Thursday, February 20, 2014

Am I the only girl who?

Can eat oranges and grape tomatoes every minute of every day?
Gets emotionally invested in fictional characters?
Would still totally date Jonathan Taylor Thomas?
Doesn't want to do my hair and makeup, but knows that I'll look like a train wreck if I don't?
Pauses whatever music she's listening to when the phone rings- even if it's only a text message?
Could spend hours and hours reading Buzzfeed?
Would rather stay in then go out?
Makes up scenarios in my head to the point where I actually believe it's going to happen?
Is kind of addicted to posting all pictures on Instagram?
Thinks that Shaun White is an awesome/talented version of Carrot Top?
Sometimes daydreams about Mexican food, because it's so delicious?
Would rather watch horror movies than rom-coms?
Actually wants to go to Comic/Gen Con, and is attracted to "nerdy" guys?
Wants to learn to play the ukulele?
Loves the soundtracks to most movies and TV shows and listens to them all the time?

Puts off buying new clothes/shoes, because they're expensive and I have no sense of style?
Still says Boo-yah!!?
Actually likes taking care of people?
Still cries at the ending of Selena and throughout What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Starts singing without realizing it?
Wants chicken noodle soup and cherry popsicles when she's sick?
Likes to mix green apple vodka with orange juice?
Could eat soup every day of the year?
Only likes probably two songs by The Lumineers?
Watches Sons of Anarchy like my life depended on it?
Only likes the original sweet tarts?
Still calls Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot Wendy Peppercorn?
Would rather spend money on books then anything else?
Loves to make collages?
Has absolutely no artistic ability at all, but is still looking?

Sometimes feels the need to know everything about a random person? (I.e. when I decided I needed to know all about Michael Rapaport).
Has absolutely no filter and constantly talks before she thinks it through?
Loves to watch "old timey" shows and documentaries like The White Queen?
Remembers to floss, but just doesn't do it?
Secretly roots for the bad guys redemption?
Thinks that getting a bikini wax would be a fate worse than death?
Watched (and liked) Country Strong the whole way through?
Thinks that the man who invented sweatpants loved all women very much?
Tried yoga once and is convinced that it's a communist plot?
Thinks the thought of having children is far too scary?
Always tries to find the good in people?
Is the eternal optimist and hopeless romantic?
Wants to dress like a girlie/hippie/pin-up/vintage girl, but has no clue how to put together outfits for it?
Prefers the classic days of letter writing to technology?