Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season06, Episode01.

Tuesday was finally the night of SOA Season 6 Premiere!! How excited was I? Well, let's just say that there was inappropriate dancing and jirating a jig involved. We'll just leave it at that. Now, I know that I'm going to sound like a horrible person, but I have to say it.... there are two plus sides to Greg and Brittany "taking a break." I know that sounds a little Ross&Rachel, but that's all I can think to call it.

Number one, I get to see my brother on a regular basis.

Number two, his big ass tv!!! I mean, wow!! That thing is 65 inches and I might be a little in love. I'm perfectly content to watching my normal size tv downstairs, however, when Tuesday nights roll around and I get to see Charlie Hunnam all up on that 65 inch, you best believe that I'm there!!

It was a good season premiere too. There's been a lot of controversy over it that you can read about here, but I don't want to get into all of that. I just want to recap everything that I saw that "went down". Holy hell, the shit that went down!! SPOILER ALERTS!!

First of all that little boy had me completely stumped!! I had no clue what was going to go down with him or even who he was. The way he had that journal and was quiet and brooding walking around I was beginning to think that he had something to do with Jax. Well, I guess he kind of did, but in a completely different way than what I was thinking. I guess that one surprised everybody, it really did me. Moving on.... oh Tig, Tig, Tig, you poor little thing. I know that he is having issues because of last season. Watching that happen to your daughter will make you go crazy, but did you have to drown dude like that? In a tub full of urine no less. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for him getting it because of the stuff he was doing/saying, but eww! Pretty badass cool though.

Chibs beating the crap out of Juice and then stitching him up was pretty cool. That's a brotherhood right there! Juice took what he knew he had coming, and then they were over it. It was done. Clay, don't be a bitch narc and just take the jail time. It's been coming for awhile anyways. Tara is gonna be pissed! Not only is she in jail for Otto killing that nurse, but now Jax cheated on her. Just wait until she finds out. It is not going to go over well. If she gets a hold of that madame like she did that woman in jail, there's gonna be a hurting going on. She straight up whooped that woman! I'm loving Nero. And yes, Lyla, miss and want Opie back too!! I'm still heartbroken about that one.

I'm glad that blonde girl got her face busted.... again.... by Gemma. I just really don't like her. Otto getting it "thrown to him" in prison was a little rough to see. Especially since he can't say anything from biting his tongue off last season. Can you say "like a boss?!" Plus, Donal Logue on heroin, checking himself out in a mirror.... yeah I could've went my entire life without that one. Some serious stuff is going to go down this season. I have a feeling some stuff I don't want to see happen, is definitely going to happen. Season06,Episode02, OneOneSix-