Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ring out the old.

Well, here it is- New Years Eve. Again. It doesn't feel like it should be 2014 yet. It doesn't feel like a whole year has passed. But yet here we are. I really haven't put a lot of thought into it. I haven't celebrated New Years in a few years. With the exception of last year of course when Shylyn insisted that I stay up with her to watch New Years Rockin' Eve (it's just not the same with Ryan Seacrest), and bang pots and pans. I wasn't exactly into it, but she begged and sometimes I'm a fairly nice person. Sometimes.

Greg and his new gf (he claims they aren't "together", but I'm pretty sure we all know better, and he's just waiting for the divorce to come through) offered for me to go out with them tonight. Actually Kristi begged me, but I turned her down, because i've never really went out to "celebrate" New Years on it's eve. Why? Because people get drunk, loud, stupid and even dangerous. If I wanted to be in that situation I would just throw a family reunion. I thank her, but I just don't think it's for me. I've always had this idea of what it would look like when I went out on new years eve and it always involved me in a sparkly dress, hair curled, pea-coat, heels, champagne, red lipstick, and a handsome feller at midnight when the ball dropped. Very Gatsby-esque you might say.

Unfortunately since I don't foresee any of that, it will be a nice evening at home, perhaps with Netflix and left over pepperoni pizza. Don't feel bad for me, I like to do it like this. Thank you though. Like I was saying...here it is another year come and gone.

As we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 we are supposed to reflect on the past and look into the future. I reflect enough. People make their new years resolutions lists and talk about all of the things that will be different. I never do this, basically because no one ever sticks to their lists. They all give up by valentines day. But I decided to quit being such an ass this time and name a few little things that I need and/or want to do.

I'm not promising anything, I'm just saying it might be nice to see some of these things come to pass in 2014. I'm not calling it my resolutions list, I'm just calling it what it is. Will and can you remember to do all of this to make you happier, healthier, and better list. Got a nice ring to it, huh? Quit smoking, keep losing weight, remember to take your medicine everyday, go sandy-blonde, cut down on soda, fix that foot tattoo, wear your glasses, learn how to properly do your make-up instead of "winging it", start dressing more like in your head.

Silly huh? Oh well, at least I put in a little effort. So in conclusion thank you 2013, you brought some great things to us. Granted, some horrible things happened as well, but that's just a factor of life. Besides we got some great movies, some great (and terrible) music, eclectic news stories and I started a blog. No one saw this coming. No one saw Miley Cyrus ruining Blurred Lines at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus making a bunch of naked videos, her being dumb enough to break up with Hemsworth, basically anything Miley either, so I guess we're even. Touche' 2013. Touche'.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Keith movie, I loved you. You were such a good movie and I would like to thank you. What for? For reminding me that yes I do in fact still love Jesse McCartney. My fifteen year old self is very happy about his. Dear Chuck, yes. It is a fine morning. Dear Aunt Susi, thank you for lunch. It's always nice when the three of us get to have "girls lunch". And we all love Panera, it would be nice if they weren't five hundred dollars though. And thank you and Uncle Roger for the Christmas presents. You really didn't have to do that, but thank y'all. Dear Aunt Mary, thank you for the Christmas shirts. They're very pretty and I wore my blue one to work Thursday. Dear Momma, thank you for the Christmas presents too. I know that you really liked having me and Greg both together and home for Christmas this year. Lunch Wednesday was fun, but then again we always have fun when we go out together. And it's so funny that we still remember the Nsync choreography. Dear Greg, thank you for my new bear for Christmas. You're right, my old one used to look pretty new like that one too. By the way your new "lady friend" seems real nice. Notice that I said- seems. She might be as crazy as the rest of them, but she appeared to be nice when I met her. Dear Dani, thank you for the Christmas "wreck it" journal and the jar cookie mix. The cookies turned out real good and made it look like I put a lot of effort into it. Dear Aunt Patsy, thank you for the presents. You didn't have to give me that jacket. The shirt and pants were more than enough, but thank you it's very pretty. And smells good too. Dear Uncle Kenny, thank you for cooking dinner. It was very tasty, and you know I love me some ham salad. Dear Uncle Jimmy, thank you for fixing dinner too. Like I said- it was very tasty and that banana split cake was real good. Thank you for not putting coconut on it so that I could eat it. Dear Uncle Darrell, we all had fun when y'all came over on Christmas eve. We should do it more often. Dear radio, I am so beyond happy to not have to listen to the same five Christmas songs anymore. Well, at least for another year. Dear office, it's nice to have you back to normal. I couldn't get the tree and all of the Christmas decorations down fast enough. Welcome back old friend. Dear Netflix, I miss you when you're gone my friend. Dear Jason Momoa, you are such a badass. Seriously. You kicked ass as Conan, I know because I watched it Christmas night, and everything else that i've ever seen you in. Not to mention that look. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about. Dear John Mayer, why are you Waiting on the world to change? What if it doesn't change for the better? What if everyone all of the sudden decides that they hate John Mayer and not only do they never buy another one of his records again, but also they boycott all of his shows and burn his old records? Think about it Mayer. Dear Kristi, it's crazy that you and my mother are linked from twenty/thirty some odd years ago. Out of all of the girls that my brother could have found, how freaky is that? I guess it really is a small world after all. Dear people reporting about Tori Spelling's husband cheating on her, seriously? Y'all didn't see that one coming? No one is that damn happy. Besides we all know that Donna Martin and David Silver are end game. Duh. Dear wreck it journal, I don't really know what to do with you. I know that I'm supposed to destroy you, and that I can't really mess you up because that's your purpose, but I don't know if I want to. I usually always carry some kind of book with me, but the thought of carrying one around with me at all times filled with dirt, snot, saliva, vomit, hair and possibly poo (not mine some peoples though) really freaks me out and seems...well...disgusting. I'm gonna try though. Dear Shylyn, you and all your black clothes and stuff. I'm not judging, because lord knows that's how I used to dress, but do me a favor? Don't get one of those big ass tattoos across your throat like that dude you like. Please. I love tattoos and don't mind piercings, but that's pushing it. By the way, you made out like a bandit for Christmas. And thanks for the chicken nuggets and tea. By the way, your hair is SO black. Dear The East and The Purge movies, Purge- you were good, but I guessed what was happening before it even happened. Good and scary, but predictable. East- you were amazing! Seriously, I loved it. Alexander Skarsgard never disappoints me. Ever. Dear Gossip Girl, I don't know if I like you or not. I made it through season one on Netflix, but I'm still not sure about it. All I know is even though he's a total douche, I'm still- #TeamChuck. Yeah, I know. Dear Charlie, I'm glad that your daddy is doing a little better. I know that you've been worried. Dear Thursday and Friday workdays, seriously? Could you have went any damn slower? It was like the days that wouldn't come to an end. It was horrible and torturous and I am officially abhorred by you! Yeah, I'm a little dramatic, but both does were extremely long. Dear Tumblr, I love you and all of your pictures. You make my life much simpler. Just saying. And of course thanks to the people who put the pictures and Gifs on there.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013.

Ok, so here it is Christmas eve. Does it feel like Christmas is tomorrow? No. Have I watched White Christmas more than once this year? No. Have I enjoyed listening to Christmas music for the past month? No. Have I wore my reindeer antlers, my bell earrings and painted my nose red like I do every year? No. Have I rode around to look at all of the pretty Christmas lights? No. Have I insisted on telling the story of when i played Mrs. Clause and had an elf that was over a foot taller than me to everyone I know and/or meet? No. Have I wrapped presents? No. Have I smiled and enjoyed the snow? No. Have I been an absolute Grinch that snarls at any/every thing about Christmas? Yes.

I've not tried to be all Grinchy this year. Really I haven't. It's just come naturally this time around. I don't know what it is exactly. I can't put my finger on it. I've tried to be holly jolly, and lord knows Dani has been all- "Katie! Quit being a Grinch! Listen to this Christmas music and be happy! Help me with this tree and decorate!" Umm...no. I've done it...completely against my will might I add. I even helped her plan/shop for/ cook/decorate/and set up a company Christmas party. Not a lot of help, but hey it's the thought that counts. Right? But now that Christmas is tomorrow, I have thought about it all. It just doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm not the only one that feels like this either, just to be clear. But tonight I'm going to try to get enthused about tomorrow. Yeah right Maybe I'll watch a Christmas movie, or bake some more cookies, or something. Maybe. Who knows. All I know is that with the eve looming over me, I feel like I should do something. But just so I'm not a complete Grinch, that doesn't wish anybody Merry Christmas, happy holidays, or seasons greetings, I just wanted to say-

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don't worry, Walter, she was addressing her remarks to me.

To start off may I ask a question? Who has Netflix and isn't completely in love with it? Seriously, it's so great. You can watch a little bit of everything. Except True Blood. They don't have that. Other than that, it's pretty great. I like the fact that it's always got about a million random movies from the early nineties until now, that otherwise you probably would have never even heard of.

Case in point- Keith. Great movie. I gave it a go this evening. That's right, I'm relaxing on my couch, eating popsicles in my fuzzy pink slippers and watching Netflix. Don't judge me, it's great. It was one of the better choices that I've made while picking out movies. Just a warning: DO NOT under any circumstance watch the movie- Antichrist. I watched it for Willem Dafoe, because to me he can do no wrong. However, this time I was wrong. Just trust me on this one. I didn't sleep for three days after that and The Following.

Back to Keith: It starts out with this young guy talking to an older man. He talks like he's much older than he actually is and seems like he's up to no good. Which by the way, he's not. Cut to the next scene where you start to see the life of Natalie. She's seemingly perfect, has it all figured out, and is the epitome of high school royalty. She appears to have the perfect life, and then she gets partnered with Keith in AP Chemistry. He is the exact opposite of her and everything that she is all about. He's eccentric, unpredictable, cooky, a smartass and extremely fun. She tries to resist, but finds that she is "drawn" to him. He makes her question everything about her life and drives her crazy. And she loves it. They have some of the best jokes and lines too. But there's something about him that he hides from her. She can't figure it out, but soon enough it drives her crazy enough to not stop until she knows. I won't tell you what, watch the movie. Ok, I lied I'm going to tell you, but be warned: SPOILER ALERT! He's got the big C and doesn't have long left to live. His whole masterful plan was to make her fall for him, seduce her, ruin her life and make her completely miserable just like he was. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfires. Seriously, watch the movie. I really liked this one. I would recommend it to everyone. Yeah that's right- everyone. I'm not usually one for romantic dramas, or whatevs you classify this under, but in this case I have to eat my words. I love it. In fact I'm honestly considering watching it again sometime this week. That's how much I like it. I think I will. Yep, I've managed to talk myself into it. I'm just good like that. McCartney crying=heartbreaking. By the way I now officially want my very own Keith and my old/new found love for Jesse McCartney has risen up again. Just thought that you should know.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Aunt Susi, thank you for lunch, and for my new cardigan wrap thingy. You didn't have to do that, but thank you. It's very pretty. Dear stomach, you can quit being queasy anytime. I don't like it and being sick is for the birds. Dear Momma, it's nice that we get to hang out and spend time together. I really love it. We should "do lunch" and "shop" more often. And by that I mean ride around on the way back from the grocery store while eating a dollar burger and singing/dancing to Nsync's greatest hits. Best dollar spent. Ever! I can't believe that I remember all the lyrics and the dances. If I could clear all of the useless information out of my head I would have so much room for important stuff. Oh well, I like it. Dear Jamie Dornan, congratulations on your new baby girl. Dear Fast&Furious6, you were an awesome movie. Seriously, awesome. But now I'm even more sad that Paul Walker passed away, because it made me realize it all that much more. Sad. Dear Christmas radio station, I will be sooo happy when you and your five songs are no more! Bitches. Dear Ian Somerhalder, what happened to getting together and spending our life together dude? Seriously, get the lead out. Dear Uncle Jimmy, I'm not going to tell you that I laid on the couch...or that I let Tayder up there to lay with me. What can I say? When I'm sick I want my puppy and teddy. Yes, it really is like I'm three years old. Whatevs. Dear Greg, quit bringing your friend around, I was trying to talk to him and be nice, but he freaks me the hell out. Dear people who were surprised about what Phil from Duck Dynasty said, Seriously? I mean you didn't see that one coming? I don't personally watch the show, but even I know that he's an old southern bible thumper. How could you have not seen that coming? Even I knew that's what he thought. Dear It's always sunny in Philadelphia, you're not right and I feel bad about myself every time I watch you. With that being said, I also think that you are...hilarious. Dear Charlie, I hope that your daddy gets better. I'm sorry that he's doing so bad sweetie. I'm here if you need me. Dear Amanda W, it's been nice talking and catching up with you. We sure did have some fun/wild times back in the day. Now I'm scared of what I look like in those pictures. That was so long ago. We were still babies. Dear Rhianna, is that how you spell your name? Oh well, nothing personal, but may I say that song- Umbrella is so damn catchy! Dear Shylyn, no. He is not attractive. At all. Dear the haunting of Amelia movie, you sucked. Not trying to be mean, but I like bad movies and even I didn't like you. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. You had some potential, but something went horribly awry. Dear radio station (107.9), thank you for playing Sheryl Crow's- If it makes you happy. I forgot how much I loved that song. Love it. Dear Dani, I got the heaters paid for, the checks sent, and everything else that you asked. You better love me. Dear Netflix, I wish that you had the movie- The Holiday on you. I really want to watch it, because I've never seen it before. Furthermore, please get Cold Mountain too. Hello! Jude Law. Enough said. Dear Uncle Roger, thank you for lunch. I'm going to be 500 pounds by the time you're done. But thank you, I do appreciate it. Dear PB, you don't give a girl any notice whatsoever. You literally have not changed in the past five years. Just turn around and go back to the highway. P.s. I'm keeping that hat. You're never getting it back. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Dear universe, I really am gonna die alone, because all I ever meet are weirdos and creeps. Is it so much to ask to drop a good looking/sweet fireman, soldier, musician, or somebody normal in my lap that is exactly how iI have it pictured in my head? Huh? Is it? Oh well, like I said, I'd rather be alone and happy than with somebody I don't like and miserable. It's all good, I just like to tease. Dear company Christmas party, you were fun and a lot much work. It's all good though, everyone seemed to have a nice time and got along. Don't think that I wasn't watching dude with the glass bottle though...cause I was. Sorry, but I'm a little paranoid when it comes to dude with a possible weapon. Can we say- prison?

Monday, December 16, 2013

I can't even tell dude what "it" is.

Ok, so Greg has this friend that he met at his new job. I'm not exactly sure what his real name is (remind me to ask him), but everyone calls him Junior. He seems nice and him and Greg get along great. They've been riding back and forth to work together, because Greg's car is screwy and they work such crazy hours that it's probably nice to have the company there to keep you awake. Anyways, I have a point I swear. I met him one day when we dropped Greg off (the day before they started riding together) and then again when he came to the house to pick him up Friday. We sat in the living room while Greg finished getting ready, and talked. I'm just like that, I always talk to random strangers about random things...all the time. Whether they ask or engage in the conversation or not. So, I started rambling, because apparently as pointed out to me by Shy, that's just what I do. At least I don't get all weird and giggle while staring...Shylyn. He laughed and talked, not seeming phased by the fact that I was being a lot bit talkative. Insert first clue here. Then he asked me what I liked to do up here, since I was so used to the country. Second clue here. I told him that I'm kind of a hermit, and he said well is there anything that you would like to do? Seriously Katie? How are you not seeing what's happening? I told him that I liked to watch movies, and he said he did to. Really not seeing this Katie? Also, I told him that my Aunt Susi had made mention that I needed to see the Christmas lights downtown, because they were beautiful. Let me tell you how this conversation "went down".
Side note: Had I known that he was asking me on a "date" in a round about way, then maybe I would have been a little cooler and/or less strange. Probably not, because I'm always weird as can be, but I like to think that I can be cool.

Him: So, are you going to go see the lights then?
Me: No, I can't.
Him: Why not?
Me: Because my aunt said that I can't go downtown by myself at night.
Him: Ok...why?
Me: Because "it" goes down downtown after dark.
Him: What does?
Me: "It".
Him: What's "it"?
Me: I don't know, just "it". That's what she told me.

**Insert awkward stare and speechlessness here.**
(I think he was honestly debating on whether or not I was messing with him.)

Him: What if I take you downtown to see the lights? Like us, together.
Me: (Still oblivious to being asked out) I guess maybe, but we have to stay in
your car with the doors locked.
Him: Umm...ok...why?
Me: I told you "it" goes down, because people are cray.
Him: Cray?
Me: Yes, cray.
Him: Right, and you're not exactly sure what "it" is.
Me: Not really.
Him: So, what you're saying is I can take you out downtown, but we can't get
out of my car?
Me: Yeah, I guess so. 

**Insert nodding and another awkward stare here.**

Then they left for work and I didn't think anything about it. I told Greg to text me when they got there, so I would know they made it safe. (Slick roads from ice/snow, I worry). Well, I got a message, but it wasn't from Greg. It was from him telling me that they made it I guess he got my number from Greg. Then he kept talking to me. I assumed he was just bored before they had to clock in so I answered him, talked back and forth, and went about my business. Then he text me on break. I was a bit confused, but thought to myself- "Well, he's kinda nice. He wants to be friends with his friends little sister." So I mentioned that to him, and he was all- "Ok, yeah we can be friends. That sounds great." Well, Greg got home the next morning and filled his clueless sister in on what she had let go right over her head. Yeah, I literally "friend zoned" him before I even knew what was happening. Oops. I don't want to date him, but I don't mind being nice. I am nice...mostly.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let's talk about last night between 10 pm-11:55pm.

As I've been talking about for a bit now, last night was the Season06 Finale of SOA. And oh my dear, was it amazing. Thoroughly jacked to Jesus, but amazing. It was almost two hours long, which means I didn't go to bed until around midnight and got up at ten til four this morning.... totally worth it! I try to go to bed at a reasonably decent hour for work, however September through December all bets are off!

Here's what went down: it starts out with Jax visiting Opie. He's writing in his journal, and contemplating his entire life. Past, present, and future. He admits that- "since my best friend was killed, I've lost my center." The entry is actually for Abel and Thomas, in which he signs off on it- "I love you, Abel. I love you, Thomas." He then rides back to town to figure things out. That poor bird never seen it coming. Jax ends up making a deal with Patterson that he would turn himself in as the sole culprit gun supplier and that all charges against his club and wife be dropped. That Tara be able to go free to raise their sons. He said he wanted to "own up to his place." This was brought on after Patterson dammit toyed with his emotions in the ice cream shop telling him- "you're a husband, a father, and a man before all of this, own your place." Of course, Jax got emotional. This deal means him being inside at least twenty-five years, with his record, maybe ten with good behavior, seven if he's extremely lucky. Wait, what?!!

He made this deal after finding Tara and the boys at Abel's favorite park. Tara was, of course, distraught, hello she ran off with his kids, and she began to talk to Jax about everything. I mean, everything. She told him she knew what he had to do, but at least she had tried to save their boys. Then she begged him not to hurt her in front of their boys, and asked if she could say good-bye to them. Jax looked offended. Like, really offended. And he should have been. I know people are all like Tara's just being a good mom, he's a horrible person, blah blah blah. Like he told her, she chose to stay through all of it. He told her to go, and she wouldn't. Everyone seems to forget that little piece of info. After saying that, Jax took her hand and told her- "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to hurt them. You don't have to run, not anymore. Just be a good mother. save our boys." **insert Katie crying like a little bitch girl right here** That's when they went to the hotel room that Tara was hiding out in and made the deal with Patterson. It seemed like a happy ending. Tara would take care of the boys, be protected by the club and wait for Jax.... Jax would serve his time and still get to see a lot of his boys lives.... Patterson got her bad guy, and this was stamped in by Jax and Tara...well, you know. I mean, come on, we knew a "reunion" was coming and something had to solidify the happy ending. Right? Yeah, about that, it's Kurt Sutter's show, people. You should've known better.  

Nero kind of (but not really) dumped Gemma, and that on top of her grandsons being taken away, Clay being buried, and a million little other things she was a little.... distraught. What did she do to solve this little problem? Get drunk, of course! Been there, sister. Seriously ladies, isn't that always the answer? That's what we all really wanna do when things get us down. Unser finds her drunk at the house and tells her that Tara must have made a deal and that Jax is going to jail. This of course breaks her further and she steals Unser's truck and goes to Jax's house. Then Tara showed up, Eli stayed outside. I would just like to say, for the record, I may or may not have called Gemma "offing" Tara like seven minutes before it actually happened. How, not the specific way, but I wasn't far off. See the text message? It was beyond messed up, and when Eli walked in all- WTF?! And when he tried to call it in, in my mind I was thinking- where's Juice?! Then Juice showed up, because even though he screws up a lot, when it comes down to it, he's always there. Besides Juice loves Gemma like a momma and she's helped him a lot. He used to love Tara too, but then she had to go and screw things up. Anyways, Juice shot Eli and helped Gemma up and started hugging her. Even though it was really violent like three seconds prior, that was a beautiful moment. Is that strange? Then it cut off and when it showed them again Gemma was driving Unser's truck up to TM and she hugged him and laid her head on his lap while he stroked her hair. She is officially broken. And yes, it's wrong, but I feel bad for her and I'm still #TeamGemma (even though I do like Tara and am still kind of #TeamTara to, or at least I really used to, before she became all ratty and insane). Juice got rid of the murder weapons and stuff to cover for Gemma. **insert the homeless lady/f*cking mysterious chick I hope they explain this to me next season here**

Jax shows up at the house to turn himself in and sees Eli first, then Tara. He drops his gun, stares, cries and finally breaks completely down grabbing Tara, holding her, apologizing, running his hands through her hair, kissing her, crying and screaming in agony. Patterson and two other cops came in and Jax was oblivious to it. He was so distraught. It was beyond heartbreaking! For the fourth time, **insert Katie crying horribly right here, like little kid scared of clowns at the circus ugly crying.** By the way, Charlie Hunnam? Amazing actor!! Truly amazing!

Of course, other things happened to. Important: the guys all cried when Jax was saying his goodbyes, Bobby and Tig were emotional, but then Happy and Chibs?! That was heartbreaking. **Once again, insert Katie crying profusely right here** I was a big ole crybaby last night for two hours. Nero is "back in the game" with Alvarez. Jax told Juice that he betrayed him and then walked away. What?! Alvarez's crew shot three of August's guys and took their guns. Apparently homeless chick's daughter works at the ice cream shop now, and gave Jax a kiss and thanked him as she was leaving. It was cute. No one cares: Wendy went to rehab, but tried to find a way around it saying she didn't want to go until she knew Abel was safe. Really, Wendy? Really?! No one cares, go to Sober Living. A bunch of stuff about the gun business between Alvarez and August's clubs. And here we are left with about nineteen million questions. Now I have to wait nine whole months until next season. Nine months! That's a whole pregnancy, people! I'm just sad that it will be it's last. Thank you, Kurt Sutter. Like I always say, you never disappoint when it comes to blowing someone's mind. I thought you were actually in my brain last night. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it was cool and emotional.

And just so I can be a little more emotional and cry a bit more.... I give to you Jax's journal entry that was written for his boys...."There are lessons to be found here, but mostly, I do this so you can know me. Lately, as I write these, I realize they are as much for me as they are for you. This is the one place I can be completely open. The pen and paper has no judgment. No vote. It simply receives my truth and allows me to turn the page. and today…. this is my truth. I am terrified a great deal of the time. Afraid of what I've done, of what I’m doing, and of what I might have to do. It’s not a crippling fear. in fact, it’s just the opposite. I thrive on it. I crave it. I need that rush of terror to get me out of bed in the morning. It’s in my DNA. I have tremendous remorse for the acts of violence I've committed, both planned and spontaneous. But I think what brings me the most sorrow is that I've learned to justify this behavior. I always find a reason, a cause, a need that allows me the karmic lubrication to stuff my guilt into its savage compartment. I've become the thing…. the one I hated. And with that awareness comes periods of days, sometimes weeks, when I have to avoid looking into a mirror. my self-hate is so deep, so palpable, I fear I’ll lunge at my own image, shatter the glass and cut myself with shards of broken reflection. Since my best friend was killed, I've lost my center. Ope was always my pull back to true North. Now my doubt and sense of fraudulence bark so loudly in my head that most of the time I can’t hear anything else. Love, camaraderie, freedom…. all the things I want from this life are lost in the din. Forgive my indulgence, sons, but today may be a day we both remember. a defining day. And I want you to look back at this entry and know that at the very least your father was completely honest. So you know I speak the truth when I tell you that you are the most important thing to me. I will never hurt you. Never abandon you. I love you, Abel. I love you, Thomas. More than anything or anyone. I always will. Everything I do is for my sons.” 

And for the last time in this post, **insert Katie crying.... again** Sorry, but I'm not sorry, it's sad dammit. To hear Kurt, Maggie, and Katey talk about Gemma brutally killing Tara, all about the rest of the season finale, and the series in general go here to watch Anarchy Afterword.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A kazillion things.... but not.

Is kazillion even a word? Oh well, it is now. Sometimes there's a kazillion things that you would rather be doing than what you are actually doing at this current moment. Take for example- I'm usually a real stickler for capitalization and such...but today, not so much. I say boo to it. You know with the "rebel" that I am...not. I know y'all know what I mean. Even though most of us are thankful for our jobs, there are many, many, many other things that we would rather be doing, instead of crawling out of bed early and start working on a Monday morning. Currently I would like to be doing any of the following things:

Cramming enormous amounts of Mexican food in my face
Watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (again)
Exacting revenge
Dancing around like it's my job, while singing "Don't Stop Believing"
Not have to do "serious" adult stuff (i.e.-working, being responsible)
Be under my quilt watching the Bonnie&Clyde remake that's on the DVR
Winning the lottery
Reading Buzzfeed like it's my job and they pay me for it
Re-reading a fave of mine
Ordering the books I want off of Amazon
Daydreaming about how I want things to go
Watching re-runs of SOA
Debating with people on Instagram
Picking random windows to stand outside of with a boombox to go a'la "Say Anything"
Practicing my "Scarlett O'Hara"  for when I date a fireman

Or perhaps just sitting around checking random strangers spelling and grammar...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Jim Reeves, I like the song Senor Santa Claus, I really do. But depending on who's listening to it and how they take it I think that it may be a bit...umm...Offensive? Dear Momma, I'm sorry about Paul Walker. I know that it makes you sad, but he's ok now. I promise. And just so you know we are... Hilarious!...when we are in the car smack talking people. Just saying. Dear Greg, Thank you for shoveling out our car, the sidewalk, and the road. I really appreciate it. Also, you're lucky I'm nice and shaved the back of your neck. It was looking rough. Dear Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghost of Georgia Makers, Good movie. Real good movie. But why not just name it Ghosts of Georgia? Or The Haunting in Georgia? Or basically anything that doesn't say Connecticut in Georgia, because they are not even close to each other? Dear Sound of Music Remake, I'm glad that I didn't watch you. Boo Carrie Underwood. Dear Dani, Thank you for breakfast and the cokes. We should form a band and hit the road to entertain people with the best of the Beastie Boys. This plan would be easier if I had any talent whatsoever. Dear Aunt Susi, Thank you for lunch and I still have all of those t-shirts ready to bring to you. Two bags. Dear Kenny, Quit worrying so much. I'm fine. Dear Chicago Fire, Quit playing with my emotions. I tear up/cry everytime I watch you. And I watched the preview for next weeks episode. All I have to say is if something horrible goes wrong with Casey, I will never watch you again. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Dear Uncle Roger, You worry that I don't eat too much. You don't have to feed me, I promise, but I just wanted to say Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I really do. Dear Sadie, You're driving me crazy with all of that meowing and running under my feet. Seriously, please give me a break. Dear Jayna, Thank you for my picture of Sven that you colored. I love it and it's BEA-U-TIFUL. Dear SOA, You only have one episode left this season. Why do I feel like it's going to be cray and make me very emotional? Dear Solae, Happy 10th Birthday kid, sorry we had to miss your party. Dear LifeSaver Collision Gummies, You. Are. Disgusting. Dear Weather, Snow? Ice? Really? Ass. Dear Paul Walker, I'm sad that you passed away. You were a great actor and I loved your films. Plus, you seemed to be a really great guy. This story made me cry. Dear Nelson Mandela, I was sorry to hear about your passing too. Dear Eloise Mumford, I believe that I may want your hair. That sounded alot creepier than I meant it too. Dear Sub Conscious, You sure do give me some Cray dreams sometimes. Dear Social Media, I haven't watched TWD in weeks, and yet I still know what happened and who died. That is all. Dear Gifs, I love you. You make my life more fun. Dear Dr. D, If you keep having to get down there to do them cell tests, you're going to have to buy me a drink. Just kidding. Talk to you in a couple weeks for the results. Dear OTH, Boy does watching re-runs of you on NetFlix take me back to being a teenager. I was thinking about it- When Rachel was alot like B. Davis and I so badly wanted to be Peyton. I'm not really sure why because she always had the worst luck, but then I remembered Chad Michael Murray. Yeah, that definitely had something to do with it. Dear FSOG Movie People, Glad it's moving along. Dear Christina Perri, I know that you originally recorded it for Twilight, but your song A Thousand Years, Yeah I kind of really like it. Dear Instagram, Thank you for letting me see a little bit of everything. Especially pictures of Ian Somerhalder/TVD and FSOG. Dear Chris, Dude- You have the teeny tiniest little writing. Seriously, tiny. Dear The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Film), You were an awesome movie, and now thanks to you I think that I may have to read the series. I can't wait for the other films to come out. Between the books and the films, yet another thing for me to become obsessed about. Thanks :) Plus Jamie Campbell Bower has some of the best lines ever!! Pretty easy on the eyes too. My favorite: Simon- "You invited him to bed!" Jace- "I know we never would have all fit." Hilarious! Among all of the other ones. Dear Ian Somerhalder, Happy 35th Birthday tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A sorrowful rendition of "You Are My Sunshine."

Well, it's Wednesday and as per the usual from September through December, Wednesdays are the days that I we talk about what happened on last nights episode of SOA. Where to start?! Well, for one, the song that played at the end that the episode was named after, just happened to be the saddest/eeriest version of You Are My Sunshine that I've ever heard in my entire life. Thank you, Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings, and Twiggy Ramirez. I swear, I could sit and listen to Jamey Johnson sing to me for hours upon hours. I love his voice. Moving on.... last night was the last episode before next weeks Season Finale. That's right, only one episode left this season. Ahh!! To start off, let me just be the first to say, everyone keeps shooting everyone, but I don't feel bad about this, because they've all had it coming for quite some time. Even though the Sons also deserve it, let's face it, I don't want any of them dying. I know that some if not all will, but that doesn't mean that I like it. Kurt Sutter's not Walt Disney, after all. Good.

Here are the Main Points of the Night:
  • Tara Made Her Move: Literally. After using this entire season to "get 'her boys' outta Charming", she actually finally left. While she originally intended to make a deal with the D.A. and go into witness protection, she decided to make a run for it and is now a fugitive. She pulled a gun on Unser telling him- "We'll be safe" in order to leave with the boys.When they were walking out Wendy ran after Abel screaming- "Abel, I'm your real mommy, I love you!" Causing Tara to react and punch her in the face. Boy, did she go down like a sack of taters. While driving away, Tara is talking to Abel and tells him- "Everything I do is for you and Thomas. That's my job." Now it's just a big question of what will she do now that the DA and the MC are after her?
  • The Big OD: And go figure this time it actually wasn't Wendy. Good thing, because that damn woman can't do anything right. No, this time it was actually.... Juice. Now, I know we all knew that something was going to happen to Juice, he's been super depressed and feels beyond guilty about everything that he's done here as of late. So, what's the answer to that? Well, apparently for him that meant taking six 80mg Oxycontin and almost die. Who misses the old fun Juice? This girl right here. Don't worry though, he happened to be at Diosa with a girl when he OD'd so Gemma and Nero ran in and saved his life. Gemma straight up stuck her fingers down his throat gagging him until he puked it all up. Like a Boss! 
  • The Truth About Darvany Came Out: Juice, who like I said is extremely depressed, in his condition finally reveals that he killed Nero's cousin's girlfriend Darvany. Nero was of course horrified with this little piece of information and dropped Juice and stood there looking at him. Juice:"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do it. Jax said it was what I had to do. I'm sorry." It looked like Nero was about to kill him, but cut to a little later and it shows Nero covering him up in the bed, Juice sleeping. See he does have a big ole heart, but what's he going to do now?
  • The Reaction: After learning that Tara made a run for it, Gemma was pissed beyond belief and Jax was completely devastated. Seriously? Y'all really didn't see this coming? Hello, Jax! After everything that she's done already, I can't believe this shocks you. Who knows what Jax is going to do about all of this. He did have a bit of a breakdown and trashed Abel's room, you know. When Nero showed up he found Gemma looking at Jax and told him that "Tara had ratted and ran off with the boys." You think that Nero is going to confront and beat Jax, but instead he puts a hand on his shoulder for comfort. Confrontation put off until next week. 
  • The Recovery: Bobby is alive and recovering!! Thank you, Tara, for taking care of that before you went all crazy again. Bobby is recovering, but far from being fully at himself. He thanked Tara and told her that they loved her. Aw, gotta love you some Bobby Elvis!
The Other Points of the Night:
  • Tig is off the hook with Pope Industries. The deal that Jax set up between the Irish and August/Niners, Whatevs, cleared Tig with Pope as far as August was concerned. Yay Tiggy!!
  • They got Happy back!! I was stressing about that for a minute. I freakin' LOVE Happy and would have been so upset had Lin's crew "offed" him. The best line of the night? Happy- "I love you guys". Insert shooting Lin and his crew here. Tig- "And we freakin' love you too man". See, one big "Happy" family. :)
  • Chuckie tried to take chinchillas for payment on car repairs, to which Gemma replied- "I'm about to strangle one of these furry little things in front of you in a minute." Chuckie's reply? "I barely accept that." How does anyone not love Chuckie?
  • Jax met with Patterson to talk about what happened in last weeks episode, and let's face it, she knew she got played. She told him that they had to finish their investigation and then she would decide if Jax had held up his end of the bargain. Frankly, I don't like Patterson. At all. I know she's all "justice this" and "justice that", but basically she wants someone to put everything on so she can raise her stature and she doesn't care who it is that takes the fall. Guilty or Innocent. 
So now we are just left with about a million questions going into next weeks Season Finale. What will happen with everything? Will Jax find Tara? Will Bobby make it? What are the repercussions from Juice's OD going to be? Jax and Juice? Jax and Nero? What about when Gemma confronts Unser about Tara taking the boys? Nero and Gemma? Juice and Nero? Chibs, Tig, and Happy? Oh me, oh my. What's going to happen? What?!!?! Kurt Sutter, you are a psychotic genius that keeps me on edge.

And of course, the promo for the Season Finale- Season06, Episode13- A Mothers Work. It's sooo worth staying up late and being tired the next day for. Only one week left though. :(

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A strange Tuesday.

Well, not much going on today except for the fact that I went back to the Doctor. I went because it was time for that check-up to see if the treatments helped. Let's hope they did because if not the next step is- Pumpkin Scoop! I know that ya'll probably have no clue what that means, but please just go with me on this one. Everything else besides that seems to be fairly normal though, so that's good. I've lost eleven more pounds since August. Twenty- three total.

I'm nowhere near that awesome Caroline Soccer Wife Baby Birth Momma that people are going all Cray about, but it's still nice to know. I'm proud dang it. Side Note: If I looked like that woman partially naked I would be Instagramming it to. Ya'll need to quit hating, she's proud of herself as well she should be. Get a hobby.

Anyways....  I went to the Doctor today and I should have the results in a couple of weeks. I swear if that woman keeps getting "all up in my business" she's gonna have to buy me a drink. Just saying. Leaving work in the middle of the morning to go to the Doctor and come back was weird. Just because of how it split the day and everything. Just strange. Enough with that.

Do y'all remember what today is really about? That's right people it's- Teller Tuesday!! I know, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm crazy and that I'm too invested in this show. Well, you may be right, but that's not going to stop me. It hasn't so far has it? Nope, didn't think so. There's only tonight's episode and then next week is the season finale. See you won't have to hear me talk about it much longer. Well, you will but not as frequently. Maybe. What can I say that I haven't already said before? The show is awesome. Kurt Sutter is a psychopathic genius. And Charlie Hunnam is...well...He's Charlie Hunnam, enough said. It has great actors/characters and an addictive storyline. If you don't watch, What the hell is wrong with you, then I would say start from the beginning and give it a try. I'd say it's probably not for everyone, but it is good. I don't know that it's an accurate depiction of biker gangs though. But what do I know about it? Nothing.

Erica will be so incredibly pleased.

In other random things that I've been reading about, obsessing about, thinking about, or basically anything else let me share some more. It was announced today that the release date of the FSOG film will be pushed from August 01, 2014 to February 13, 2015.

That's right, my 25th birthday. I thought that this was cool, because that is the day of my birthday, but then I was a little like- "Really y'all? Be a little more corny than releasing it the day before V-Day."  Seriously. I've never been a fan of V-Day. I think it's because it is so close to my birthday. Every year Momma, my friends, and some other family members tried to make it feel like separate occasions, but it still felt like V-Day over took my birthday. Bradley used to tell me that I should be happy about it, because then I would get double the cake, jewelry, and cards. Bradley was wrong.

It's all good though, no biggy. Sorry, I'm getting off subject. My mind wanders quite a bit. Oops. The point is they pushed the release date back, and also released the first photo's of the two main characters together "in character." They look pretty good to me. I didn't picture her with bangs, and I figured that he would be a bit more.... what's the word? Less.... odd looking? Does that make sense? The Serial killer look, I get. He's supposed to look demented, and I don't mean he's odd looking, because he is a good looking man. I meant the actual look on his face. Odd, huh? Wahtevs, I like it. Yes, I would have preferred for Charlie Hunnam to keep and play the role, because I'm convinced that he's an artistic.... genius! But, I'm glad that when he decided to lay the role down, that they found somebody not as "known" to play it. Makes peoples imaginations better. They seem to fit well together. By the way, this is all my opinion from the Photo Observation. Sometimes, I feel like talking about things that I have no clue about. I also like how they incorporated the plum dress and silver tie. Nice touch, Mr. Photo Man. Nice touch.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh how wrong we were, to think that immortality meant never dying.

I'm sure by now that everyone has heard about the tragic accident that claimed the life of actor Paul Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, this past Saturday. He was an amazing actor and it's sad to think that he passed away so young. It's always sad when people pass away, let alone when they're young. And forty to me is young. People of course are talking about all of this in many ways, including Buzzfeed, and The Daily Mail, but instead of talking about his death or his personal life, because I didn't know the man in real life, I thought that I would instead list my top favorite movies of his. After all, I've been watching him since I was still a little girl. I'm honestly going to miss seeing new films of his be released. I thought that he was beyond beautiful. 

{{Just so ya'll know, I am completely right on this one. I mean come on, look at that smile. BE-A-UTIFUL! What do you do when you're that beautiful of a man? Seriously he's a pretty guy. That smile, that hair, those eyes.....Sorry, I just zoned out for a minute. Come on, he's gorgeous and you know it. If I was a guy I would want to look like Paul Walker. The first time I saw him I was like nine and even then I'm pretty sure that I was drooling. Just saying. Even though he played a jerk in that movie, I was still smitten. Gawking Table for one right here!}}

So Here They Are, My Top Five Favorite Paul Walker Films...

5: Takers (2010)- John Rahway
Bank robbers that look incredible and suave while they're robbing folks? Yep, that's exactly what's happening here. He is so incredibly smart and tricky in this film. Always having something up his sleeve. It's like Point Break, without all the surfboards. Instead of surfboards they had trucks and Russians. I know I'm probably not great at describing this, but all I can say is watch it. It's awesome.   

4: Joy Ride (2001)- Lewis Thomas
I know that they've made about a million movies like this in the past, but this one is by far the greatest. Although I have a hard time picturing Paul Walker and Steve Zahn being brothers by looking at them, they still manage to pull it off without a hitch. Besides being awesome it has also fueled my paranoia for CB radios and frankly strangers in general. Like I didn't have plenty of issues to begin with, but it's all good. Besides it made me realize that CandyCane is not a term of endearment.

3: Into The Blue (2005)- Jared
He was so cool in this movie that he didn't even need a last name. He was strictly just Jared. He re-united with Scott Caan (their first movie being VB in '99), and it was awesome. I bet Jessica Alba was happy as a kid in a candy store. I know I would've been. He's a deep sea diver/ treasure hunter and of course his old buddy Bryce (Caan) gets him into all kinds of trouble. How they go from treasure to cocaine is beyond me, but it works and it's a great movie. I always suggest it to people. Much better than Open Water.

2: The Fast and Furious Franchise (2001-2013)- Brian O'Connor
Come on like you didn't see this one coming. We all know him best for Brian O'Connor. What can I say? I may be a girl, but I love me some car movies. Especially if they involve Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Don't judge me, they are great movies. I've never watched Tokyo Drift all the way through, Hello! No Paul Walker, No Vin Diesel, No Thank You, even though I do like the guy in it. But this is probably his most famous role and he's reprised it for 6.5 movies. Even if they finish the seventh one, they will never be the same without him. You just can't replace him. He has so much charisma and people just fell in love with him instantly. He's the reason women wanted to start getting arrested. Just saying.  

1: Varsity Blues (1999) Lance Harbor
If there is one thing that I love more than car movies, it's a good football movie. Especially, if the men playing just happen to have an adorable accent to go with it. Texan Southern Drawl? Yes, Please. This is by far my favorite movie of Paul Walker's, and honestly all the rest of the cast. He plays a quarterback who gets his career ruined before it even begins. His friends help him through it though. They take their Football very serious in Texas you know. If you have yet to watch it then I only have one question for you- Are you nuts?! 

He's been in numerous other movies and made guests appearance including, but not limited to: The movie I've always meant to watch- Flags of Our Fathers (2006)- Hank Hansen. The movie that I watched once and refused to ever watch again, because I cried so hard that I couldn't stand it- Eight Below (2006)- Jerry Shepard. And the first movie that I ever watched with him in it- She's All That (1999)- Dean Sampson. He was such an ass in that one, but for some reason you still loved him. It's like that with all of his movies. He Truly Was Golden.

{{September 12, 1973-November 30, 2013}}

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saturday Letters. (A day late).

Dear Waitress that lied about that couple leaving you a "homophobic" tip, You Suck! People actually have real problems when it comes to things like this and you lied about it? Someone should seriously smack you upside your damn head. Just saying. Dear Dani, Thank you for bringing us doughnuts and cokes on Wednesday. They were Amazeballs! Also, I've decided to start saying Amazeballs. Just thought that you should know. Dear Fat Sal and Perry, I'm sad that you had to leave us, but I'm glad that you'll be adopted out to a good home. Dear Last Wednesday, Doughnuts for breakfast, HotBox pizza for lunch and McDonalds for dinner. Man, I was just all about the healthy that day. But it was soo good! Dear Aziz Ansari, You are hilarious!! You always make me laugh! Dear Thanksgiving, I ate way too much. I'm still overly full. Yes you heard me right- Overly full. Dear Momma, Quit worrying. Besides, we have way too much fun together to have stress. Also, I'm very sorry about Paul Walker, and I knew you'd like Bunny Meyer. :) And how cool are we? No cigs for two days. Go us! Dear Instagram, I know that I've been using you alot lately, but it's sooo much fun!! Especially since I now know how to do Screenshots. Score!! Dear Punchbowl Cake, You're gonna be the death of me. Dear Netflix, I spend way too much time with you, but you're just so excellent! Dear Grey Bulldog Shirt, I know you're old and thin and worn out, but I've had you so many years now I just can't part with you. You're so beyond comfy!! Dear Aunt Susi, Don't stress so much. Things will get better and easier here soon. It's just cray right now and people are a bit nutty. Remember 7! Also, I went through all of my clothes yesterday and today so that I could initial them and get rid of some of my "fatty" as I call them clothes, and I got you two bags of t-shirts and boxers for your project. Dear Paul Walker, I was very sad to hear about your tragic accident that resulted in the death of you and your friend. It's not right and seems like a hoax. You were one of my favorite actors and in some great movies. You're still one of my two favorites on VB. Dear Greg, You're a freakin' tool!! And I went through your phone the other day while you were sleeping so that I could send myself those pictures that I wanted of us that you said I would never get. But you'll never know because you don't read my blog or do Instagram. Haha. Dear FSOG, Since you started filming today there are pictures flooding Instagram. Including from me. My bad. Also, I read your second book again over the weekend. I know. Dear Buzzfeed, This was pretty cool, but I was always #TeamLucas&Peyton. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. CMM all the way!! Dear White Christmas, You are still one of my all time favorite movies and the best Christmas movie ever made. Ever. Dear CC Cream, I don't know about you. I feel weird wearing you, but since you're already in my make-up bag I guess I'll be giving you a try. Dear Hair on my Head, I can never decide what to do with you. I definitely need to get you trimmed, but other than that I got nothing. I'm still indecisive about you being blonde. I think I found a pic of how I would like to have you, it's on my Instagram. Now to just find someone that could do it and not make me bald in the process. Dear Macaulay Culkin, Good for you. Dear SOA, I'll be glad to see you again come Tuesday. Dear Dude in my dreams that I've never met, Who are you and why am I dreaming about you? This isn't one of those weird premonition things that I'll have Deja Vu about later is it? Dear December, Quitting smoking, quitting snacking. I'm just a big ole quitter I guess. But I think it will be better. Dear Luke Grimes and Jamie Dornan, Bravo. That is all. Dear Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, I know that I don't know you and this is weird, but I'm glad that ya'll are back together. I think you may take the place of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell as my FCC. Dear Hot Tea w/ Honey and Splenda, You were so good! I love you! Dear Doctor D, I'm nervous about coming to my appointment this coming Tuesday. Perhaps it will be nothing but good things. Fingers crossed.