Sunday, April 28, 2013

Which one was funnier?!

I watched these Two Shows (at different times of course), and I COULDN'T decide which one I thought was Funnier!! So, I thought I would Share with the World so they could all laugh too. Now in Order for You to really understand the Humor in these two things you have to set the scene and really picture it. I have set the scenes as best as I can, but you will just have to use your imagination as well. Thank you.

New Girl:

Schmidt wants a "Californian Lionfish" but they are illegal to own, and he's going through a bad breakup, so he's got some issues right now. Since he can't have the "Lionfish" Winston brings him a "Clownfish" (like Nemo), and Schmidt's reply to that was:

"I dont want some janky ass freshwater bitch fish, I want my pretty fish!!"

The look on Winston's face was hilarious!!!

My Name is Earl:

Earl and Randy are watching a little boy, who everybody besides Earl is convinced is evil/knows "voodoo" magic. Earl and Randy take the Boy to Joy's house for the Earl and Joy's kid's Birthday Party. Joy starts talking to the boy to try to put a little "fear" into him, so everybody will quit being so creeped out. The Boy then turns to Joy and says something in Spanish, that Joy is convinced is a "voodoo" curse, that will make her lose her hair. She doesn't handle it so well. The Short Conversation between her and Earl went like this:

(in a Southern/Twangy Accent..Like Mine)

Joy: "Get that kid outta here he's evil!!"
Earl: "Calm down he's just a little kid"
Joy: "Uh huh, so was The Omen, The Exorcist, and all them little Children in the Corn!!"

Gotta Love Crazy Hillbillies!!

See why they were Funny as Everything to Me!! Hope Somebody Else Shares My Sense of Humor!!