Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I "nose" the truth! And yes, I know that's a dumb pun.

Ok, I would just like to start by saying that Kurt Sutter is a genius, a psychopath, has a warped sense of humor, I'm pretty sure that he may be a sociopath, and frankly I kinda wish that he was my dad. The only reason that I don't wish that he was my dad 100% is because I find him reasonably attractive, and that would just be weird. Just when I think that he can't get anymore brilliant, he pulls something out of his hat and surprises me. Although, I'm pretty descent at calling certain things that are going to happen I called Opie, most of the time he always gets me. With that being said, here's what went down last night on SOA.... last nights episode of SOA was called John 8:32. From the book of John: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Boy, they were not kidding when they named that one after it was written. Things came out, old and new. The only other name that would have been acceptable to call it would have been Revelations and Damn!!

For starters Jax finally called Tara out on all of her "distance" bull. Look, I know that I'm supposed to be all- "Tara just doing the right things no matter the consequences to get her boys out and protect her family. Gemma would do the exact same thing, and there was no other way. Jax has done her bad, she's lost everything because of the club." Blah, Blah, Blah. But let's face it, I'm not. I'm not saying that I'm #TeamGemma, but I'm not #TeamTara either. The whole situation was just beyond screwed up and I know that she was putting this plan together in a desperate/short amount of time, but I mean.... come on. Then not only betray Jax beyond contempt, but also frame his mother to drive them apart, use the leverage of their son against someone so unstable Wendy, bring in a woman that could lose everything including her license and job Margaret, use the love he has for the boys to con Unser into helping, play the martyr to the clubs lawyer Lowen so she will help turn everything against Jax/ Gemma/ the club, and further more, bold-faced lying on Nero. That does it right there! How you gonna lie on Nero? He's all the time helping and doing what he can for everybody. Seriously!? And you know what now that I think about it, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I know she's crazy and has done and still does some horrible things, but I'm sooo #TeamGemma.

We finally got to see the Homeless Woman for the first time this season, although it was towards the end. Got to meet her daughter though and man was she a real little peach. Just full of sunshine and joy. First, she was sitting on a brick wall across from the ice cream shop/new clubhouse when Jax pulled up. She just sat there as he walked in. He noticed her, but didn't bother her. As Jax and Unser were talking in the shop, the rest of the guys were upstairs, she started beating up Tig's bike with a giant red pipe wrench and when  Jax went to go outside and ask her what she was doing she threw the pipe wrench through the plate glass window and took off running. He followed her and when he caught up to her she started screaming, "Help! Rape! Somebody help me!" Everyone knew that she was acting crazy, but Jax let her go and stood there confused as she ran away. When they got back to the shop, they talked about who the girl was and her father/mother. Come to find out that the girls mother had passed away not long after she was born, due to a car pile-up caused my the truck that had jack-knifed and killed John (Jax's dad). Jax went to see her dad and he explained to him that she had some issues, and had her whole life, that her mother did too, and said they lost their house this week and that they would pay for the damages. Jax told him no not to worry about it and that he was sorry. He also seen a picture of the girls mother and said that she looked familiar. Why? Because it was the Homeless Woman all cleaned up in her wedding photo twenty years prior! I was sitting on my couch screaming at the tv- "Jax! Don't be a dunce, you can figure this one out dude!" Jax talks to Oswald about helping the two keep their house (the father works for Oswald), and he agrees to help them. At the end the girl comes to the shop to find Jax and apologize. They talk a little and she cries, while he sits there to comfort her.

Oh, and before I forget since it was Tig's bike he said- "Why my bike? Why? Do all teenage girls just hate me?" They all said, "Yes." And he just nodded and was all, "Yeah, I get that." It was hilarious! Poor Tig.

Back in prison things were being set into motion with Clay and the IRA. Clay had to attend church services and make a scene that would require them to send him to the psych ward for evaluation so that he could use the paid off doctor's phone to call Galen and the other Kings. Well, that sounded easy enough, right? A little something that would ensure that you needed a psych eval. Just do something to cause a bit of a scene and act crazy or suicidal. Nope. He took it to a whole new level. He stood up in the middle of the sermon, and started preaching about his savior: "P#$@*". Then when they tried to restrain him and take him down, he straight up bit one of the guards nose off! Like clean off! Just bit it off! I was like, "Wth?!" Then he was screaming- "I Nose The Truth!!" Get it? Nose it. Sorry, but I thought that was kinda funny. Needless to say he got his psych eval and got to make his secret phone call. However, the Doctor also let two guards in after his phone call one of them being dude with no nose to take out some aggression. Hey, dude is corrupt. What did you expect?

Barosky severed ties with the club because of the DA bringing down all of the heat on them, so that means that the club's legitimate porn business is going bye bye.... for now, at least. That madam lady ain't fooling anybody, she just wants to stay in business with the Sons so that she can have the possibility of getting into Jax's pants again. Not saying that I blame her, because honestly.... you go, girl! But seriously, we all know that's why you're doing it so just fess up. After Barosky left, Jax informed the guys that they needed to get everybody together in "the chapel" aka "the table" because they needed to take a vote. What was the vote you ask. Well, it showed them all voting "yay" but doesn't say why until Jax goes to see the DA Patterson. That's when the vote comes out. He starts telling Patterson about how John wanted a legitimate club and how he died before that happened. She tells him to get to the point and he explains, the club had agreed to give Patterson Galen O'Shea and the other "Kings", plus a full shipment of guns for all of the charges past and present involving guns against the club be dropped. Patterson asks him what he wants selfishly and he tells her that he wants her to review Tara's case again, that it was Toric connecting the dots that weren't there, that she had no clue what Otto was going to do to that nurse, that she was innocent and that Patterson knew that as much as he did. She agreed to review it and then asked, "So everyone in the MC gets out scot-free without so much as a slap on the wrist?" He replied, "Lady, you can slap my wrists until they're bloody for all I care. I just want my club and family taken care of. I'm the Outlaw scumbag and you're the pillar of Justice, and neither one of us likes seeing ourselves in the mirror. I'm giving you a deal high above your pay grade. Let's not get too lost in righteousness." She agrees, they make the deal, and Jax leaves her office.

Gemma told Nero all about what Tara had done and he tried to talk to Jax about it. Jax didn't want to talk about any of it and told Nero to stay out of it. So what did Nero do? Go and see Tara at the hospital, of course. He tried to talk some sense into her and reason with her very nicely by the way but she was having none of it, and told him that Gemma killed John and that if he was smart he would get out while he was still alive. Tara then called Jax and lied to him saying that Nero had called her a manipulative, lying bitch. Nero replied, "Well, if she said that I said any of that than I guess that she is." This did not settle with Jax well. He swung on Nero and they fought. Gemma showed up and told Happy and Quinn that they had to stop them before they killed each other. Happy agrees because they all still love Gemma and they break the two up. Nero then starts telling Jax about what Gemma has done for him, his family, and the club and she tried to stop him. He said, "No Momma! He needs to know!" He then told Jax all about everything that happened with the guards when she went in for a visit for Jax. Jax tries to apologize, but Gemma tells him to forget it, it's done. While they're on the subject of sharing secrets Gemma tells Jax that Tara had been lying, that she faked the entire pregnancy and miscarriage to set Gemma up a theory she had confirmed earlier because she had tricked Margaret at the hospital and that she was divorcing Jax and taking his boys away. She told him, "Son, I get that you don't believe me, but it's the truth and if your wife won't tell you the truth, then you need to find someone who will." Nero asks Gemma later about what Tara had said about John, asking if she killed him, and Gemma tells him all about the man John was, and what they had went through. She then says, "I didn't kill John. But I knew that he had to go, and I didn't hide my opinion from the man I had fallen in love with. I gave Clay my blessing to end John. I've never told anyone that, not even my son." With that she leaves and goes home, leaving Nero in shock contemplating everything.

Jax enlisted Unser's help into getting Lowen to TM in Unser's trailer so they could talk. Unser leaves her on the couch and shuts the door, and Jax comes walking out of the bathroom with a gun. She gets up to run, but Jax tells her to sit down. This conversation was sooo emotional! He tells her, "I have some questions and you're going to give me the answers." Jax: "Is Tara divorcing me?" (And when she doesn't answer quickly enough he slams his hand down on the table scaring her and making her cry) she replies: "Yes." Jax: "Is she trying to get full custody of my boys?" Lowen: "Yes." Jax: "Was the whole pregnancy and miscarriage a lie?" Lowen: "Yes.... I believe so." Jax: "Why?" Lowen: "So Gemma couldn't contest custody." She then begs Jax not to hurt/kill her and he tells her to get out. When she doesn't make a move he kicks the door open almost off of the hinges and screams at her, "I said get the f*ck out!" She gets up, unsteady, and gets in her car and leaves. As soon as she pulls out of TM she calls Tara and tells her that Jax knows everything. Unser reminds Jax that he promised that no one would get hurt and Jax replies: "Yeah.... no one gets hurt" and walks away. The episode ends with it going back and forth between Jax and the Homeless Woman's daughter, Gemma and Nero, and Tara rocking Thomas in the rocking chair in his room, singing him a lullaby, while a loaded gun rests on her lap. I know this is off the subject, but Maggie Siff really does have a pretty voice. Charlie Hunnam really pulled out all of the stops on this one. He proved just how much of an amazing actor that he is. He really showed his range of emotions and was just.... well.... amazing. Next week is sure to be as emotional and nail-biting worthy as last nights. Season06, Episode10- Huang Wu.