Saturday, June 29, 2013

And that's just how it is.

"I Run My Fastest, But Still Get Beat. I Land On My Head, When I Should Be Up On My Feet. I Try To Move Forward, But I Am Stuck In Rewind. Why Do I Keep At It? I Won't Be Left Behind. The Harder I Am Thrown, The Higher I Bounce. I Give It My All, And That's All That Counts. In First Place, Myself I Seldom Find. So I Push To The Limit- I Won't Be Left Behind. Some People Tell Me You Can't, Some Say Don't. Some Simply Give Up. I Reply, I Won't. The Power Is Here, Locked Away In My Mind. My Perseverance Is My Excellence, I Won't Be Left Behind.

Make The Best Of Each Moment, The Future Is Soon To Past. The More I Tell Myself This, The Less I Come In Last. Throughout My Competitions, I've Learned What Winning Is About. A Plain And Clear Lesson- Giving Up Is The Easy Way Out. So Every Night Before I Go To Bed, I Hope In A Small Way I Have Shined. Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day, And I Won't Be Left Behind." ~Sara Nachtman 

Friday, June 28, 2013

It made me smile.

I received a message on Thursday evening (via FB) from a Lady that I used to take care of when I worked at The Nursing Home. I haven't been there in almost a year, and the fact that she remembered me, or thought to look me up really made me smile. It's nice to be remembered for something that you put alot of heart, soul, and effort into. It just really is. 

I worked at that particular Nursing Home for almost five years. I started when I was still a Senior in High School and was there until last September when I moved to Indiana. I worked alot of crazy hours, and did things that I never thought that I would do. Having that kind of job is something that I don't think people actually put to much thought into when they're choosing a profession. They all know that someone does it, but no one really thinks that they, themselves will ever do it. 

I'm not going to lie, I never thought that i would have done a job like that. But I did and I truly believe that it made me a better person. I loved my job, and I loved the people that I took care of. Like any job, there are always those extremely hard days that you want to pull your hair out, those days/nights that you've worked so many hours you don't know if you'll be able to stay awake, those people you have to work for/with that you just want to punch in the nose (you know I'm right), those times that you've worked so many days/hours straight that you don't know what day or week that it is. All in all though, putting all of that aside, and focusing on all of the good times that I had there with my residents, their families, and co-workers, I wouldn't change one second of it. 

I enjoyed taking care of those people that I knew needed me. I enjoyed making them smile and laugh. Trying to bring a little bit of joy (no matter how small of an amount) to each of their days, every day. Bringing them their three meals and snacks everyday, and helping them eat it if need be. Helping them get ready in the mornings, whether they had to go to the doctor, they had visitors coming, or they were just lounging around for the day. I loved trying to fix my Little Lady's hair, doing horribly, and them just smiling, chuckling, and saying, "It's ok Sweetie, I Love it- You did a Great Job". I tried to make their lives a little better, and they turned it right around back to me, to make mine better too. 

I used to dress up in costumes for the holidays, or events that they were having. Just to add a little humor to their day, and possibly get a smile. No matter how small, it was completely worth it. They would laugh with me, and we would dance, or sing together and just try to have fun. They said I helped to bring back a piece of their youth and their sense of humor, and that's exactly what my intention was. Sometimes, just to get a little smile out of them, I would do something small. Like, stick a flower in my hair and give them a kiss on the cheek, I would dress up, I would pick them flowers, I would sneak them an extra cup of icecream (sugar-free so it was ok), or I would insist on doing the hokey-pokey and end it like I imagine Danny Kaye would. 

The point of all of this is to say that I don't regret having the job that I had. I loved those people, and made a few life-long friendships that I could never replace. It made me so sad to leave, but sometimes in life you realize that it's just time to move on. It was my time to move on.It doesn't mean that I love my Residents any less, or those few family members, or co-workers less, it just means that I came to the point in my life that I had to make some really hard decisions for me and my family. I hope that doesn't sound selfish, because I don't mean for it too. If I could have changed a million things, and made a million decisions, and still got to see those smiling faces everyday, even if just for a visit I would have, but I couldn't and I can't. I guess it's true. I did kind of finish growing up there. Although, I don't like the way that I was treated by my bosses, or the way my co-workers or residents were treated by my bosses, I won't say anything bad about them. They know what they did and continue to do, so I refuse to stoop to their level. They're the ones that have to live with their decisions, just like the rest of us have to live with our own. That's all I have to say about that.

When I received her letter though, I was surprised. I immediately wrote her back and we carried on a conversation through a couple of messages. I changed all of the names in the messages, because there's this little thing called HIPPA, and even though I don't work there any more, I'm not sure if it applies to me or not. Better safe than sorry though.

HER: Hi there. Ok is this the Katie, oh I can't spell that word but I know it, your weird last name, I'm not sure, but you know what I mean. Now are you the sweet, very good working, CNA that use to work on Hall Six and take such very good care of me? If yes, Man I really miss you!! I don't know what happened, no one would tell me anything about why you left, until Belinda came back and told me you moved for a better job and to be with family. I miss you a whole lot!! Things suck around here without you, the new techs we have pretty much suck. No one takes care of me like you did. It takes five of them to do what you did for me by yourself, and then they still don’t do it right. It was so funny, you’re just a little bitty thing, and I’ve seen you outwork all of those people that were twice your size. You were stronger, faster, and you cared more! Plus, you’re adorable! 

I think this place is going to hell, but that's just me I guess. I'm still trying to get out of this place. They’re not mean to me, but they’re just not real nice people either. How are you doing? I hope good. I really miss you and your cute smile and you were funny too. You could always make me laugh and smile no matter how bad I was feeling. Even on days that you didn’t feel good or you were upset, and we all knew it, you still kept that cute smile across your face, and made us all feel as good as you could. Always trying to make us laugh, whether you would tell a joke, or even do that silly dance until we couldn’t help but laugh. We all miss that. We all miss you. Hey, text me or whatever you can to reach me anytime. Ok? I love you girl!! 

ME: Hey honey, yeah it’s me. I’m good, I just moved up here to Indiana. Wanted to be around some more family, get away from the drama around there, and I got a better job. I miss you too though! I miss alot of my little people down there! And some of the people I worked with, not all of them though lol. Yeah it was getting kind of rough before I left. We couldn’t get any help and then the bosses got mad at us when you couldn’t get 50 things done at once. It’s all good though, I’m happy. And knowing that you still remember me after all this time, and to hear you say those very nice things makes me feel 100 times better than I already was. Thank you. I wish things were going better for you though. I’m so very sorry. I reckon Hall 6 will always kind of be a home to me. 

I guess you don’t work somewhere for 5 years and walk away without taking some of it with you. In a way I guess I kind of grew up there. I know that sounds weird, but I started there when I was still a Senior in Highschool and stayed for almost five years, so in a way, I guess it’s true. I miss your smiling face, and Me You and Belinda hiding out gossiping. You always knew what was going on long before we did, and you kept us on the “up and up”. You’re just good like that! I hope things get better sweetie! Tell everybody I said hi, I miss them, & I love them. You can write me on here anytime you want too sweetie. I don’t mind at all, and it’s very nice talking to you. Love you Sweetie. 

HER: I miss you too Sweetie!! Belinda said she misses you too! She told me where you moved, that seems so far. I guess I’ll never get to see you again. I'm trying to get out of here. I'm trying to get down to Florida. My dad was living up here for like two years, and then his wife moved up here. They got an apartment, they bought lots of stuff, then before it started to get warm here she wanted to move back to Florida so he lefted me. I used to see him every week, now I'm lucky to see my brother once a freaking month and they don't even work it makes me mad. I'm like very depressed. You remember Sally dying on me? Well then they put another young girl in here with me. Her name is Lila. She had a Trac in her throat, so she couldn't talk, but she was sweet. Only twenty seven years old and she had a little girl. She was in a very bad accident. Her family treated her like crap. They blamed her for everything, and they were mean to her. 

I know that if you were here, you wouldn’t have let them pick on her. You never let anybody pick on any of us. You almost lost your job many times, because you would stand up to anybody/everybody for us. You were so good to all of us. We all love you so much!! Anyway she died in the room on me. It broke my heart. I busted out crying, they let me go in there to say goodbye, I miss her, but I have a nice one again. Anyway stay in touch!! I will too!! I miss you like crazy!! We need you back again!! But I understand why you left and why a lot of them are leaving here. The good ones have at least. That's why it sucks! We have a new, well whatever it was that Sheila did. Her name is Karen. She is nice, but I think she is doing more harm here then good, especially for the residents. Take care. I love you!!! Happy 4th! Oh and they ain't doing anything here for those cheap ass holes in the floor that my wheelchair goes into, and you had to pull me out of them! Lol. I love you!! Later. 

ME: I miss you and Belinda quite a bit too! I'm not really that far away. You know how to get ahold of me if you need me. Don't worry, the next time I come down that way to visit, I will definitely stop in and visit with you for awhile. I promise! I know you've been wanting to go back to Florida for a really long time. Don't worry about how your brother is being, and don't be depressed. You’re too pretty and good of a person for that. Be as happy as you can. You always have had a great sense of humor like that. Are you still going to Willis’s church? I know you really enjoyed that for awhile. At least it got you out for a little bit. I'm so sorry about Sally. I heard about her, and was very sad. I'm also sorry about your new roommate Lila. 

I wish bad things didn't have to happen, but I guess you kind of learn that they do anyways. I know you miss them, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. You know that if you need or ever want to talk to me that all you have to do is message me. I don't care when it is. I know you’re unhappy there, and that people aren't the best (most of them, not all) but things will get better. There are a few good people still hanging around. Happy 4th! Think of me a little when you’re watching the fireworks! I know I used to take everybody out there every year, and they loved it! Tell everybody I said hi and I love them! Of course they’re not doing anything for those cheap ass holes, they been there for 50 years Lol. Love you!! Be good! Later! 

HER: I Love You Half Pint!!!

Yeah, I probably forgot to mention that one. A lot of my little people called me Half-Pint. I thought it was cute, and they loved it so I never said anything about it. That's not even close to all of my memories or stories, but that is a different story, for another day. When I read this, I laughed, got sad, got happy again, and got a little teary-eyed. I know I'm getting sensitive in my old age. But you know, Like I said Sometimes it's nice to know that you're remembered. That you are appreciated. That you made a difference in someone's life, no matter how small. That you're missed when you're not there. And most importantly that you're Loved. No matter what kind of Love it is, or who it's coming from. Sometimes it's just the little things.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Artist? Yeah, not so much.

For awhile now Uncle Roger has been requesting something "festive" be drawn on the blank side of our work board. He mentioned it yesterday, and finally I gave in and told him I would draw him something. I asked him, "What do you want?" He requested "Fireworks". Really? Fireworks! How am I supposed to draw fireworks?? I didn't say it out loud, but that's what I was thinking. I had no clue how to draw Fireworks. Besides I'm not the most artistic person in the world. I'm not even the most artistic person in my family, or group of friends. Momma, Aunt Susi, Uncle Kenny, Uncle Jimmy, and a couple of my cousins have me beaten. Beaten bad to, like left so far behind I'm practically a dot by now. 

My old friend Scotty attempted to teach me how to draw before when we were younger. IT DID NOT WORK. He was very talented and could draw anything you wanted. I screwed up Snoopy. Just saying. We got a good laugh out of it (eventually after I calmed down), he hugged me, gave me a kiss on my forehead, and said "Oh-my poor sweet Katherine, I'm glad I love you and your pretty-at least you tried though". That did not make me feel better at the time, but at least he tried. I told Uncle Roger I could draw a Bunny (not a great Bunny, but you could still kind of tell it was a Bunny), he said No, that a Bunny on Fire would be festive in the wrong kind of way. He knows me well, because that's exactly where my head was going with it. He said "just draw some fireworks for the upcoming 4th, and write that the shop will be closed, no big deal". 

I immediately looked up the first "Fireworks" that I thought of. "Acme" of course!! I think fireworks, I think Wile E. Coyote. Just putting that out there. I printed a picture of them out (without Wile, no way I could draw him), got Inigo's markers, and attempted to draw Uncle Roger's fireworks. This Was The End Result... I thought that I did pretty horrible, but he likes them so it's all good. Don't think I'm going to be quitting my day job anytime soon though, not thinking I'd make it very well an an Artist Salary. Especially, with my "mad skills". Aunt Susi might have to call out some of her "peeps" to help me next time. However, I'm going to leave it up there until after July 4th, that way we'll be "festive" longer. Remind me to get a step stool next time. My letters up top are all jacked up from trying to stretch, and reach them. Seriously. Looking at them now in this picture I realize- They're All Jacked To Jesus.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well, that was an interesting lunch break.

I went to lunch with Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger today. (They ask me to go with them quite a bit because we all work together, and I think their scared I won't eat or something. Another story for another day). The point of this one is to show you what Aunt Susi and I seen on our way back to the shop!  We were coming down the road to the shop, Uncle Roger was driving, Aunt Susi in front, and I was sitting behind her. When we got to the bridge almost immediately we (Aunt Susi and I) both seen them! I know exactly what your thinking to. Fangs, Nipples, Armless? Yep, looks like something right out of a Tim Burton/Quenton Tarantino movie. Don't worry. I had the exact same thought process.We started pointing and hollering about them. Uncle Roger was like, "WTH?" We know right?!! They were extremely cool, and creepy all at the same time. It was weird. Me and Aunt Susi think their cool, Inigo thinks their creepy as hell, and even though he won't admit it-I'm pretty sure Tony is scared of them too. Just saying.I got scared for just a minute thinking that if Kenny seen them that he would want to put them on our front porch thinking they were pretty. He would too. Just so everyone knows, can't put nothing passed him. It was great!! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank you, Noodle!!

As most of you know (the one's that read my blog at least) I have a friend named Erica, that I call Noodle. Don't ask me why, because I'm not really sure, I just always have. If you read the post that I did back in May, you already know all about our friendship, and our need to have constantly documented our teenage years. I'm still not really sure about that either, but we're going to go with it. As previously said somewhere between moving the last 5 times that I have, from where we were living at in Florida (where I met Noodle) I have lost alot of my old pictures. It made me very sad, and Noodle decided to save the day. I received a package in the mail yesterday from her. As soon as I seen that big/yellow envelope, I immediately got excited. Like, really excited! Almost peed my pants/did the hokey-pokey excited! Ok, maybe not peed my pants, but the hokey-pokey was definitely implied! 

The package contained five pictures, and a letter. I read the letter first, and got a little teary-eyed. I'm getting sensitive in my old age. Then, I looked at the photo's that I haven't seen in a long while, and immediately thoughts started pouring out of my head (and mouth). The First of course being, "Damn!! Look how skinny I was! I used to look good! Oh to have those hips and stomach back!". Followed of course by, "Really? Am I seriously licking his face in that picture? What is wrong with me?" Apparently, not only do I have no filter, and am vastly diverse in sarcasm, but I also have personal boundary issues. I don't like people in my space, but apparently I was a face licker! I think I was framed! PhotoShop had to have been involved! I would never do that! 

Fine!! I admit it! You caught me! Yes, I am licking his face in the picture! Happy now? Dang, what's with the third degree? You know it's awful convenient that she could only find pictures of us doing weird things, but not of herself. I know they're there. Busted Noodle! It's all good though. She also sent a recent picture of herself, with the other pictures. These pictures look straight up old school too! They were taken with a black&white/disposable camera. Yeah. You heard me right. These pictures were taken almost seven years ago! Seven! I can't believe how much time has passed, but most importantly I can't believe how old we're getting! The only thing good that I can say about us getting this old is that, I'm glad even though we're many miles apart, and that we haven't got to see each other in a couple years, that I'm very glad we've still maintained our friendship. Friendships like ours are the best kinds! Just wanted to share these very old photo's so that everyone could have a Flashback of their Own! I certainly did!

Don't ask what we're doing because I honestly don't know. It was a long time ago. I can't remember, it's my "some-timers" acting up again. I would just like to say Noodle is looking pretty as ever, and Quit Judging My Dress! I borrowed it from a girl at work for a dance at school! Get off my back! (P.S. We never made it to that dance. Pretty sure Me and Noodle just hung out at the house eating everything that wasn't healthy for us, and watching scary movies. Not the Point!). I really appreciate her finding these and sending them to me, I only wish she could've found the ones of us from Halloween. Those were my favorites! Oh well, I still love the fact that she got me what she could. Thank you! Talk about Throwing Way Back!! It Might Not Be A Thursday Throwback, But It Definitely Deserves A Throwback Anyways!! Thank you! Hope you enjoy!   

He is and forever will be the King of Pop!!

Four years ago on this day, we lost a legend. Can't believe that it's already been four years since Michael Jackson passed away. He was the original King of Pop, and as far as this girl is concerned, Still Is. I have always been a Michael Jackson fan, and still am to this day. I enjoy his music and his dancing. I thought that he was an amazing/talented man. I know there is controversy surrounding certain aspects of his life, but I am not going to get into that. I refuse to argue with people over the subject. They have their opinions, and I have mine. We shall leave it at that. The only thing that I want to do is write a little something about a man that helped to fill my home with music, laughter, dancing, and joy throughout my childhood. I have not only been a fan of his since I was old enough to know what music was, but I am also a fan of the things he did regarding Ryan White, and many other contributions that he made during his life. To the King Of Pop: We Miss Your Music! We Miss Your Style! We Miss Your Dancing! We Miss Your Loving Self. We Miss Your Caring. But Most Importantly-We Miss You!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Brotherly weekend.

Friday: It was like any other day, with the exception of Greg and Brittany being up for a visit. Yay! Work in the morning/afternoon, and then off to do something by 3:45. Momma and Greg picked me up from work, and then we ran a couple of errands before heading to the house. When we got to the house Momma, Greg, Brittany, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Kenny, Shylyn, and I ran out to get some supper. I would just like the record to show that I love sub sandwiches! Just saying! Anyways, after that we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple things (Aunt Susi would have been a nervous wreck, because it was so busy-she would've had to call her "peeps" out), and headed back to the house. I had picked up a couple DVD's while out from the RedBox, Greg wanted to watch The Rock's new movie Snitch, while I was determined to watch Charlie Hunnam's new movie 3,2,1, Frankie Go Boom. I am officially in love with the movie I chose, but more on that later.

When we got back to the house Tony and AM pulled up right behind us. They stayed until after 11:00 visiting with him. We all had icecream. While they were out back talking, Brittany, Shylyn, and I decided to start watching Frankie. We got about 15 minutes into the movie, and of course as luck would have it, it started skipping and messing up. Brittany called the RedBox people, and there we were in the middle of the night (Me,Greg, and Brittany) driving to a RedBox to exchange the copies. When we returned we started watching it again. It certainly did not disappoint! I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to pee my pants. Just saying! I would just like everyone to know (because I'll certainly never forget) that this happened. That's all I'm saying. Watch the movie! Hilarious! We started watching Snitch, got about 35 minutes into it, and was like "Nope, too tired, we'll finish tomorrow".

Saturday: We all slept in a bit on Saturday, and after we got up Kenny cooked us breakfast. We lounged around a bit, and finally Momma, Greg, Brittany, and I went out to visit Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger. We all laughed, talked, and had a few drinks. It was very nice just to relax and have a nice family visit. I guess I never realized how much that I had missed Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger while we lived far away, or how much I miss Greg and even Brittany living apart now. It's funny when your sitting there and something like that just hits you out of nowhere. We had a great time visiting and talking. Uncle Roger and I may have had a few Corona...And Aunt Susi and Greg may have had a few drinks as well. Ya'll can't prove it though. I would just like to go on the record of saying that we are all completely innocent, and if something bad happened, somebody else did it! Ask any of them, they'll tell you the same thing! We all went out for supper at Cracker Barrell. And visited for awhile longer. It was alot of fun! Thank you guys!!

We returned home, and Tony, Summer, and AM came over to visit. Tony of course told my brother how unsociable I was, to which Brittany replied "well I don't know about you, but she likes me". Gotta love when the quiet one just comes in there out of nowhere. It was funny! Greg went with Tony for awhile, and Brittany, Shylyn, and I finished watching Snitch. Greg came in towards the ending of it.  He also brought a movie in that he had borrowed from Tony. Greg and I have always watched movies late at night, ever since we were little kids (when we didn't have school of course). Greg and Brittany went downstairs and fell asleep, but Shylyn and I finished it. The movie was called FunSize. It was funny! I have a really hard time believing it's a Nickelodeon movie, but I guess Nickelodeon has changed alot since I was a kid. Apparently, a whole lot. It was cute though.

Sunday: Yesterday was laid back, and nice. Momma and I went out and got us a bite to eat (no one else would wake up), and when we got home everybody was stirring around. They all got ready and we headed out. We went to The Christmas Tree Shop (Don't worry they don't just sell Christmas trees. I know it freaked me out to), had a little something to eat, and ran to the grocery store right quick. When we got home we all relaxed, I took my shower, and Uncle Jimmy grilled hotdogs and beans for supper. Just so everyone knows I could eat grilled food every single day. I love it!! I think everything might be better grilled. I mean outside grilled on a BBQ too, not that weird grilled on the stove stuff. Not the same! I started watching a little TV, and everybody else was doing their own things, and Brandi, Shi'Ann, and Sampson came over. That was interesting to say the least. They came over to see Greg, and they visited with him for about 1.5 hours, or so. They went home a little after 10:00, and I continued to watch the movie that I had paused earlier. Brittany had come in earlier to sit with me while they were there, so her and Shylyn watched it with me. It was nice and peaceful, so the movie was easy to watch. 

Let me just say that there is a reason that I have not watched this movie. For 10 years I have avoided it, and finally last night my curiosity got the best of me. Guess what? It was as messed up as I thought that it was going to be. I'm a pretty big Rob Zombie fan so I'm surprised that I haven't see this long before last night, but I had avoided it, because I was told how awful it was. It was good, but very strange. I guess that's just true Rob Zombie fashion though. Craziness!! The worst part? There's a sequel, and now that I've seen this one, I'll have to watch the sequel or it will drive me nutty! Great! We finished the movie, and all went to bed. It was a long weekend and a late night so I'm a bit tired today, but it's all good. It was worth it. I think that's about the extent of the weekend. Hope I didn't forget anything to important. I know this one seems a little boring, but I just wanted to make sure I remembered everything that we got to do with Greg and Brittany, while they were up here. Have A Nice Day!! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Is that ok?!

I have a bunch of things on my mind today. My head is literally spinning in circles with all of the thoughts that are going on in there. Thoughts about everything past, present, and future. I probably just need to stop, take a breather, and sing Journey. Let's face it Journey always makes me feel better. It's true. Well Journey and Sweatpants at least. Even though I have all of these things on my mind, I don't want to talk about them. Like, at all. I just want them to stay in my head, and push them as far back there as humanly possible. Forget that their even in there. For now, that sounds like a good plan to me.

I want to do that and continue to sit here singing "Let It Be"-The Beatles. Only because it's one of my favorite Beatles songs, and it's on the radio right now.I want to think about the fact that my brother and sister-in-law are up here visiting for the weekend.Things like that. I want to make it very clear that when the doctor's office calls, that it sucks! Just saying. Things did not go as well as I thought or hoped. Got to love the medical profession. I really do appreciate them, love them, and all they do, but it doesn't make you feel better when they tell you things you don't want to hear, and you have to go see them again. Just saying. 

I also want to make everyone well aware of the fact that on this day in 1975 (38 years ago) That this happened: Just wanted to remind everybody that this did in fact happen (the release date) 38 years ago, and has motivated many other directors/producers/actors, since it's release. Thank you Steven Spielberg.  Is That Ok? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Tidbits.

This morning first thing, I felt the need to share a few Random things that are going on, or that I've seen over the last couple of days. Just because I can. Oh, and I'm wearing my favorite outfit that I own right now. Black sundress, Grey sweater, and silver sandals. Just thought you should know. Crazy hair too!!

This morning as I was getting ready for work (I was the only one up) I came out of the bathroom to get dressed and my phone rang. Usually I would just ignore it and go about my merry way forgetting that it had rang until well into the day. This morning however for some unknown reason I answered it. It was my brother (Greg). He asked "Are you awake", to which I turned around to look in the living room and seen somebody on our front porch. I asked "Is Brittany on my front porch"? And he said "Yes, we're here, Let us in"!! 

I ran at the speed of light to get to them. I was like "The Flash". That's right my brother and sister-in-law drove up from Kentucky over night to see us!! So excited!! It's been almost a year since we've seen them, so needless to say it's about time. Their staying today through Sunday, possibly even Monday. Don't know what else to say except Yay!! I assume this is how I looked first thing this morning finding out that they were here.

Every time they play Anna Kendrick (singing- "Cups You're Gonna Miss Me)  on the radio I can't help but sing along. Sorry. I just can't help it! I love it! The song and her voice. **Did you know that the song was originally released as a rendition from a 1937 song from J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, and a 1938 country song "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" from country crooners (Charlie) Monroe Boys, by "Lulu and the Lampshades"** Just thought that you might like to know. I thought it was cool. 

Yesterday we went to the grocery store (yes again) and I seen a pregnant woman that looked adorable and so miserable all at the same time. She looked about my height (5'2) and normally like she would be around 135/140 lbs. So not very big. She was wearing a long black/form fitting (to show off her belly I assume) dress and carrying groceries. Her belly looked like it was 3 whole feet from where it originally started. Plus it was extremely hot/humid outside. Poor thing even had to walk from side to side with her legs stretched way far to the sides of her body. I asked her if she needed some help loading her groceries into her minivan (she's already prepared for babies it looked like to me) to which she said "Oh yes please". As I was helping her load her groceries she was kind of staring off into space and said "I'm sorry you can see my panties. I can't see the lower half of my body and my husband helped me get dressed this morning. He thought that I looked good, but you can see my panties through my dress". I of course looked down, and she was right. I said "It's ok as long as your comfortable, at least he tried to help you. Most guys wouldn't do that". She said "Yeah, he's great. Usually I love him more than anything, but today I just can't stand him". We chuckled, and I asked her how far along she was. She replied "6-1/2 months". What?? Only 6-1/2 months? Are you kidding me? She was already so big and miserable! She must have seen the look that came across my face (I would suppose it was utter horror) and she said "Yeah I got a long ways to go, and this baby is gonna have a fat head. You know why? Cause my husband has a big ole fat head." I finished putting her groceries in the van, helped her in, and continued into the store. 

Umm...just out of Utter Excitement- I get Blueberry Doughnuts for breakfast this morning!! Yay!! Just in case you wanted to know. If you can't tell by the joy in my voice let me just tell you- I Love Blueberry Cake Doughnuts!! Their the only doughnuts that I like/can eat ever since I had that nightmare that a pink sprinkled doughnut was chasing me down a hill (yes just like Homer Simpson). Don't ask!! Just so you know, it was Traumatizing!!! I don't want to talk about it anymore, I just want to focus on the Blueberry Cake Doughnuts.

Also on a sad note, Actor James Gandolfini (Yes, Tony Soprano) passed away on June 19, 2013 in Rome Italy from Cardiac Arrest. RIP Tony Soprano. So this doesn't end with something completely sad and depressing, I would just like to tell everyone that my cousin Tony that is scared of birds (he says he's not afraid of them, but we all know the truth), went outside today at work and a bird umm...What's the nice word? Was flying overhead and defecated on him? Does that sound like the nice way of saying it? Well that's what I'm going with at least. Just didn't want to forget that this did in fact happen! Their out to get him! Also, I try not to pay attention to other people in the grocery store, but I couldn't help it today. A man in front of me in line at K-Mart spent $66.53, and the only thing he bought was M&M's and York Peppermint Patties. I thought that was amazing!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

I mustache you a question.

Don't judge. This is what happens when you mix a Company Picnic, a face painter, extreme heat, Corona, and family.
And with that being said, I leave you with this picture.... you're welcome.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

She loves you- Happy Birthday, Johnny D!!

Just like the song "She Loves You"-"The Beatles" was released 50 years ago, my favorite actor was also born. Whom would that be you ask? Well no other than the one (and only) 
Johnny Depp! He has filled my Childhood/Adult Life with so many Happy Memories, and I so appreciate it! His Characters have touched my heart, and lead me on Adventures of my own!

Yes, yes, today is the 50th birthday of Johnny Depp! I know there are many people that dislike Johnny Depp, and they're all entitled to their opinions. My opinion about those people just happens to be that they're stupid. Just saying. Put aside the fact that he's completely gorgeous, and just focus on his career in general. He started in a low budget horror movie playing Glen Lantz, moved onto a television show that no one thought would last through even one season playing Officer Tom Hanson, and managed to maneuver his way to where he is now. That is pure talent, spirit, and determination if you ask me. He could have given up and pursued anything else, but his true passion was acting, so he followed through and has become the well known man that he is today. 

Being beautiful just happens to be an added bonus to his fans. If he didn't look like he did, I would still watch all of his movies, and be a huge fan, because I think that he's one of the most talented actors of his lifetime (or mine). He has played so many diverse roles/characters, that every time I watch him in something different I'm completely amazed at the fact that it's the same person playing the parts. I myself have never seen a movie of his that I didn't care for. I of course have my favorites like everyone else would.

My Favorite being What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Yes, out of all of his high-end, special graphics, and big budget blockbusters, my favorite out of all of his films is Gilbert. Go figure. I love this movie, and have since I was a little kid. That was the second Depp, and first DiCaprio movie that I had ever seen, and it solidified my love for both of the actors. That movie is sad, but so very good. Who would think that something like that can make you look at your entire life in a completely different way? It is my favorite Depp (and DiCaprio for that matter) film. 
Where's Arnie? Gilbert!! Love it!!

Although it is a good movie and I loved it when I watched it, there is one Depp movie that I have only watched one time, and don't anticipate watching it again. This movie is Edward Scissorhands. I have watched every one of his movies several times, more than I have ever watched any other movie, and own almost every single one of them. However, this particular one I watched once, and even though I own it, have never watched it again. Why? Because (to me) it is the saddest movie ever made! He has very few lines in the film, but you can read every emotion his character is going through as clear as day on his face. I cried for at least three hours when I watched it, I cried randomly throughout the next few weeks, and even now at times if I get to thinking about it too much I tear up a little. I think that it's just how I'm remembering how sad Edward was, and since I was a little girl when I watched it, I can't get passed that childhood part of me. I really did love it, I swear, it's just so sad that I can't bring myself to watch it again. I can't get that look out of my head that came across his face. He was so full of love, and all he wanted was for someone to love him back! Come on people! Is that so much to ask? Ok, I have to move on now, I'm getting teary eyed.

The films that he is probably most famous for, would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack Sparrow is basically a household name, and everyone knows who he is, regardless if their a Depp fan or not. He brings so much to the table with his cookiness and eccentricness. There are no words to describe Captain Jack except, INCREDIBLE!!

I won't go into all of the wonderful things that I have to say about him, or all of the amazing things that he has done in his personal life. Some things, I think, should just stay out of it, because the actions themselves stand alone. As far as his kids, relationships, legal issues, Native American adoption, charity work, and everything in between I will let lay. Like I said, they stand on their own.

I would like to mention the work of Depp with his close friend, and my favorite director/producer, Tim Burton. They have collaborated on many movies together, and I love them all. The characters that Depp played, and Burton directed are:
Edward-Edward Scissorhands (1990), Ed Wood-Ed Wood (1994), Ichabod Crane-Sleepy Hollow (1999), Willy Wonka-Charlie and the Chocoalte Factory (2005), Victor Van Dort-Corpse Bride (2005), Sweeney Todd-Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), The Mad Hatter-Alice in Wonderland (2010), and Barnabus Collins-Dark Shadows (2012). They really are a great team, and I hope that together they have many more films to come!! I could talk for hours, days, probably even weeks about Johnny Depp, but I won't. Instead I will let everyone form their own opinions for themselves. To me he is just an amazing Actor, and I love him/his work. 

His other movies that I haven't yet mentioned (so far), but for the record still love/adore include:
Private Resort (1985), Slow Burn (1986), Platoon (1986), Cry Baby (1990), Benny and Joon (1993), Arizona Dream (1993), Don Juan DeMarco (1995), Dead Man (1995), Nick of Time (1995), Cannes Man (1996), Donnie Brasco (1997), The Brave (1997), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), L.A. Without A Map (1998), The Ninth Gate (1999), The Astronaut's Wife (1999), Chocolat (2000), Before Night Falls (2000), Blow (2001), The Man Who Cried (2001), From Hell (2001), Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2003), Happily Ever After (2004), Secret Window (2004), Finding Neverland (2004), The Libertine (2004), Public Enemies (2009), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009), The Tourist (2010), Rango (2011), The Rum Diary (2011), Jack and Jill (2011), 21 Jump Street (2012), and The Lone Ranger (2013).

He also produced:
The Rum Diary (2011), Hugo (2011), and Dark Shadows (2012)

The Stuff  (1992), and The Brave (1997).

The Brave (1997)

Narrated/Acted/Appeared in Documentaries:
The Source (1999), Lowell Blues (2000), Lost in La Mancha (2002), Deep Sea 3D (2006), Runnin Down A Dream (2007), Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008), When Your Strange (2010), and Pearl Jam Twenty (2011). 

Contributed his Musical Talents to:
Chocolat (2000), Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2003), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), Aerosmith: Music from Another Dimension! (2012), and The Hookah Lounge: Volume 1 (2013). 

And Appeared/Guest Voiced on Television Shows Such As:
Lady Blue (1985), Hotel (1987), The Vicar of Dibley (1999), The Fast Show (2000), King of the Hill (2004), and SpongeBob SquarePants (2009). 

He's been nominated for many awards over his career, losing a few of course, but winning quite a few as well.

He won a "Golden Globe" in 2008 for Best Actor in a Picture Musical or Comedy- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Two "Rembrandt Awards", both for Best Foreign Actor once in 2008- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and in 2011- Alice in Wonderland.

A "Screen Actors Guild (SAG)" in 2003 for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

and Eight "Teen Choice Awards" including:
Best Liar-2004-Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Best Fight-2004-Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Best Action/Adventure Actor-2006-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Best Comedy Actor-2006-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Best Action/Adventure Actor-2007-Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Best Villain-2008-Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Best Voice Actor-2011-Rango
Best Action Actor-2011-The Tourist  


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doctors? Those muggle nutters that cut people up?!!

Yes this is usually my reaction to going to the Doctor. Any Doctor. Doesn't matter to me which kind of Doctor or for what. Ron Weasley said it better than I ever could have on my own. I blame it completely on the time that I had to go to the Emergency Room when I was four years old to get 7 stitches in the front part of my head. (My older cousin had been twirling me around the living room, let me go, and I fell head first into the corner of our wooden coffee table.) I still have the scar from it. My hair naturally parts there now, and the hair doesn't like to grow a little right there, resulting in a very small bald spot. It Completely Traumatized Me for Life!! A little over dramatic? Perhaps. But, that just so happens to be the exact way I feel about the so-called "mandatory" Doctor visits. I don't like anything that I'm supposed to do on a regular basis that doesn't involve cake. If I have to go to the multitude of different doctors 3-5 times a year (including labs, testing, checkups, etc) then they should at least offer cake in the Waiting Room or at the Check-In Window. Just saying.

Yesterday was no exception. I had to go see the "Lady-Doctor" to have everything checked out, and try to get some things fixed.  I am supposed to go every 3 to 6 months to have a certain something checked after I had a biopsy.  Needless to say my last check-up/biopsy was over a year and a half ago, so I finally gave in and said to myself "Ok Katie, quit being a procrastinating butthead, and make an appointment to go to the doctor". So I did.  The only reason that I had finally talked myself into that one was because I've been having a few "issues" so I figured better get them fixed while I can. (Gotta love having some Health Insurance!)

Now just a reminder that I have only lived back up here in Indiana for around 9-10 months. So not even a full calendar year. That being said it's pretty easy to assume that I didn't even have the slightest idea where to make an appointment or  which Doctor to see. I asked a few people (my Aunt and Cousin), and finally settled on going to Inigo's Doctor. Inigo assured me that this woman was an excellent physician. Apparently she had all of the qualities that you are supposed to look for in a good OB/GYN.  She was: ~thorough ~listened to her patient's well ~had degree upon degree (smarty britches) ~funny ~minimal crazy Which sounded great to me. All of these great qualities are what you want in a doctor. Especially one that going to go snooping around in your "business" (if you know what I mean). 

Sorry kids this story doesn't take a horrible left turn at crazy/traumatized for life road. For once Inigo wasn't playing a joke on me. (Probably because it was a medical thing). The Doctor really was a very nice lady. She talked to me for a very long time wanting to know about my personal/medical history. We laughed and talked and I told her alot about what had been going on with me and my body (after about 30 minutes of her trying to get me to talk about it). What can I say? I'm fairly private and like to keep things to myself. Except on here. Really should've thought this whole thing through a little bit better. I was doing perfectly fine, and then she said it. The 14 words that no girl/woman likes to hear. (or maybe they do, but I certainly don't.) 
"Please get undress, and put this gown on, I'll be back in one moment"
Yeah...I've never liked them words. They feel very "chilling" to me. For some reason I start to feel very anxious and start having flashbacks of things that haven't even ever happened to me, but I have them anyway. I think it's due to the fact that I watch way to many Horror movies and things in my life. I don't think that I've even seen a movie where any kind of Doctor did anything crazy enough to warrant these flashbacks or ensue panic, but for some reason my mind just goes there and makes things up all on it's own. 

My mind is a curse and a really fun carnival ride at times. She finally returned after I had panicked for about 10 minutes (not counting the panic that I had felt in the Waiting Room earlier before it was even time for my appointment). She knew I was panicked so she just tried to keep me into our conversation and keep me as comfortable as possible. She really is quite a funny lady. Apparently her Daughter is going to be a Teacher to, so I say "Yay! Good Luck in your Future, Girl I've Never Met!" She said that everything looks good as far as my exam goes. Of course she ran some tests for "Precautionary Measures", and I have to go have my blood drawn for my Lab Work first thing in the morning.  I get the results back from my tests in the next week or so, and go from there. The reason that I'm having my labs done is because she wants to go ahead and have everything tested to make sure that I'm healthy and to have my Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Thyroid checked. She thinks that there may be a problem with my Thyroid, which she said is not a big deal, it just has to be checked, and it's easy to deal with the problem. Either you take medicine for it or you have it removed, No Biggy. Apparently that (Thyroid) along with my Mirena spitting out to many Hormones at one (consistent) time is what is causing all the problems that I've been having. At least that's what she's thinking which is good for me. Easy fix that way. I had the Mirena removed yesterday (I had it 4 years and 4 months ), and like I said getting the Labs on the Thyroid tomorrow. So done. Other than that most things are good. 

I of course have to take a little medicine just to get the Immune System back up to where it's supposed to be. That's normal though. Every Doctor that I've ever been to said that it's easy for my Immune System to get down there a little because of the fact that I'm Anemic.  Hey, at least the Asthma hasn't acted up in almost two years! Yay! Go Me! I Have To Start (today) Taking: ~Multi-Vitamin ~Calcium ~Vitamin D ~Water Pill (I chose Pamprin) ~Biotin(I've taken it for 5 years or so anyways) See no biggy, just a couple little Vitamins to help everything out. 

They say: "A Smooth Sea Never Made For A Skillful Sailor" But I've Never Been A Gigantic Fan Of The Deep Water Anyways, So It's All Good. I don't know why I felt the need to share this bit of Information, but I did so it's there. Perhaps, keeping a sort of updated description of events in my life will help me in the future when I decide to look back on everything. I Don't Know. Oh Well, at least I got it out of my head (it will be back later) and put it somewhere else for the time being. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

See what happens when you make us be around people?!

Well, today was our Annual Company Picnic. Although, it was the first one I have ever attended since this is my first year at this job. It was fun. Good food, good fun, and for the most part (you know I'm right) good company. It was very hot out. I thought so at least. I should've wore cooler clothes. I was trying to be considerate of others so they wouldn't have to see me in shorts and such. Next year, I don't care, they'll just have to deal with it cause I was burning up! 

We had it catered, had a face painter/balloon artist, and of course had a few beers. It's good for you when it's that hot outside. Hot Weather + Cold Beer = Good Times. It's a proven fact. I had fun playing with the kiddos (I mostly spent kiddy time with Janie), and we all watched some of the guys play basketball. Chris got hit in the face and went down compliments of AM. I was playing with Janie on the playground, and when I looked up I honestly thought Derek had hit Chris in the face cause they got into it. Nope, AM sent a "airball" flying and Chris never seen it coming. He looked rough for a minute after that one. I talked to Aunt Susi, Uncle Roger, Inigo, Mary, Patsy, Debbie, and Heaven quite a bit. We all had a good day (for the most part at least).

This is what Me and Aunt Susi occupied ourselves with for awhile...(Corona was mine, Smirnoff was Aunt Susi) Inigo and Uncle Roger of course had quite a few too. Janie was first in line for the Face Painter/Balloon Artist...(Cutest Kitty Cat EVER!!) She was so patient and adorable that it was completely worth the heat seeing her this happy. After quite a few Corona's I let Inigo talk me into this...See what happens when you let us drink in public? Yeah, I know I really shouldn't have let her talk me into that, but it was alot of fun. We were just goofing around. It was all fun and games until sweat and water got the best of us and our mustaches started running. Yeah, you heard me right. We had black paint everywhere! Now, this picture looks completely inappropriate. Yes, we all are very aware of how bad it looks. It looks really bad, but Little Janey insisted that the Balloon Artist make me a sword and hat (because I was captain...duh) and that we hold it together and have our picture taken. I swear that kid could talk a bald man into buying shampoo. Seriously, that's how cute she is! Quit Laughing! Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter! Sadly, this is not even the strangest picture taken. They had about 15 of these swords made and they look even worse than this one. But, Janey insisted that her and I hold it up proud and have our picture taken. What can I say? What Janey wants from me, she usually gets. 

After hours of food, fun, playing, laughing, and drinking we cleaned up and went home. The sun had gotten to me that day so I took a shower and relaxed the rest of the evening. I ran to the store with Momma, Read, Watched TV, had a couple more drinks, and went to bed. Good Times.