Friday, August 16, 2013

Six(6) things about me that you should know.

This morning as I was catching up on a few of my favorite blogs to read I came across a post from Allie. She was talking about the good ole days of Myspace (who didn't love that time in their life?) and then listed six things about herself. She listed questions at the bottom to choose from for yourself, and it got me thinking- I should do this! Hope she doesn't mind that I'm borrowing her idea :)

Just like Allie I also remember a time when I had no worries, cares,  or responsibilities to deal with. Back when times were simpler and all I had to worry about was my grades and whether or not my brother's best friend was looking at me. (Give a girl a break, at the time I thought that he was the most beautiful guy ever, and convinced myself that he was going to be my Landon Carter, Man was I wrong on so many levels!-I'm ok with it though, it was a nice first "crush"). I got picked last alot when it came to gym class, I was to shy to actually run after anything and I stayed in the back. That was until my friend Bradley threatened to beat up his cousin if he didn't pick me to be on his team first (I didn't find this out until three years later) and I accidentally hit Nick in "the goods" with the ball when we were playing Wiffleball. After that I at least got picked in the middle, if only for comic relief. Anyways, Thanks Allie! Hope you don't mind!

Me and the cutest kid Ever! Danielle's little girl Jayna

It was SO HOT that Day!! I was sweating and my hair was stuck to everything and frizzy, but Jayna was a good sport about it :)

1. What's the Best piece of Advice anyone has ever given you?
I have gotten alot of great advice throughout my life. People that I love have always tried to help me be and do the best that I can. There have also been complete strangers that I have met or seen one time that have said something to me and it's just completely changed my perspective. My Mother has always tried to mentor me in a way to help me see, teachers and co-workers have tried to help, some of the people that I took care of in the nursing home gave great advice, and Aunt Susi can dish out some good stuff. But the best advice I've ever gotten? From a complete Stranger that not only did I never meet, but who also passed away 90 years before I was born...Oscar Wilde. "Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken". It's the truth, I'm the happiest when I'm my best self :)

2. Blogs you're loving right now?
I would just like to say that I'm loving this whole blog thing. Not only do I love Blogging for myself, using it as an outlet for my random thoughts and emotions, but I also love reading other people's blogs. I have a blog that I read for every mood that I'm in, and depending on that mood is how long I will spend reading that persons. If I'm feeling like I need to laugh because I'm feeling down I head straight for Samantha. Feeling like I need to make myself prettier and get some fashion advice? That means I'm headed straight for Sami, I love her style and her sense of fashion. Not to mention we have alot of the same taste in men. Nostalgic? I just cruise to Amber's  page. Nothing makes you more nostalgic than someone you grew up with. Whenever I want to read up on some family and know what's been going on I visit Aunt Susi or Danielle. I would visit Momma, but she hasn't written anything in a long time. And of course no matter what mood I'm in I always have time for a good ole Daniel story or life lesson from Eli. I also read up on Ashley, Whitney, the other Katie, and of course Allie. 

3. What's your Biggest Struggle in life?
Being sociable. I find that I enjoy staying in alot more than I do going out. Don't get me wrong occasionally I do enjoy going out with a friend or family member to do something fun, but for the most part I enjoy staying in and watching movies or reading. I have tried to be more sociable, but frankly I don't care for spending that much time with people I don't know and meeting new people freaks me out. That's probably why I haven't dated in awhile. I can half smile at someone, but as soon as they walk towards me, I run. Like literally run. I would like to date eventually, but how I'm going to do that I'll never know. Can you date someone without actually having to go through the process of meeting them? And NO NOT social media either! Online dating freaks me out to. It's not pleasant. I have horrible social anxiety and when I try to interact or even think about it I get a panicky feeling, my face breaks out, and I get butterflies. Usually in that order. I'm working on it, but honestly it could probably be going better. I can't help it though, I've always been like this.

4. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
The things I enjoy the most in my spare time is Reading, Watching Movies/TV, and Blogging. I know it sounds lame, but that's what I enjoy the most. So sue me.

5. Who inspires you?
First and Foremost my Mother. She is the best person that I have ever known and has inspired me since I was a little girl. She's strong and wise. No matter what I have been going through in my life I can always go to her to talk it through. Never has she turned me away when I've needed her the most and somehow we figure everything out. Sometimes I would like it if she wouldn't judge so much, but that's just the way that she is and there's no changing her now. We've been through alot and have come out on the other side stronger and more secure with ourselves. She truly is my best friend. Aunt Susi also inspires me. She is such a good person and does everything for others with little regard for herself. You literally can not ask for a sweeter, more caring person. We share many traits that neither of us were even aware of, and I feel comfortable talking to her about almost everything. Some things I don't feel comfortable talking about with anybody :) I had an English teacher when I was a Senior in Highschool that really inspired me as well. She believed in me and my writing more than I ever did myself. She helped open me up, and even helped to make me the person that I am today. I don't know if she would even remember me, because it's been so long and it was a big school, but I will be forever thankful to her. Thank you to the two wonderful women in my life that continue to inspire and believe in me, and thank you Mrs. Lynch for seeing something in a shy/quiet 17 year old girl that she never saw in herself.

6. How did your blog come about?
You can thank Aunt Susi and Danielle for that one. I have always loved to write. So much so that I took extra English and Creative Writing classes in school whenever I could. Never did I think about having a blog though. I thought blogs were only for people that wrote on them for a living and web geeks. Now, I am a geek just not one on the web. I've never been what do the kids call it nowadays? Tech-Savvy? I was constantly writing though and Aunt Susi was telling me about her blog and suggested that I start one of my own. After thinking about it for a little bit I decided it was probably a good idea and I asked Danielle for help. That's how it all started and I have to say I really do enjoy it. Thanks, y'all.