Monday, March 14, 2016

An old family secret.

(Don't worry, it was an old family secret by accident).

Every family has certain things that they feel only their family has. Whether that be recipes, jewelry, or old myth. We all know that every family has these things, but we convince ourselves that only our family has something as amazing as an old recipe that has been passed down through the years, or a necklace that great grandmother Estelle managed to get through the Great Depression with. We've all been there.

Ever since I was little and can remember, my Aunt Susi (hi on the off chance that you're reading this!) has made dessert like nobody's business. The lady can literally make any treat that your little heart desires (though she rarely indulges herself). But my favorite of hers has got to be, hands down: Chocolate Eclair Cake. (And veggie bars, but that's another story for another day).

I've lived my entire life calling it- "Aunt Susi's Chocolate Eclair Cake" and was none the wiser. None of us were. And then, Danielle tore through a piece of my childhood like she was Miley on her wrecking ball. You see, it isn't "Aunt Susi's" Chocolate Eclair Cake..... It's actually..... Duh, duh, duh (insert more dramatic sound effects here)- Ms. Boyd's Chocolate Eclair Cake. And Danielle knows this, because she's the one that brought home the recipe to Aunt Susi from elementary school, in 1990. THE YEAR THAT I WAS BORN. No wonder we were none the wiser, it's been in our family a really long time!!

And this whole story came about, because Danielle is doing something really nice. Wrecking my childhood was not nice, but the things that she is actually doing is nice. And no offense, but even though I know that it originated in someone elses kitchen first, it will forever be "Aunt Susi's" Chocolate Eclair Cake. So, I thought that since I happen to have a copy of it right here, I would share it with you. Afterall, maybe one of the kids in your family will think that you made it up by yourself and that you're a dessert genius.

Just a warning though, if you make this cake, you're going to want to eat the whole damn thing by yourself. So, I guess, perfect for a drunk night in when you've taken too many allergy pills under the liquor and you need a snack to eat while watching It's Always Sunny.