Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We got icecream from the lady on the corner.

(The best icecream is free).

Did you guys know that it's Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen? Also, do you know anything about Dairy Queen and the fact that they have a Free Cone Day? I did not. I don't even really know why they have it or if there is even a purpose; all I know is yesterday the lady that works there (there's one down the road from where we work) told us that if we went to one today, they had to give us free small vanilla cones.

Only she said it a lot nicer.

And once I told Dani what was happening, she was on a mission for us to eat icecream today. Her and I drove down in her car and got ours, and even though they're not supposed to, they gave us one for Tony to. They're pretty nice..... and a lot of people at our work are loyal customers during the season, because it's convenient and chili cheese dogs (with onions) are delicious.

Dani decided that once we got our cones and got back in her car (and they were melting, because it was really warm yesterday) that we needed a selfie to commemorate our victory with (and also, the people in my family are a bit psychotic).

And with all of that information, I leave you with how she captioned the picture of us on her FB page (because it can't possibly get any better): "Free cone day, playas!! (I have NO street cred)." I love it.

Monday, March 14, 2016

An old family secret.

(Don't worry, it was an old family secret by accident).

Every family has certain things that they feel only their family has. Whether that be recipes, jewelry, or old myth. We all know that every family has these things, but we convince ourselves that only our family has something as amazing as an old recipe that has been passed down through the years, or a necklace that great grandmother Estelle managed to get through the Great Depression with. We've all been there.

Ever since I was little and can remember, my Aunt Susi (hi on the off chance that you're reading this!) has made dessert like nobody's business. The lady can literally make any treat that your little heart desires (though she rarely indulges herself). But my favorite of hers has got to be, hands down: Chocolate Eclair Cake. (And veggie bars, but that's another story for another day).

I've lived my entire life calling it- "Aunt Susi's Chocolate Eclair Cake" and was none the wiser. None of us were. And then, Danielle tore through a piece of my childhood like she was Miley on her wrecking ball. You see, it isn't "Aunt Susi's" Chocolate Eclair Cake..... It's actually..... Duh, duh, duh (insert more dramatic sound effects here)- Ms. Boyd's Chocolate Eclair Cake. And Danielle knows this, because she's the one that brought home the recipe to Aunt Susi from elementary school, in 1990. THE YEAR THAT I WAS BORN. No wonder we were none the wiser, it's been in our family a really long time!!

And this whole story came about, because Danielle is doing something really nice. Wrecking my childhood was not nice, but the things that she is actually doing is nice. And no offense, but even though I know that it originated in someone elses kitchen first, it will forever be "Aunt Susi's" Chocolate Eclair Cake. So, I thought that since I happen to have a copy of it right here, I would share it with you. Afterall, maybe one of the kids in your family will think that you made it up by yourself and that you're a dessert genius.

Just a warning though, if you make this cake, you're going to want to eat the whole damn thing by yourself. So, I guess, perfect for a drunk night in when you've taken too many allergy pills under the liquor and you need a snack to eat while watching It's Always Sunny.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

For the guy I never knew was my boyfriend.

(I was awoken at 2 am).

And the first thing I did was roll over, look at my phone (the best that I could between the sleep that was looming and that whole needing glasses before I go blind thing) and said something like- "OHH HELL NOOO!!" Threw my phone back on the bedside table and went back to sleep. Because eff that.

I know that we all have those exes in our past that have randomly popped up out of the blue to try and figure out a way to worm back in there. Sometimes it's confusing, because you start having doubts about breaking up in the first place. Other times you get increasingly violent and want to throw things. I get it. I've been there, my friend.

(Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I once got broken up with by a guy that I didn't know was my boyfriend. And, there are like four other guys that claim we are exes that I wasn't aware we were ever together. But this is just for the one that woke me up this morning).

And then there are other times where the entire thing confuses you, because you're not really sure if they count as an ex or if one of you (them) is just making it a bigger thing than what it actually was. I mean, I can't be the only person out there that has had someone call me an ex and I wasn't entirely sure that we had dated in the first place. I decided that the best way to go about this would be to write him a letter. Here goes.

Hey Mr. Dude-

Seriously, calm yourself, we only hung out like three times. The fact that I have known you since I was four years old is irrelevant. And yes, I kind of wrecked your truck into that field one night, but in my defense we were already pretty close to it and I told you that I couldn't drive for shit. And ok, yes, I did go with you to your Granny's house that one time and have Sunday supper with your entire family, BUT you know what your Granny's potato cakes taste like- CAN YOU BLAME ME?! Those things are damn delicious. You think you could ship me some of those with her oatmeal cookies and some deer jerky? Sorry, no, no, that's my bad, I got side tracked at the possibility of food. Delicious food.

However, apparently you have considered us exes all of these years (what's it been, like eight years or something stupid like that?), and I would just like to throw out my defense as to why you do not want me as an ex and why whatever it was that we were doesn't really count. If you were my ex, you're going to want to know a thing or two about me.

You've been listening to too much Adele, my dear. I know that all of her lyrics are full of love and regret, but just so you can know for yourself:

-I do not wish the best for you.
-I do not want to find someone like you.
-I do, however, want to set fire to all of your stuff.

And now you know why it's just better that we stay "old friends." You know, the kind that you have memories with, and they slip up in a story or two from "back in the day" but not good enough friends that you actually stay in contact or see each other. I think that is definitely our sweet spot. Also, I will not be letting you know when I make it down that way for a visit so that we can "catch up" as you so lovingly put it. Afterall, we just agreed on that whole "not seeing or talking to each other" thing. And I'd really hate to ruin that.

Later, dude.

Friday, March 4, 2016

I want to crawl under a desk and take a nap.

(If only that were an option).

I've not been sleeping the best..... or at all lately. Frankly, it's making me a little crazy.

It's been a strange couple of weeks. From cousins getting into wrecks (or rather, people not paying attention and rear-ending your cousin when she's at a full stop) and cousins getting put into the hospital (they didn't find anything after five million tests) to the weather going through menopause, things are just..... strange.

And when your surroundings are that strange, you begin to feel strange yourself. I don't feel bad, far from it I guess you could say. Still though- strange. I think it's because it's somewhere between Winter and Spring. You know that time. When the morning and days are cold, but the sun shines and flowers try to bud. Although, the sun hasn't shown for days now due to the snow clouds drifting in and out of our lives.

Today is my friend Rachel's 26th birthday. Yesterday was Bubba John's 28th. Happy Birthday to you both. I love you.

2016 has certainly proved to be an eventful year so far, and we have nine more months to go. Like a pregnancy, none of us know what to expect as the further along we go. We all made an agreement to make this year better than the last one, but then again, you have to have those people to make life difficult and overwhelming.

Speaking of difficult and overwhelming..... have you seen the way people are tearing each other apart due to the upcoming election? There are people doing their jobs, and people who have their opinions, and all of that is wonderful. BUT then you have people who care for nothing but themselves and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They try to push their beliefs down everyone's throats, and when people plant their feet in the ground and take a stand to say no, they are called traitors or sinners. They don't want to know or allow other peoples opinions, or listen to their beliefs, it's strictly their way or the highway.

Well, I guess you can find me walking down that ole highway, because I have my own beliefs and refuse to bend to someone else's will, just because "they say so." They can push their beliefs and they can argue until they are blue in the face, but that just makes them absolutely no different than the people they are disapproving of and think are wrong. You think that your way is the right way and there are no other options? You think that things should be the way that you see, because it is your belief that it's the only way? You know who else thinks that? The other guy does, about his very own opinion or belief. People seem to forget that in their mission, whatever it may be, to be a decent human being. Somewhere along the trail, that was lost.

On a not so heavy note, let me just say that I am very pleased that it's Friday. Can I get an- AMEN, HALLELUJAH, TGIF up in here?! Damn, it feels good to know that in about three hours it will be my weekend. We've been staying in at night and watching Sam Axe (Burn Notice- Have you seen it? If not, I highly suggest it), but throughout the day we're out and about  trying to enjoy the bit of sun that's shining. Personally, I don't mind the dreariness, but I'm kind of strange like that. Other people though, they thrive off of the sunlight and demand it in order to be happy. It's supposed to rain for the next week. Those people are not going to be happy about it.

Here's to all the craziness that is sure to follow.