Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well, that was an interesting lunch break.

I went to lunch with Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger today. (They ask me to go with them quite a bit because we all work together, and I think their scared I won't eat or something. Another story for another day). The point of this one is to show you what Aunt Susi and I seen on our way back to the shop!  We were coming down the road to the shop, Uncle Roger was driving, Aunt Susi in front, and I was sitting behind her. When we got to the bridge almost immediately we (Aunt Susi and I) both seen them! I know exactly what your thinking to. Fangs, Nipples, Armless? Yep, looks like something right out of a Tim Burton/Quenton Tarantino movie. Don't worry. I had the exact same thought process.We started pointing and hollering about them. Uncle Roger was like, "WTH?" We know right?!! They were extremely cool, and creepy all at the same time. It was weird. Me and Aunt Susi think their cool, Inigo thinks their creepy as hell, and even though he won't admit it-I'm pretty sure Tony is scared of them too. Just saying.I got scared for just a minute thinking that if Kenny seen them that he would want to put them on our front porch thinking they were pretty. He would too. Just so everyone knows, can't put nothing passed him. It was great!!