Thursday, April 21, 2016

Opening Day.

(No, I didn't join an athletic team).

This past Saturday was Solaes first official softball game. You know, the first one from this season. She's no longer playing at the field that she did last year (thank everything that is holy, because that place sucked), but instead has joined a new league. And her team name? The Kentucky Wildcats. I know, I never would've guessed that would happen either.

Read here for more Softball escapades. 

But she seems very happy with her decision and is enjoying the game a lot more this season. I think it's mostly, because she's more comfortable and confident this go around. I can't believe that she's growing up so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was carrying her around and I was slipping her candy (don't tell her mother). And now, she's twelve and completely outgrew me at least 2.5 years ago. TWELVE. Luckily for her, she can still look at me with those big ole cow eyes of hers and she usually gets what she wants just like she did when she was little.

The games are supposed to last around 1 hour and 45 minutes (according to what her mother told us last night) and in that time she managed to make a few good plays, she seems to be friends with a couple of her teammates, and she slid into home base!! You might not think that's a big deal considering a lot of people slide in softball/baseball, but trust me when I say that her doing it is a big deal.

Her team brought home the win: 17-10. And let me tell you, she couldn't have been happier. The only thing that bothered her was the fact that she made one swing that was so low to the ground it looked like they were trying to play kickball or something. But she of course missed (shitty pitch) and her mother got all up in her grill about it.

Don't worry, when we got into the truck, I made sure to tell her that she is still new to all of this (the people from the softball season last year didn't teach anybody anything; they really do suck), and shit happens. She'll have another chance, even the greats have swung at pitches that they shouldn't have and they're just fine. It happens. She seemed to feel much better after our talk, and she hugged me extremely tight. I didn't mind.

Her mother also got hit in the head/face with a softball and nobody even bothered to shout out a "heads up" or "sorry." I think that might be part of the reason that she was so grumpy. That, and the fact she had to work in the concession stand for two hours. And it's not like they tricked or anything, it's just that each child has to have one person work the concession stand for them for two hours or they get benched the next game (that is totally unfair). She kept trying to talk me into doing it, but I told her it wasn't going to kill her or anything, she was going to be perfectly fine. I don't think she believed me though, because she mean mugged me and  told me I sucked. I'm good with it though.

She's supposed to have her second game tonight, but with all of this rain, I don't know if that is going to happen. It's been coming down since at least two this morning and is supposed to keep on all day/ evening. I guess we shall see. Wish us (mostly her) luck.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I just do not care for this.

(I'm having flashbacks of the chicken pox).

I currently have poison ivy. And sumac. And I am not at all happy about this little incident. Call it dramatic if you want to, but I'm pretty sure that this is ruining my entire life. I can only wear certain things to work to help it "breathe" because apparently air is what helps it heal and leave and heat is what makes it multiply. And when I'm home, I'm pretty much just in a really baggy tshirt and pair of boxers, because I'm covered in goopy medicine that I'm pretty sure was created in the 1600s. Also, I have to sit/lay on a light sheet, because said medicine gets on everything.

It itches and constricts and I am just not a fan. I've never been allergic to poison ivy/oak/sumac when I was growing up, but Greg (my brother) was highly allergic and used to catch it all of the time. It was so bad at times that he had to go to the hospital and miss a lot of school. I always felt really bad for him, because he always just looked so miserable. I even used to clean/clear out anything on our land that had poison ivy/oak/sumac on, in, or around it, just so he had a better chance of not catching it. Funny thing?

He's no longer allergic. But I am.

And guess what he isn't doing? He's not being all nice and sympathetic to me and cleaning/clearing out things so that I have a better chance. Nope. Not him. He is however staring at me while shaking his head and telling me not to leak pus everywhere. So, you know, that's helpful.

Poison ivy/oak/sumac was always the one "childhood illness" that I never got. And I know that adults get it, but I had chicken pox, the measles, allergies, asthma, and a bunch of other shit happening. I thought that poison ivy/oak/sumac was where the line had been drawn and I was perfectly good with that. But NOOOO. It had to wait until I was twenty- six years old to develop an allergy. I just don't think that's very fair and I call party foul.

All I know is I've had to be covered in goop, be deprived of sleep (holy hell- the itching!!), and take at least four showers (don't worry- cold showers) a day for the last three days. I have a couple of kinds of medicine that my aunt (Mary) brought up to me yesterday and I have one more left to try. It's some kind of 24 hour medicine, but if it's not getting better by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to the doctor on Friday. Because damn Gina, this shit is for the birds.

Wish me luck. When I had chicken pox and wasn't allowed to scratch, Momma had to duct tape oven mittens on my hands. And she's already threatened to do it again. Once again- party foul.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Winter in Spring with the Hateful Eight.

(I don't know what's happening, but I'm going with it).

That picture really has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I'm pretty sure I feel the exact same way that I did that night. And if by the dresses you think that Mo and I (yes, that's the infamous Mo with all that sass going on) were happy with what was going on, you would be mistaken. I mean, we weren't really aggravated with anything, and nothing bad was happening, we just felt kind of- Eh.

Not to mention then we had to walk in front of people while being announced (it was our senior banquet night), sit through the festivities, keep a serious face, pose for pictures, and talk about things that we were supposed to be looking forward to..... all after "eating one too many sandwiches." At that point the only thing that we were looking forward to was putting on sweatpants and a tshirt, "eating a couple more sandwiches", having some chicken wings/ burritos/ candy, and watching tv until we passed out from alcohol consumption. I mean, whhaaaatttttt........

And that is the same feeling that I have today (minus the "sandwich eating"). The weather is about the same (cold), it's pretty much the same time of year (and unusual weather has been happening), and in all honesty, we're both still pretty sassy. And after that, I have nothing else.

Speaking of the weather (see what I did there?) it has been going through menopause like a mother f***er (insert Samuel L. Jackson impression here) around here. Over the weekend it was between 68-70 and dropping to around 58-60 at night. Not too shabby for April. And yesterday the high was 40. Spoiler alert: It never reached 40, but instead decided to peak at 26. And no, that is not a misprint.

I had to cover my plants last night. Which didn't work too well. And by "too well" I mean it didn't work at all and when I looked out of my living room window I seen a teenage boy (maybe preteen?) grab the bag off of one of my rose bushes. Because teenagers are assholes. Come on guys, I'm trying to get these things to grow!! I'm sure that I'll find another way to kill all of these flowers, I do not need your assistance. Unless that also includes you helping me plant my garden when it decides to warm up a bit (NOT HOT). I need green tomatoes so I can then cook and eat all the fried green tomatoes in the land. TAWAAANNDDAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! (If you don't get that, we can't be friends).

So, what am I going to do this evening? Well, Solae's softball games don't start for a couple more weeks, and since it's 27 and dropping as we speak (or in my case- type), Momma and I decided last night that we would rent and watch- The Hateful Eight- tonight. She wanted to last night, but she had this epiphany at 9:10 pm and when she realized the time, she decided tonight would be better (she was right). Personally, I am very excited about seeing this movie. Some think it's because it's a Quentin Tarantino movie (I love Quentin Tarantino movies), some think it's because it stars Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson (Russell is an idol and I quote Jackson frequently), but Momma knew the real reason I was itching to see it so bad.

And that reason is- Walton Goggins.

He's my favorite and she knows it all too well. We were debating which one to rent, because there are some out right now that sound pretty good (Daddy's Home, Point Break- the remake, and a few more), but as soon as she heard "Walton Goggins is in this one" and looked up to see me bouncing around like a fool, she agreed that it was the right choice. So, that's what we're going to do. I'm going to cook us supper (no, I have no idea what I'm going to make), and the three of us (Momma, Tayder, and I- Greg doesn't hang out with us much) are going to hunker down and watch- The Hateful Eight. And avoid the 15 degree weather as much as possible. Also, I'll tell Mo that y'all said hi.

Friday, April 1, 2016

I reset my alarm clock three times this morning.

(I never do that shit).

Dude, I know that Easter was almost a week ago, but I assume that it's ok, because St. Paddy's Day was almost a month ago and I wasn't around for that either. You win some, you lose some. And in all honesty, Momma and I finished It's Always Sunny a few weeks ago (yes, we watched all ten seasons over a period of time) and now I really just don't know what to do with my life. You call it sad, I call it what I like to do. We'll agree to disagree.

I really did reset my alarm clock three different times this morning. I've never been one to do that. Even when I was a kid I was always the one that got up out of bed as soon as my alarm went off. Technically I probably don't even need an alarm, because I wake up before it even goes off and just wait for it. When I used to spend the night with my friends they would get super pissed, because their parents would say it was time to get up and I would shoot straight up out of bed while they laid there in protest. I've just always got immediately up.

But today was not one of those days.

I didn't even ever fall back asleep or anything. I just laid there with Tayder under the blankets all snuggled in and listened to that damn dodo-bird that lives outside my window. And no, I'm not sure that it's a dodo-bird, but that's what I call it. If I didn't already have an arch nemesis, this bird would take that title. Luckily for him, that title is already taken and I don't like when animals of any kind get hurt. BUT ONE OF THESE DAYS, BIRD!!

Oh yeah, so back to Easter. We went down to Aunt Poot/ Uncle Darrell's (as per our holiday tradition). We ended up making potato salad, pea salad (vomit), deviled eggs, mac and cheese, and mini cheesecakes. But not just any kind of mini cheesecakes. Momma found a recipe online that she wanted to try so we ended up making caramel apple cheesecakes. Except it was the first time that I had ever made caramel and the recipe said that it went from caramel to burnt really quickly, and I got scared, so we ended up having light caramel. It still tasted pretty good though. And I dyed the deviled eggs multiple colors for Uncle Darrell. And then a day and a half later they (Aunt Poot, Uncle Darrell, and Solae) left for Florida for almost a week. But not because of the eggs, so it's all good.

I'm so glad that it's Friday. It's been kind of a long week, but also not really. You can probably tell that I'm delirious. It's supposed to be rainy/cold this weekend (because the weather is going through menopause) and I kind of just want to crawl up in the chair with Tayder and chill with him and Momma while we watch- Diners, DriveIns, and Dives. Ah, now that's a good time.

We shall see how all of that goes.