I figure I'm halfway through life until my mid-life crisis. Strange, definitely! But, life's more fun that way!!