Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I just do not care for this.

(I'm having flashbacks of the chicken pox).

I currently have poison ivy. And sumac. And I am not at all happy about this little incident. Call it dramatic if you want to, but I'm pretty sure that this is ruining my entire life. I can only wear certain things to work to help it "breathe" because apparently air is what helps it heal and leave and heat is what makes it multiply. And when I'm home, I'm pretty much just in a really baggy tshirt and pair of boxers, because I'm covered in goopy medicine that I'm pretty sure was created in the 1600s. Also, I have to sit/lay on a light sheet, because said medicine gets on everything.

It itches and constricts and I am just not a fan. I've never been allergic to poison ivy/oak/sumac when I was growing up, but Greg (my brother) was highly allergic and used to catch it all of the time. It was so bad at times that he had to go to the hospital and miss a lot of school. I always felt really bad for him, because he always just looked so miserable. I even used to clean/clear out anything on our land that had poison ivy/oak/sumac on, in, or around it, just so he had a better chance of not catching it. Funny thing?

He's no longer allergic. But I am.

And guess what he isn't doing? He's not being all nice and sympathetic to me and cleaning/clearing out things so that I have a better chance. Nope. Not him. He is however staring at me while shaking his head and telling me not to leak pus everywhere. So, you know, that's helpful.

Poison ivy/oak/sumac was always the one "childhood illness" that I never got. And I know that adults get it, but I had chicken pox, the measles, allergies, asthma, and a bunch of other shit happening. I thought that poison ivy/oak/sumac was where the line had been drawn and I was perfectly good with that. But NOOOO. It had to wait until I was twenty- six years old to develop an allergy. I just don't think that's very fair and I call party foul.

All I know is I've had to be covered in goop, be deprived of sleep (holy hell- the itching!!), and take at least four showers (don't worry- cold showers) a day for the last three days. I have a couple of kinds of medicine that my aunt (Mary) brought up to me yesterday and I have one more left to try. It's some kind of 24 hour medicine, but if it's not getting better by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to the doctor on Friday. Because damn Gina, this shit is for the birds.

Wish me luck. When I had chicken pox and wasn't allowed to scratch, Momma had to duct tape oven mittens on my hands. And she's already threatened to do it again. Once again- party foul.