Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Weekend, Thank you for coming around as quickly as possible. I greatly appreciate it. Dear Momma, Thank you for all of the laughter that we share. We're definitely not right, but two peas in a pod. And that's saying something because I don't like peas. Dear Winter, Seriously? Can't you make up your mind by now? Stay, go, whatevs just make a decision! Dear Kurt Sutter, You are a sick, twisted psychopath that feeds on peoples emotions. And I love you for it. Dear Noodle, Thanks alot for leaving me hanging, I've managed to think up about five million things that involve our old friend in the past week. But it's all good because I still love you. Dear Dani, Thank you for the bit of hilarity that we always share on those long Fridays, so that they end quicker and can start our weekend off right. But just because it says Mario Lopez, doesn't mean that you can just assume they mean AC Slater. Who am I kidding? Yes, you can. Dear Vampire Diaries, You are highly addictive and I think that I may be a little bit in love with you. Or Ian Somerhalder. It's one or the other. Dear Amazon, Thank you for Delivering. Dear Tony (from down the street), Thank you for fixing the Wii Bar enough so that I can watch NetFlix. You're officially in the running with BatMan to be my Hero. Dear Uncle Kenny, You know I love you more than my luggage, but no I'm not watching anymore of those Christmas movies. Ok, maybe a couple more, but that's it. Dear Lindsey Lohan, Start taking better care of yourself girl, your breasts should not be that low at your age. Get it together. Dear Aunt Susi, Have fun at your gun class today, I know that you'll do great. And Uncle Roger...Good luck! Dear Charlie, Thanks for listening to me being melodramatic. Dear Kittens, You invade my space, my life, and my couch/bed, you eat my food, knock stuff off of my table, chew through cords, attack my feet, and jump on my face while I'm sleeping. You're lucky you're cute. Dear Greg, You're my brother and I love you. With that being said if you wake me up at three in the morning by banging on my window without a legitimate excuse, not being locked out from staying out all night, I'm going to be forced to treat you as an intruder and beat you with a ballbat. Dear Tayder, I still love you as much today as the day I adopted you. I just thought that you should know. Dear Dragonfly in Amber, As soon as you get delivered via Amazon, I'm going to be forced to start reading you! Dear Keflex, Oh thou art a heartless bitch! Dear Lady that hit my car yesterday morning, Don't worry. Accidents happen, you're not going to hurt my car by dinging it a little bit. Dear Uncle Jimmy, I will no longer eat a banana. There are spiders in there! Enough said. Hope everybody has a safe and happy rest of their weekend!!