Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We got icecream from the lady on the corner.

(The best icecream is free).

Did you guys know that it's Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen? Also, do you know anything about Dairy Queen and the fact that they have a Free Cone Day? I did not. I don't even really know why they have it or if there is even a purpose; all I know is yesterday the lady that works there (there's one down the road from where we work) told us that if we went to one today, they had to give us free small vanilla cones.

Only she said it a lot nicer.

And once I told Dani what was happening, she was on a mission for us to eat icecream today. Her and I drove down in her car and got ours, and even though they're not supposed to, they gave us one for Tony to. They're pretty nice..... and a lot of people at our work are loyal customers during the season, because it's convenient and chili cheese dogs (with onions) are delicious.

Dani decided that once we got our cones and got back in her car (and they were melting, because it was really warm yesterday) that we needed a selfie to commemorate our victory with (and also, the people in my family are a bit psychotic).

And with all of that information, I leave you with how she captioned the picture of us on her FB page (because it can't possibly get any better): "Free cone day, playas!! (I have NO street cred)." I love it.