Monday, November 18, 2013

Ok, small problem.

So, I went back to the dermatologist this morning. All seems well enough, he refilled my prescriptions for the next three months and I don't have to return until February. I go back to my "Lady Doctor" on the third next month and we'll see what happens there. Who knows. Hopefully it's all good though. That's not what I wanted to talk about though. Well, it kinda is but also isn't. Does that even make sense? Oh well, just go with it please. Thank you.

On my way to work this morning after leaving the dermatologist Momma and I were talking about some random things. I made mention to her about my current eating habits. Now this is strange, but some of the things I used to love I can't hardly eat anymore. They literally make me gag. Seriously. I'm not sure if it's just my body and taste changing all by itself or if it has something to do with the kind of medicine that I'm taking. Who the heck knows. All I know is that some of the things that I used to eat and drink constantly, I can't even stomach to look at let alone eat. Things like: ranch dressing, bbq, alfredo sauce and meat.

Just to name a few. Not all kinds of meat, but most of it. I can still eat hotdogs if they're burnt, and I don't really mind chicken bites and stuff, but for the most part especially with red meat I can't do it. It makes me gag. The last two times Jim made steak for dinner I couldn't even look at it. It's so weird. I have always loved steak. Always. But now nope. Nada. Not happening. And I used to put ranch dressing on everything. Everything. Now I can eat it on occasion, but for the most part I have to eat a different kind of dressing. I don't understand. It could be my taste or the medicine. Who knows. All I know is my eating and drinking habits have changed considerably. I used to hate hot tea, now I love it. I don't know why I felt the need to share this, I guess it just struck me as weird after thinking about it this morning. My body is either trying to reject the healthy or make me overly healthy. I don't like it.