Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I said, "what the f*ck" so many times, that it lost all meaning.

Well, it's official. Last nights episode of SOA was called Aon Rud Persanta, and originally that confused me because I have not even the slightest clue what it means. I'm not confused anymore. I know what it means. It very literally means- Holy. Shit. Seriously. Ok, maybe not seriously, but with what went down on it last night, that's definitely what it should mean. I hollered- WTH at least fourteen times. It was like Jax and his- Jesus Christ! I'm a bit overly-dramatic when I watch Sons. For starters, I would just like to go on the record by saying that I called the fact that Galen was gonna bite the dust. Period. That's just all there is to it. The fact that his two lackeys bit it with him.... well.... collateral damage. Please, like they all didn't have it coming. Especially Galen, he did blow up the clubhouse thinking that everyone and their families were in it earlier this season! He had to go. The part that was incredibly shocking without actually being all that shocking was when it was revealed that the MC had voted that hit in and also what their other vote was. What was it you ask? Wait for it.... I wanna tell you.... honestly I do.... ok, enough with the suspense, they unanimously voted that Clay also had to be taken out. Now with that being said, I would just like to add that we all seen this coming. Clay has had a serious fall from grace. I mean, he killed Piney, he's pretty responsible for the death of Opie, he put a hit out on Tara that instead Jax saved her and got her hand crushed in the process ruining her career, he had Donna killed, he beat Gemma to a bloody pulp when she confronted him about Tara and Piney. Not to mention the numerous other things. The point is we all seen this coming. But just because we seen it coming doesn't mean that we expected it. Does that make sense? I figured out what was happening a little before Galen was shot, but by the time that it was time to "off" Clay, I was half expecting someone to show up and rescue him because, well, he's Clay. But no, no one came. Clay stood straight and looked Jax in the eye while Chibs handed him the gun, surrounded by Chibs, Tig, and Juice. He then looked out of the window at Gemma with tears in his eyes as Jax shot him. He went down with the first shot, it was in his throat, and then Jax emptied the rest of it in his chest. I'm assuming that was to make sure that the Devil didn't come back. Gemma was of course upset, Tara was relieved and honestly it seemed a little happy. Understandably so. Nero was just like- Wth? What have I got myself into? They saw what happened because they were in the airplane hanger when it went down.They were there because in the process of the MC taking down the armored truck to rescue Clay (ironically so they could kill him their selves),  Bobby was shot twice in the shoulder. It was a pretty gnarly wound.

It even had Chibs on edge. He managed to stop the bleeding for a bit, but he told Jax that it was out of his capabilities, and that they needed a real doctor. Insert Tara here. With everything that's happened lately between Jax, Tara, and Gemma, they're not all exactly on friendly terms. However, they all love Bobby and saving his life seemed a bit more important. Tara was at Gemma's, picking up the boys when Jax called and the two women and Nero headed out. After Jax killed Clay, Tara informed him that she had to go to the hospital to get some supplies and that they all had to go to the cabin to do the surgery on Bobby's shoulder. Jax opened her door for her, and as she climbed in she grabbed his hand and held it for just a second. The look those two exchanged.... well let's just say it was.... emotional. Did I mention that Juice ran over and killed a cop in the process of getting away? Well, he did and he seems to be slipping from reality a tad. Just saying. The DA was freaking out because she thought that Jax had betrayed her and went back on their deal. He didn't, he just went about it a tad bit different way. She, of course, called Tara and wanted to offer her a deal in exchange for the MC, and now Tara is debating whether or not to give Patterson the slug she pulled out of Bobby's shoulder and get out, or to stay semi-loyal/true to her husband. Since she does love him. If that's how you treat people you love, I'd hate to see what you do to enemies. Decisions, decisions for ole Tara. What to do? What to do?

Gemma and Tara also had a moment in the car on their way to the hospital, where Patterson and Eli secretly met Tara. Gemma was crying, and Tara explained to Nero what Clay really was and what he had done, and then Tara put a hand on Gemma's shoulder to comfort her, and Gemma held her hand. By the way, Wendy is still recovering at Gemma's house. Like anyone really cares, she's a whiny pain in the butt. You know it's true. While waiting for Tara, Gemma told Nero that Jax loved him and he joked saying- I'm too old to adopt. She replied- You could always marry me. Nero- No offense, Momma, but I've seen what happens to your husbands and it ain't pretty. Touche. Fair point always made by Nero. Unser also confessed his whole "being in love with Gemma" thing to her after trying to talk some forgiveness into her. Hello! Everyone knows that you're in love with her, we all established that season one, dude. Where you been? The episode ended with Jax telling Tara that he understood why she did what she did, and apologizing saying- I'm sorry that being with me made you go to that place. She closed the door behind him, pulled the bullet out of her pocket, and thought long and hard. Then poof, that was it.

What are The Kings gonna say about Galen/Clay? By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Timothy V. Murphy (Galen) always plays a ruthless badass? Will Tara, in fact, rat out the MC? And the most important one of all. Do the Chinese still have Happy and is he ok? There are only two episodes left for this season, but it's not on next week due to the Holidays. Or, so I'm assuming. But two weeks from now, it's gonna go down. Well, more so than it already had. You know what I mean. I like the title for the next (next to season finale) episode. Season06,Episode12- You are My Sunshine...