Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet and Vaded. (And Venus being a badass).

Oh, and by the way, read this article/interview of Walter Goggins who happens to be guest starring as the lovely Venus Van Damme on SOA. Don't judge. Him and his character are amazing!! Warning! Spoiler Alert!!
What went down? Well, for starters, the guys set up their new clubhouse in, get this, the back of an ice cream shop. It's actually pretty cute and hopefully low key enough so there won't be any trouble. Of course, there will be, but we can hope. The table survived and the first order of business was voting in the three new members and.... Ratboy! You know, the only surviving Prospect. Anyways.... they let Connor (the Irishman) and his buddy go in good faith of the Irish deal. Connor thanked Chibs, to which Chibs replied, "Don't thank me, I want you dead. Thank him, he's the reason you're alive." and pointed to Jax. Jax sent a message to the Irish through them, for peace to let them know that they would run the guns through Clay and that the deal with Damon Pope's old crew still stands. The problem is Damon Pope's crew is African American and the Irish are incredibly racist. Like, asshole racist. See the dilemma? Nero told Gemma that she had to ask Jax to help Venus get her "nephew" back away from her mother-April. He was real upset about it. After they guys talked to Venus about it and she explained the situation and how her mother was, they all agreed to help.

A fight broke out at the house when they went to get him, resulting in a car chase, and Venus going "Vincent", shooting through the back glass of Jax's SUV at her mother's boyfriend and his buddy. They ran dudes plate and found their "studio." April had drugged the boy (that we learn is really Venus's son, not nephew) and the guys discovered between the studio, Venus's story, and April's talking that they were running a kiddie porn business. They sent the two guys away, but April just stayed and stood there berating Venus and finally hit one too many buttons on Jax causing him to shoot her in the head. I wish I could say it was a sad loss, but it wasn't. I didn't like her even a little bit and she was a horrible person.

Tig took Venus to send the boy to live with some of her friends in Seattle so he would be safe. Did I mention that- I love Venus! Moving on.... that DA lady is still being a giant pain in the ass. She just wants an arrest, and she don't care if they are innocent or guilty. Hussie. Tara faked Gemma attacking her and faked a miscarriage just like I said she would. Gemma smacked her across the face, Tara smacked her back, then punched her in the gut. Gemma told her she was lucky she was pregnant, then Tara threw herself stomach first into the corner of the table, busting a bag of blood that she had drawn earlier and had hidden in her dress, making it look like she had miscarried. They arrested and booked Gemma while Unser, Wendy, and The Lawyer looked on in horror/sadness knowing what she had just done. Tara played Jax to the hilt. She cried for him, and when he got there she was crying and told him that Gemma had kicked her in the stomach and made her lose their baby girl. She then made him promise that Gemma would never be around their kids again, and Jax signed a restraining order agreeing to all of it, thinking that Gemma caused the miscarriage. By the way.... she was never pregnant to begin with, but she's a tricky hussie. Even though I hate what she did and think it's disgusting, I do have to say.... well played Tara, well played.... that shit is so going to come back and bite you.

It's getting more and more intense every episode, but I am glad that they brought a little humor back into it. Like the interaction between Tig and Venus. Like, when she went nuts and shot out the window and stuff he looked at her and was all, "What the hell baby?" And when he seen her through the window when they all pulled up. Basically, all of their interactions. Classic!! All I can say about this show is.... kudos KS.

As always here's the preview for next weeks episode- Season06, Episode08, Los Fantasms.