Saturday, June 29, 2013

And that's just how it is.

"I Run My Fastest, But Still Get Beat. I Land On My Head, When I Should Be Up On My Feet. I Try To Move Forward, But I Am Stuck In Rewind. Why Do I Keep At It? I Won't Be Left Behind. The Harder I Am Thrown, The Higher I Bounce. I Give It My All, And That's All That Counts. In First Place, Myself I Seldom Find. So I Push To The Limit- I Won't Be Left Behind. Some People Tell Me You Can't, Some Say Don't. Some Simply Give Up. I Reply, I Won't. The Power Is Here, Locked Away In My Mind. My Perseverance Is My Excellence, I Won't Be Left Behind.

Make The Best Of Each Moment, The Future Is Soon To Past. The More I Tell Myself This, The Less I Come In Last. Throughout My Competitions, I've Learned What Winning Is About. A Plain And Clear Lesson- Giving Up Is The Easy Way Out. So Every Night Before I Go To Bed, I Hope In A Small Way I Have Shined. Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day, And I Won't Be Left Behind." ~Sara Nachtman