Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Read me!! (There's a great new author on the rise).

Hello my fellow Hobbits/Hobbettes! I know I ramble on quite often, but today I have a specific agenda in store. That's right, I have an agenda! Watch out! Run for safety! Take cover! Save yourselves! Ahhh!!! No, I'm just kidding around, but seriously, I do have something to share with you. One of my dearest/best friend in the whole world has been published!! That's right, people! You heard me correctly!! 


I, Katie, can have a conversation with someone, and if the subject comes up (or I slide the subject in there ever so smoothly), I can say: "Oh yeah, one of my best friend's is an author." And just so y'all know, that's exactly how it will go down!! I promised her that I would try to help get the "word" out about her novel.... so here I am! Another step trying to help her out. I figure as long as I cover all the bases that I can, then that's the least I can do. That turkey and I have been through a lot together, and I want to help her as much as possible. So thank you, so much, for taking the time to read this, and hopefully for checking it out!!

My "campaign" ad:

Hello, ladies (and gents, of course). This novel was written by one of my truest friends in the world, Erica Thomas. She is a new author, and this is her first novel that has been published to date. Her, and her family have fallen onto some difficult times, and she has asked me if I would try and help her get the word out, so people will purchase, and enjoy it. Having a larger fan base would mean so much to her, and to me. Please and thank you for your time. The novel can be found on The name of it is "Half Blood" (A M.I.S.T. Novel) Volume I By: E.K. Thomas. It's only around $3 or $4 so if y'all would check it out I would greatly appreciate it.