Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don't worry, Walter, she was addressing her remarks to me.

To start off may I ask a question? Who has Netflix and isn't completely in love with it? Seriously, it's so great. You can watch a little bit of everything. Except True Blood. They don't have that. Other than that, it's pretty great. I like the fact that it's always got about a million random movies from the early nineties until now, that otherwise you probably would have never even heard of.

Case in point- Keith. Great movie. I gave it a go this evening. That's right, I'm relaxing on my couch, eating popsicles in my fuzzy pink slippers and watching Netflix. Don't judge me, it's great. It was one of the better choices that I've made while picking out movies. Just a warning: DO NOT under any circumstance watch the movie- Antichrist. I watched it for Willem Dafoe, because to me he can do no wrong. However, this time I was wrong. Just trust me on this one. I didn't sleep for three days after that and The Following.

Back to Keith: It starts out with this young guy talking to an older man. He talks like he's much older than he actually is and seems like he's up to no good. Which by the way, he's not. Cut to the next scene where you start to see the life of Natalie. She's seemingly perfect, has it all figured out, and is the epitome of high school royalty. She appears to have the perfect life, and then she gets partnered with Keith in AP Chemistry. He is the exact opposite of her and everything that she is all about. He's eccentric, unpredictable, cooky, a smartass and extremely fun. She tries to resist, but finds that she is "drawn" to him. He makes her question everything about her life and drives her crazy. And she loves it. They have some of the best jokes and lines too. But there's something about him that he hides from her. She can't figure it out, but soon enough it drives her crazy enough to not stop until she knows. I won't tell you what, watch the movie. Ok, I lied I'm going to tell you, but be warned: SPOILER ALERT! He's got the big C and doesn't have long left to live. His whole masterful plan was to make her fall for him, seduce her, ruin her life and make her completely miserable just like he was. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfires. Seriously, watch the movie. I really liked this one. I would recommend it to everyone. Yeah that's right- everyone. I'm not usually one for romantic dramas, or whatevs you classify this under, but in this case I have to eat my words. I love it. In fact I'm honestly considering watching it again sometime this week. That's how much I like it. I think I will. Yep, I've managed to talk myself into it. I'm just good like that. McCartney crying=heartbreaking. By the way I now officially want my very own Keith and my old/new found love for Jesse McCartney has risen up again. Just thought that you should know.