Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I should've stayed in bed today.

I have literally screwed up every single thing today. Basically, if it could go wrong, it did. It's ok though. Yep. I'm going to make it through the rest of this day and then crawl into my sweats (and the fetal position) when I get home. Why? Because I think that's just safer for everyone at this point. I need a drink. It's been a horribly long day, and I think that my eyeballs might melt, yes I did in fact say melt, out of my freakin' head in a matter of minutes.

I should've staying bed today, in bed's where I belong, as soon as I got up today, things started going wrong, I got a splinter in my foot, my puppy made me fall, I squirted toothpaste in my ear, I crashed into the wall.

I knocked my homework off the desk, it landed on my toes, I spilled a glass of chocolate milk, it's soaking through my clothes, I accidentally bit my tongue, that really made me moan, and it was far from funny, when I banged my funny bone.

I scraped my knees, I bumped my nose, I sat upon a pin, I leapt with alacrity, and sharply barked my shin, I stuck a finger in my eye, the pain is quite severe, I'd better get right back to bed, and stay there for a year.

Monday, February 24, 2014

People are nicer when I look like a Hobo Batman.

I wore my hobo hat and my Batman shirt on Saturday. And by my Batman shirt, what I really mean is- Greg's Batman shirt that he's NEVER getting back. Like, ever. It's officially my new favorite shirt in the entire world. It's because people are so much nicer to me when I wear it into public. People who I could walk by every day, that have never even glanced in my general direction let alone made conversation with me, are all of the sudden nice. Is it true? Is that the power of 'The Batman'? I mean, after Ben Affleck plays Batman I don't know how everyone will feel about it, but for now- I. Am. Awesome. Perhaps I should explain a little more so you don't feel the need to lock me up in the bin. You know what I'm talking about.

{{I'm a horrible blogger, because I didn't anticipate on writing a post about my outfit for last Saturday, so I only have a partially decent picture of me wearing the Batman shirt and glasses (only partial hoboing), but on the bright side- TAYDER is in it looking LIKE A BOSS}}

On Saturday I woke up early, because apparently when it's possible for me to sleep in, the clock in my head decided to go into warped speed and is all- You are NOT sleeping, wake the $*#% up. I don't know what it was about that particular day, but my eyes decided to be even more screwy with me than usual. So I hopped in the shower, and because I couldn't see had to "mime" my way through it. Do you know how difficult it is to shower when you can't see a damn thing? Well, let me just tell you it's hard. So after I mimed my way through it I found my glasses and had to wear them ALL weekend, because like I said- BLIND.

I decided to wake Momma up, because I'm selfish and wanted company, to see if she wanted to get out of the house and go have some lunch later. She indulged me, because frankly I looked a bit pitiful. I was to lazy tired to fix my hair or put on any more make-up than a little foundation to cover the red spots, so I just tucked all of my hair into the green hat that Aunt Susi made me and went on my merry little way. Sweatpants, flannel shirt, black jacket, green hat with all my hair tucked in, and my glasses. I looked like a real hip hobo. Not my words. I guess I had an Olsen twin thing going on. We did some things and when we went to lunch the waiter was really friendly. Like extremely friendly. Nice guy. Momma thought that he was "hitting" on me, but I disagree. I think he was trying to figure out if i really was a hobo or not. Whatevs. The point is, he was incredibly friendly.

We went home and I changed out of the flannel shirt, because- HELLO, it was so warm and lovely compared to what it has been. I was too lazy pre-occupied to go downstairs to get one of my own shirts so I just pulled one of Greg's out of the closet and put it on. Besides I love Batman too. Well, we ended up having to go to the grocery store and did I change? Hell no, I put my jacket on and went on skipping to my Lou. Not really. While in the grocery store walking down the canned vegetables I looked down and realized that I hadn't changed. When I walked back to the cart I looked at Momma and said- I just realized that I am a grown @$$ woman wearing a Batman shirt in public and laughed. The guy behind us heard me and said- Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, it's hot, and besides it matches my ninja turtle belt buckle. Y'all might think that sounds dumb, but let me just tell you- y'all it was love at NERD sight. He's probably married or way younger than me, but I don't care, in my imagination we are doing all of the awesome things that I think that a boyfriend should do with a girlfriend. Yep, in my imagination we are in nerd love. Kidding. Kind of. After the grocery store we stopped by the gas station and the girl working there continued to talk to me for ten minutes on how great my shirt was and how awesome I looked in it. Needless to say- Greg, you are NOT getting that shirt back. It's mine now. Sorry, but I'm absolutely not sorry. Not even a little bit. Like I said, people are way nicer to me when I look like a Hobo Batman. By the way, Aunt Susi informed me that she would absolutely NOT go out into public with me while I looked like a hobo. We'll see Aunt Susi. We shall see.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

That time I made soup.

Before I tell you about my soup, take a little break and read the 13 things you didn't know about lust. I'll wait. Ok? Ok, as I've been saying for a few months now, there are a lot of things that I can't eat without it making me sick at my stomach. Honestly, meat being the biggest one. About the only thing that I can stomach anymore meat wise is hamburger. Needless to say- this has changed my eating habits drastically. I've always been one to eat fruits and vegetables, but now I find myself eating even more of them then I ever imagined. Katie? Healthy? Who saw this one coming? I love them and can't seem to get enough. This is probably a good thing, because even if it's not, at least it sounds healthier. So after dani found a recipe for "loaded tomato" soup online and made it, then Aunt Susi made it because Dani gave her the recipe, I decided to give it a try. I mean tomatoes and my love of soup combined? Yes, please. As I was cooking it Shy and Kenny decided to try it to, so I made more than enough. (We had a little leftover). By the time I was done making it and adding all of the extra stuff that I thought would be good in it, it kind of turned from tomato soup to taco soup. But that's ok, because I love tacos too! So since we all (especially me) loved it so much, and it was literally the easiest thing to make, EVER, I thought that I would share...

What you need:
  • 1 can condensed tomato soup (I used Campbells)
  • 1 can seasoned black beans (I used Bush's)
  • 1 can whole kernel corn (any kind)
  • 1 can fire roasted tomatoes (whatever you like)
  • Taco seasoning
  • A pot to cook in and a spoon to stir
Get your pot ready. Open all cans. Drain the corn and black beans. Dump the soup, fire roasted tomatoes (juice and all), corn, and black beans into the pot. Stir until warm and mixed together thoroughly (I added just a little bit of water to make it a bit soupier, but it's whatever you like best). Put taco seasoning in little by little, dependent upon your taste, however much you like. Let it finish cooking together.

See? I told you that was the easiest thing to make ever. And it was so good that the only way to describe it is- DEE-LISH-YASH!! Yeah, it's so good you can't even spell words right. Shy and Kenny loved it to. And all the leftovers got eaten. Shy asked me why I was just adding stuff together instead of following the recipe. My response? I DO WHAT I WANT! And we were all glad that I do. Even people on FB were asking what I put in it, because it looked so good. It smelled amazing too!! There is just nothing bad about this. I think everyone should try it. I know I'll be making it a lot more.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Am I the only girl who?

Can eat oranges and grape tomatoes every minute of every day?
Gets emotionally invested in fictional characters?
Would still totally date Jonathan Taylor Thomas?
Doesn't want to do my hair and makeup, but knows that I'll look like a train wreck if I don't?
Pauses whatever music she's listening to when the phone rings- even if it's only a text message?
Could spend hours and hours reading Buzzfeed?
Would rather stay in then go out?
Makes up scenarios in my head to the point where I actually believe it's going to happen?
Is kind of addicted to posting all pictures on Instagram?
Thinks that Shaun White is an awesome/talented version of Carrot Top?
Sometimes daydreams about Mexican food, because it's so delicious?
Would rather watch horror movies than rom-coms?
Actually wants to go to Comic/Gen Con, and is attracted to "nerdy" guys?
Wants to learn to play the ukulele?
Loves the soundtracks to most movies and TV shows and listens to them all the time?

Puts off buying new clothes/shoes, because they're expensive and I have no sense of style?
Still says Boo-yah!!?
Actually likes taking care of people?
Still cries at the ending of Selena and throughout What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Starts singing without realizing it?
Wants chicken noodle soup and cherry popsicles when she's sick?
Likes to mix green apple vodka with orange juice?
Could eat soup every day of the year?
Only likes probably two songs by The Lumineers?
Watches Sons of Anarchy like my life depended on it?
Only likes the original sweet tarts?
Still calls Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot Wendy Peppercorn?
Would rather spend money on books then anything else?
Loves to make collages?
Has absolutely no artistic ability at all, but is still looking?

Sometimes feels the need to know everything about a random person? (I.e. when I decided I needed to know all about Michael Rapaport).
Has absolutely no filter and constantly talks before she thinks it through?
Loves to watch "old timey" shows and documentaries like The White Queen?
Remembers to floss, but just doesn't do it?
Secretly roots for the bad guys redemption?
Thinks that getting a bikini wax would be a fate worse than death?
Watched (and liked) Country Strong the whole way through?
Thinks that the man who invented sweatpants loved all women very much?
Tried yoga once and is convinced that it's a communist plot?
Thinks the thought of having children is far too scary?
Always tries to find the good in people?
Is the eternal optimist and hopeless romantic?
Wants to dress like a girlie/hippie/pin-up/vintage girl, but has no clue how to put together outfits for it?
Prefers the classic days of letter writing to technology?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Screw you, Stark family, screw you!!

Winter is coming my ass. Winter is here and has been here for four months now. And guess what? It's still going strong! I mean are you kidding me? Just last month had over 400 ft 29 inches of snow. That's not counting December, February and the months to come. I think the first time it snowed was in November and frankly I'm a little sick of it. And by a little sick of it I mean- I call bullshit. Temperatures dropping well below zero. Like, (-)27 degrees and not reaching any higher than 13 degrees. Give me a break. I'm a fall kind of girl, I'm a spring kind of girl, I am definitely NOT a winter kind of girl.

"Winter is nature's way of saying up yours" ~Robert Byrne

I usually sleep in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty standard, right? Wrong! The last three months I've wore sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and house shoes. Do you realize how awkward all of this is? It's probably a good thing that I'm single, because if I was sleeping with someone they would probably attribute the situation to that of hooking up with a yeti. Yeah, I look that bad in winter.

I always sleep on my side in the fetal position, but now it's so cold that I'm not even in the fetal position anymore. I'm more in the tiny ball, crawled into my sweatshirt, under two blankets position. I stand in front of the fireplace like there's no tomorrow, and frankly my skin is so dried out and chapped that it looks like Anne Boleyn would want to wear my legs around her neck as the royal rubies. Wow, that sounded incredibly bad. Not how I meant it, sorry. I have to buy bookoos of lotions and creams, not to mention all of the sweats that I'm going through. Even my poor little dog- Tayder- is having issues with all of this. His paws got so cold that he fell over sideways and I had to go outside and get him. Poor little buddy. And don't even get me started on my car. I know that my poor car hates me right now.

I'm sorry that I just started this to complain, but I just needed to get a little of it off of my chest. Sorry, but I'm not sorry- it's been a horrible....freezing....hypothermic winter. Honestly, it has. Can you get hypothermia in your bones? That's what it feels like to me! So, in order to try and make myself feel better- I'm going to listen to a real good new song (Better Than Love- Griffin House). Well, it's not a new song, but it's new to me, because I heard it for the first time last night on the movie- Not Since You. (By the way- awesome movie, watch it immediately... it's on Netflix) Enjoy!!