Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saturday Letters. (A day late).

Dear Waitress that lied about that couple leaving you a "homophobic" tip, You Suck! People actually have real problems when it comes to things like this and you lied about it? Someone should seriously smack you upside your damn head. Just saying. Dear Dani, Thank you for bringing us doughnuts and cokes on Wednesday. They were Amazeballs! Also, I've decided to start saying Amazeballs. Just thought that you should know. Dear Fat Sal and Perry, I'm sad that you had to leave us, but I'm glad that you'll be adopted out to a good home. Dear Last Wednesday, Doughnuts for breakfast, HotBox pizza for lunch and McDonalds for dinner. Man, I was just all about the healthy that day. But it was soo good! Dear Aziz Ansari, You are hilarious!! You always make me laugh! Dear Thanksgiving, I ate way too much. I'm still overly full. Yes you heard me right- Overly full. Dear Momma, Quit worrying. Besides, we have way too much fun together to have stress. Also, I'm very sorry about Paul Walker, and I knew you'd like Bunny Meyer. :) And how cool are we? No cigs for two days. Go us! Dear Instagram, I know that I've been using you alot lately, but it's sooo much fun!! Especially since I now know how to do Screenshots. Score!! Dear Punchbowl Cake, You're gonna be the death of me. Dear Netflix, I spend way too much time with you, but you're just so excellent! Dear Grey Bulldog Shirt, I know you're old and thin and worn out, but I've had you so many years now I just can't part with you. You're so beyond comfy!! Dear Aunt Susi, Don't stress so much. Things will get better and easier here soon. It's just cray right now and people are a bit nutty. Remember 7! Also, I went through all of my clothes yesterday and today so that I could initial them and get rid of some of my "fatty" as I call them clothes, and I got you two bags of t-shirts and boxers for your project. Dear Paul Walker, I was very sad to hear about your tragic accident that resulted in the death of you and your friend. It's not right and seems like a hoax. You were one of my favorite actors and in some great movies. You're still one of my two favorites on VB. Dear Greg, You're a freakin' tool!! And I went through your phone the other day while you were sleeping so that I could send myself those pictures that I wanted of us that you said I would never get. But you'll never know because you don't read my blog or do Instagram. Haha. Dear FSOG, Since you started filming today there are pictures flooding Instagram. Including from me. My bad. Also, I read your second book again over the weekend. I know. Dear Buzzfeed, This was pretty cool, but I was always #TeamLucas&Peyton. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. CMM all the way!! Dear White Christmas, You are still one of my all time favorite movies and the best Christmas movie ever made. Ever. Dear CC Cream, I don't know about you. I feel weird wearing you, but since you're already in my make-up bag I guess I'll be giving you a try. Dear Hair on my Head, I can never decide what to do with you. I definitely need to get you trimmed, but other than that I got nothing. I'm still indecisive about you being blonde. I think I found a pic of how I would like to have you, it's on my Instagram. Now to just find someone that could do it and not make me bald in the process. Dear Macaulay Culkin, Good for you. Dear SOA, I'll be glad to see you again come Tuesday. Dear Dude in my dreams that I've never met, Who are you and why am I dreaming about you? This isn't one of those weird premonition things that I'll have Deja Vu about later is it? Dear December, Quitting smoking, quitting snacking. I'm just a big ole quitter I guess. But I think it will be better. Dear Luke Grimes and Jamie Dornan, Bravo. That is all. Dear Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, I know that I don't know you and this is weird, but I'm glad that ya'll are back together. I think you may take the place of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell as my FCC. Dear Hot Tea w/ Honey and Splenda, You were so good! I love you! Dear Doctor D, I'm nervous about coming to my appointment this coming Tuesday. Perhaps it will be nothing but good things. Fingers crossed.