Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday morning.... again.

Good day to all of you people that are reading! Here it is. Another Monday morning. Another morning of getting up early to get ready for school...or if you're unfortunately an adult...Work. Yep. Welcome to reality. It sucks, and it's for the rest of your life. Enjoy :) I had another appointment at the Dermatologist this morning. My appointment was at 7:15 am, but I got there early and was done and out of there by 7:05 am. Go Team! What did I get out of going to see Dr. Dude this morning? Well, I'm three moles short and have another appointment November 18@ 7:15 am (again). Personally, I think that it's all a Government Conspiracy (you know going to the Doctor and Dermatologist), but it all seems to be working out for the better so who am I to judge? I didn't do a whole lot of interesting things this past weekend per say, but I thought that it was fairly nice. It was pretty chilly outside, so I was ok with the whole staying in the house cuddled up watching tv, reading books thing. #nerdalert Not to mention with the evil troll that seems to be living in my belly/womb starting Saturday I wanted to keep wearing the sweats and fuzzy socks. #mothernaturecamecallingandIhateher Here's what I took from the weekend.

  • I would have changed my name by now, if I wasn't so used to signing it. I know me. I hate my last name with a passion, it's stupid/ridiculous and sounds completely made up. Seriously, even Dani says that it sounds like something they would give me in The Witness Protection Program. P.S. If I was in Witness Protection there is no way that I would take my last name. Nope, Sorry, Just ain't going down like that. I've thought about changing it for awhile now, a few years actually, but I'm so used to signing it that if I changed it I know that I would keep accidentally signing my original. It sucks, but it's just the truth.
  • Mel Gibson and Tommy Flanagan are just bad dudes! Like seriously awesome/bad dudes. If you're wondering...I watched Braveheart and I forgot how cool it actually was. I know all about Tommy Flanagan because I watch him every week as Chibs, but I forgot how much I loved Mel Gibson. He really is awesome. And I say about him the same thing I say about Tom Cruise- I don't care how crazy they are, I like their acting. They're pretty great.
  • Weeds is officially on my list of favorite tv shows ever. I started watching it on NetFlix yesterday morning/afternoon and I couldn't quit laughing! I'm on the fourth episode of the second season and it's hilarious! That poor woman can't catch a break, and I know she's a drug dealer, but I really want things to work out for her. Is that wrong? It's kind of like how I was all #TeamJesse on BrBa. My favorite character has got to be Megan. She plays Silas'(the oldest son) deaf girlfriend. Those two are hilarious together! Of course since she's my favorite she probably won't be on there long. Just how it goes. Well, her and Andy that is, because I mean- How do you not love Andy? He is awesome! Definitely tied for my favorite character!
  • I watched a few movies too. I seen This Is The End, The Lords Of Salem, and Death Race 3: Inferno. Here's what I got from those. A) I'm still convinced that James Franco is a total douchebag. Like seriously- a douchebag, but I would still hang out with him. For some reason I want to listen to his pretentious ass tell me about art and try to explain the universe to me. Don't ask me why, but I would. B) Rob Zombie is literally still as weird if not weirder than he was a decade ago. He has been freaking me out and making me go all- What? for years now. Years. And guess what? He still is. That movie was completely screwed up and awesome. I will straight up watch anything that has to do with The Salem Witch Trials, and that includes movies that Rob Zombie makes. After all Nothing says Halloween like Zombie :) C) I love the second and third Death Race movies more than the first. There's just no way around it. Don't get me wrong I like Jason Statham, but I like Luke Goss Future Father of my Imaginary Children more. I'll probably get shot for that statement, but it's true, I do. Plus, I would love to look like Tanit Phoenix. And have a cool name like Tanit Phoenix. Just saying. It's a great movie.
  • Black&White Kettlecorn is amazing!! If you have the opportunity to try it...Eat the whole damn bag!!
  • I got my "BlackBook" out of storage a couple of weeks ago and have managed to look through it all and feel a touch Nostalgic. I should probably take a couple photos out of it to put on here. I have everything in that book. Photos, Cards, Letters, Notes, Poems, Quotes, just a little bit of everything. Trust me. Photo's to come soon.

Off of the subject, I have come to realize that when the heater kicks on at work that it sounds like the Evil Furnace from Home Alone. I'm just saying. Oh, and I know I wasn't supposed to but I kind of named one of Sadie's kittens. I like the chubby one. I don't even like cats, but you can only take care of something for so long before you become emotionally invested. Remind me to tell you about my dead Cactus sometime. Yes, I killed a Cactus. I named it- Sal. Now, I'm pretty sure that it's a girl cat, but it's fat and to me Sal sounds like a name that a Mobster would have via Sopranos so I named her Sal, because she's a "fat cat". Get it? Insert Hysterical Laughter To Myself Here