Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playful/Thankful Photo Challenge.

To start I would like to say- "Thank you Uncle Roger for letting us leave work an hour and a half early yesterday!!" I've always thought about participating in one of these things. I've started them before, but never quite finished one. Why? Because A) I usually forget at some point, because let's face it my memory is about as good as Grandpa V's driving and B) Because there is sooo much pressure associated with these things. If you're thankful for one person or thing, but not for another then someone is automatically offended. Never fails. You always have to have that one overly-dramatic person. So, since I wanted to do one of these things, but didn't want the added pressure, I decided that I would do a playful one. I did it through Instagram, some are serious, but for the most part they are just little fun things to me. Remember, sometimes it's the little things. Since I actually put forth a little effort on this one, I thought that I would share the pictures that I took, followed by the caption I wrote for them. I went all the way up until the day before Thanksgiving (November 27). Note to Self: Never do this again!! It was hard remembering to take a picture everyday and then to put them all together. There's a reason you gave up on Project Life Katie!! Here goes nothing...

I'm Thankful For....

The Hemsworth Parents. I mean...Wow. People should buy those boys Momma jewels and high-five their Daddy everyday...Sometimes it's the little things.
That Danielle taught me how to turn the camera on my phone around; because even though I take Horrible pictures, at least there's not a toilet or shower behind me.
Sundays...The one day a week to take all day to relax, read, watch tv, paint your toenails, and eat icecream.
For the lunch dates that we get to share, the jokes that we make, and of course I'm Very thankful for the Inventor of Paninis.
Kurt Sutter...He is the genius behind my Favorite tv show, and the husband to one of my favorite musicians/actresses...Gotta love him and his twisted sense of humor.
That I love to read and write, but if I need to know something asap I can always google it...that and watch youtube. But I still prefer the older days with my books instead of so much technology, I've seen Terminator you know. Remember people, this is a playful photo challenge.
That I have family and friends that stop me (for the most part) from making drastic changes to my hair. I know me, I see Zooey Deschannel with bangs or J. Law with this cute pixie and I think I want it...Just to be clear, I would look like a total reject.
Blogging. It's my outlet where I can put all of my random thoughts and talk about the things that some people just don't wanna hear. I can be as playful or as serious as I want, and it's something that is all mine.

For good books, warm red slippers, teddy bears, and the ability to drown out all the crazy sounds upstairs so I can get lost in what I'm reading. My spacing out abilities are so good that sometimes even I don't realize I'm doing it.
For random phone calls and letters from old friends...Sometimes when you're having one of "those" kind of days, it just takes something small to make you smile.
That even though I don't like dealing with Mondays, they still come around, and eventually the grueling  day is over.
That I have the free will to change my mind whenever I want...Whether it be something as big as Life Decisions to something as small as deciding to drink more water, and everything in between including pieces of technology, my stance on leggings, and even my opinion about Ian Somerhalder.
For my Momma and night is movie night with my big brother...GrownUps2 it is.
That Dani is good at Math (Math Nerd) and doesn't mind helping me out since I'm well...Not so good at Math. Thank you Dani!
That I have friends that know me all too well. They find random strange books and think to themselves- "Katie would love this, I should tell her about it." That and the fact that when you can't make it to a good ole fashioned bookstore, they have delivery services these days.
To have my big brother around to smack talk with, hang out with, and just spend some bro/sis time with. Like I always say, sometimes it's the little things.

For hats, because my hair in rainy weather...Enough said.
That even though he's a pain in my butt and I wanna ring his neck at times, that my brother still knows how to fix things on occasion.
That this clock only sings for a month or two instead of all year round. I can deal with christmas carols for a month or two, but that's about it.
For warm coats and scarves. It's not extremely cold out this morning, but with this crazy wet mop that I call hair, they sure due come in handy! Thanks Aunt Susi!
That there are far wiser people out there than myself.
That my Family/Friends find my Quirkiness Endearing instead of Cray...Including when I buckle our Poinsettia into Jayna's carseat so it won't get hurt...We got this Dani...By the way her name is Sasha :)
For Creative Minds.
For time with the family. Whether we're talking, hanging out, or just watching a movie.

Memes...Just a little bit of hilarity throughout your day.
The Jokes we make, the Laughs we share, and ALL of our WTH Moments.
My Puppy Dog. I adopted him from "the home" (shh...gotta whisper it, he's sensitive about that part of his life) when I was sixteen years old and he's been the best friend that a girl could ever ask for. I know it sounds weird, but we've been through  alot.

There you have it Folks. Twenty-Seven of the things that I'm thankful for. Not nearly everything, but then again I don't think that anyone could actually sit down and name off everything that they're really thankful for and remember it all. There's just SO much to be thankful for. Especially for me. I have a Great Family, even though some are crazy they're still pretty great. Good Friends, that even though I don't get to see as much as I like I know that if I need them they're there. A Roof over my head, Food to eat, and a Job to help me provide for my Family, and these days not everyone can say that. I have Moderately Descent Health, not fantastic but seriously I can't complain. Not to mention I have the right to be who I want to be, when I want, and however I want. I know that some of these things are silly, but I try not to be overly serious about anything. Seriousness is what got Kerouac you know. Well, Seriousness and Whiskey. Sorry, ignore me. With all of that being said, I would just like to say- "Thank you to My Family, I love you all so very much. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and that you eat more than you can possibly stand. And last but certainly not even close to least. Thank you SOO much to all of our Military Service Men/Women. What you all do is so amazing and appreciated!! You put yourselves on the line so that we all may have a chance at a better life. There are no words that can even begin to describe the Thankfulness that I have for you. Ya'll would've been in my pictures, but I couldn't find a Soldier anywhere to get a picture of. You're all out there defending our Rights and Freedoms. Once again Thank you! Thank you so much!!" And of course people are beginning to see Christmas in the very near Future. So I had to add in a couple of the Christmas Pics :)