Monday, February 10, 2014

Screw you, Stark family, screw you!!

Winter is coming my ass. Winter is here and has been here for four months now. And guess what? It's still going strong! I mean are you kidding me? Just last month had over 400 ft 29 inches of snow. That's not counting December, February and the months to come. I think the first time it snowed was in November and frankly I'm a little sick of it. And by a little sick of it I mean- I call bullshit. Temperatures dropping well below zero. Like, (-)27 degrees and not reaching any higher than 13 degrees. Give me a break. I'm a fall kind of girl, I'm a spring kind of girl, I am definitely NOT a winter kind of girl.

"Winter is nature's way of saying up yours" ~Robert Byrne

I usually sleep in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty standard, right? Wrong! The last three months I've wore sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and house shoes. Do you realize how awkward all of this is? It's probably a good thing that I'm single, because if I was sleeping with someone they would probably attribute the situation to that of hooking up with a yeti. Yeah, I look that bad in winter.

I always sleep on my side in the fetal position, but now it's so cold that I'm not even in the fetal position anymore. I'm more in the tiny ball, crawled into my sweatshirt, under two blankets position. I stand in front of the fireplace like there's no tomorrow, and frankly my skin is so dried out and chapped that it looks like Anne Boleyn would want to wear my legs around her neck as the royal rubies. Wow, that sounded incredibly bad. Not how I meant it, sorry. I have to buy bookoos of lotions and creams, not to mention all of the sweats that I'm going through. Even my poor little dog- Tayder- is having issues with all of this. His paws got so cold that he fell over sideways and I had to go outside and get him. Poor little buddy. And don't even get me started on my car. I know that my poor car hates me right now.

I'm sorry that I just started this to complain, but I just needed to get a little of it off of my chest. Sorry, but I'm not sorry- it's been a horrible....freezing....hypothermic winter. Honestly, it has. Can you get hypothermia in your bones? That's what it feels like to me! So, in order to try and make myself feel better- I'm going to listen to a real good new song (Better Than Love- Griffin House). Well, it's not a new song, but it's new to me, because I heard it for the first time last night on the movie- Not Since You. (By the way- awesome movie, watch it immediately... it's on Netflix) Enjoy!!