Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank you, Noodle!!

As most of you know (the one's that read my blog at least) I have a friend named Erica, that I call Noodle. Don't ask me why, because I'm not really sure, I just always have. If you read the post that I did back in May, you already know all about our friendship, and our need to have constantly documented our teenage years. I'm still not really sure about that either, but we're going to go with it. As previously said somewhere between moving the last 5 times that I have, from where we were living at in Florida (where I met Noodle) I have lost alot of my old pictures. It made me very sad, and Noodle decided to save the day. I received a package in the mail yesterday from her. As soon as I seen that big/yellow envelope, I immediately got excited. Like, really excited! Almost peed my pants/did the hokey-pokey excited! Ok, maybe not peed my pants, but the hokey-pokey was definitely implied! 

The package contained five pictures, and a letter. I read the letter first, and got a little teary-eyed. I'm getting sensitive in my old age. Then, I looked at the photo's that I haven't seen in a long while, and immediately thoughts started pouring out of my head (and mouth). The First of course being, "Damn!! Look how skinny I was! I used to look good! Oh to have those hips and stomach back!". Followed of course by, "Really? Am I seriously licking his face in that picture? What is wrong with me?" Apparently, not only do I have no filter, and am vastly diverse in sarcasm, but I also have personal boundary issues. I don't like people in my space, but apparently I was a face licker! I think I was framed! PhotoShop had to have been involved! I would never do that! 

Fine!! I admit it! You caught me! Yes, I am licking his face in the picture! Happy now? Dang, what's with the third degree? You know it's awful convenient that she could only find pictures of us doing weird things, but not of herself. I know they're there. Busted Noodle! It's all good though. She also sent a recent picture of herself, with the other pictures. These pictures look straight up old school too! They were taken with a black&white/disposable camera. Yeah. You heard me right. These pictures were taken almost seven years ago! Seven! I can't believe how much time has passed, but most importantly I can't believe how old we're getting! The only thing good that I can say about us getting this old is that, I'm glad even though we're many miles apart, and that we haven't got to see each other in a couple years, that I'm very glad we've still maintained our friendship. Friendships like ours are the best kinds! Just wanted to share these very old photo's so that everyone could have a Flashback of their Own! I certainly did!

Don't ask what we're doing because I honestly don't know. It was a long time ago. I can't remember, it's my "some-timers" acting up again. I would just like to say Noodle is looking pretty as ever, and Quit Judging My Dress! I borrowed it from a girl at work for a dance at school! Get off my back! (P.S. We never made it to that dance. Pretty sure Me and Noodle just hung out at the house eating everything that wasn't healthy for us, and watching scary movies. Not the Point!). I really appreciate her finding these and sending them to me, I only wish she could've found the ones of us from Halloween. Those were my favorites! Oh well, I still love the fact that she got me what she could. Thank you! Talk about Throwing Way Back!! It Might Not Be A Thursday Throwback, But It Definitely Deserves A Throwback Anyways!! Thank you! Hope you enjoy!