Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season04, Epsiode 01.

So.... I finally did watch the Season04 premiere of The Walking Dead last night. Like I said, thanks to the Genius who invented DVR. It was probably someone like me who really got into tv and reading. Hey, gotta do something and I don't judge other people for what they like to do so who cares? Right? Anyways...I watched Season04, Episode01- 30 Days Without an Accident last night. Can I just say one thing? Daryl Dixon!! I'm so happy to have him back! That is all.

It was a good episode, it had alot more gross in it than what it usually has though. Like a whole lot more. I notice as the series goes on that they're getting more graphic/gory with the props and/or "walkers". Dani and I had a talk yesterday about what to call them, because everyone has a different name for them- Walkers, Zombies, Infected, Kardashians, you know the usual. I decided to call them Walkers, because if Daryl Dixon says it, than it must be true. He is after all the only time Hello Kitty is acceptable.

Dani, or anybody else that has yet to watch the Season04 Premiere or isn't yet caught up...Stop Reading Now! I'm nice so I'm putting it out there...Spoiler Alert!!

Things I Loved:
  • Daryl and Carol still have their "love" thing going on. That's right, you go boy/girl! I'm not sure what it is about Carol, but I really like her. I think her and Daryl have a great friendship/relationship/understanding of each other. Plus Daryl is the shit.
  • Kyle Gallner joined the cast as a refugee named Zach, that was living at the prison with them and "dating" Beth. Everyone that knows me knows I love creepy/scary movies, and this boy is helping reinvent them. Love him.
  • Herschel got an artificial leg! I'm not exactly sure where it came from, or who they stole it off of, but I'm so glad he got it. I was worried about his ole ass hobbling around. That's just dangerous.
  • Michonne, Daryl, and Glenn taking more folks out on a run.
  • Carol teaching the kids knife fighting during "story time".
  • Weird girl that Rick found dying. (I'll explain in a minute).
  • Zach guessing what Daryl did before the "outbreak"Z-Homicide Cop? M-insert laughter here. D-What's so funny? M-Nothing, makes perfect sense. D-He's right. Z- Really? They just stare and laugh at him. Trust me it's funnier when you see it.
  • Michonne is still looking for The Governor. I may be thankful to him that he killed off Andrea, but I still don't like him.
  • Walker falling through the roof, and all the gross going on. Halloween Costume Ideas much? 
Things That Made Me WTH:
  • Weird girl that Rick found trying to kill him, so her Walker husband could each him for lunch because she was crazier than hell. 
  •  Zach getting ate/killed by a Walker after helping Daryl lift a shelf off of another guy to save his life when the Walkers came crashing through the ceiling. It was too soon. I think he would've been great on this show, ya'll killed him off too soon. Not fair!
  • Carl- You're still a pain in the ass! Hush!
  • Glenn and Maggie being all weird. Yeah, you're in love and struggling through an apocalypse. We get it. Quit being so whiny about it- Glenn.
  • Rick finding a fully loaded gun and then throwing it away. Uhh...Hello! Everything/One besides like twelve people on the planet are trying to eat you like you're bread pudding and it's Christmas. Keep the gun!
  • Beth I know that Daryl told you that your boyfriend got his face ate off, and you're trying to be all tough, but seriously show a little emotion. He was a nice guy. We don't need you being a female Carl! And quit hugging Daryl, that's just weird and uncomfortable....for everyone.
  • I knew that dang kid was going to turn into a Walker, because he was secretly infected. How I don't know, but I knew it. Did no one hear him dying though? He was coughing pretty loud. Wake up people!

Beth was just weird when it came to Daryl telling her about Zach. She says she doesn't cry anymore and she hugged on Daryl. I've never seen someone trying to be nice look so uncomfortable. And seriously, boy who was sick and became a Walker at the end, did no one hear him coughing? Seriously? He wasn't exactly being quiet, and if there's a chance that someone is going to eat my face (or any other part of my flesh for that matter) I'm gonna be a little more on my toes. I mean come on. I think this is going to be a good season, but what can I say- I'm partial. :)

When I was watching it last night (eating my homemade chicken and noodles-delicious!) I came to a conclusion that I think that most people who watch the show would agree with. If something like this ever did happen- Don't judge, with the drugs people make/smoke now, chemical warfare, and governmental conspiracies, it's not that far fetched that it would get out of hand- Norman Reedus is screwed. Why? Because he plays Daryl Dixon. A badass with a crossbow, that rides a motorcycle and isn't scared of anything. People think he's awesome yes me included so if it happens, people are going to look at him. You know the people who can't separate reality from fiction? I get really into whatever I watch or read, but some people get crazy. They're going to look at him to save their lives, and he's gonna be all- Hell, I don't know, let's smoke and drink before we die. Good plan Norman, good plan.