Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playful/Thankful Photo Challenge.

To start I would like to say- "Thank you Uncle Roger for letting us leave work an hour and a half early yesterday!!" I've always thought about participating in one of these things. I've started them before, but never quite finished one. Why? Because A) I usually forget at some point, because let's face it my memory is about as good as Grandpa V's driving and B) Because there is sooo much pressure associated with these things. If you're thankful for one person or thing, but not for another then someone is automatically offended. Never fails. You always have to have that one overly-dramatic person. So, since I wanted to do one of these things, but didn't want the added pressure, I decided that I would do a playful one. I did it through Instagram, some are serious, but for the most part they are just little fun things to me. Remember, sometimes it's the little things. Since I actually put forth a little effort on this one, I thought that I would share the pictures that I took, followed by the caption I wrote for them. I went all the way up until the day before Thanksgiving (November 27). Note to Self: Never do this again!! It was hard remembering to take a picture everyday and then to put them all together. There's a reason you gave up on Project Life Katie!! Here goes nothing...

I'm Thankful For....

The Hemsworth Parents. I mean...Wow. People should buy those boys Momma jewels and high-five their Daddy everyday...Sometimes it's the little things.
That Danielle taught me how to turn the camera on my phone around; because even though I take Horrible pictures, at least there's not a toilet or shower behind me.
Sundays...The one day a week to take all day to relax, read, watch tv, paint your toenails, and eat icecream.
For the lunch dates that we get to share, the jokes that we make, and of course I'm Very thankful for the Inventor of Paninis.
Kurt Sutter...He is the genius behind my Favorite tv show, and the husband to one of my favorite musicians/actresses...Gotta love him and his twisted sense of humor.
That I love to read and write, but if I need to know something asap I can always google it...that and watch youtube. But I still prefer the older days with my books instead of so much technology, I've seen Terminator you know. Remember people, this is a playful photo challenge.
That I have family and friends that stop me (for the most part) from making drastic changes to my hair. I know me, I see Zooey Deschannel with bangs or J. Law with this cute pixie and I think I want it...Just to be clear, I would look like a total reject.
Blogging. It's my outlet where I can put all of my random thoughts and talk about the things that some people just don't wanna hear. I can be as playful or as serious as I want, and it's something that is all mine.

For good books, warm red slippers, teddy bears, and the ability to drown out all the crazy sounds upstairs so I can get lost in what I'm reading. My spacing out abilities are so good that sometimes even I don't realize I'm doing it.
For random phone calls and letters from old friends...Sometimes when you're having one of "those" kind of days, it just takes something small to make you smile.
That even though I don't like dealing with Mondays, they still come around, and eventually the grueling  day is over.
That I have the free will to change my mind whenever I want...Whether it be something as big as Life Decisions to something as small as deciding to drink more water, and everything in between including pieces of technology, my stance on leggings, and even my opinion about Ian Somerhalder.
For my Momma and night is movie night with my big brother...GrownUps2 it is.
That Dani is good at Math (Math Nerd) and doesn't mind helping me out since I'm well...Not so good at Math. Thank you Dani!
That I have friends that know me all too well. They find random strange books and think to themselves- "Katie would love this, I should tell her about it." That and the fact that when you can't make it to a good ole fashioned bookstore, they have delivery services these days.
To have my big brother around to smack talk with, hang out with, and just spend some bro/sis time with. Like I always say, sometimes it's the little things.

For hats, because my hair in rainy weather...Enough said.
That even though he's a pain in my butt and I wanna ring his neck at times, that my brother still knows how to fix things on occasion.
That this clock only sings for a month or two instead of all year round. I can deal with christmas carols for a month or two, but that's about it.
For warm coats and scarves. It's not extremely cold out this morning, but with this crazy wet mop that I call hair, they sure due come in handy! Thanks Aunt Susi!
That there are far wiser people out there than myself.
That my Family/Friends find my Quirkiness Endearing instead of Cray...Including when I buckle our Poinsettia into Jayna's carseat so it won't get hurt...We got this Dani...By the way her name is Sasha :)
For Creative Minds.
For time with the family. Whether we're talking, hanging out, or just watching a movie.

Memes...Just a little bit of hilarity throughout your day.
The Jokes we make, the Laughs we share, and ALL of our WTH Moments.
My Puppy Dog. I adopted him from "the home" (shh...gotta whisper it, he's sensitive about that part of his life) when I was sixteen years old and he's been the best friend that a girl could ever ask for. I know it sounds weird, but we've been through  alot.

There you have it Folks. Twenty-Seven of the things that I'm thankful for. Not nearly everything, but then again I don't think that anyone could actually sit down and name off everything that they're really thankful for and remember it all. There's just SO much to be thankful for. Especially for me. I have a Great Family, even though some are crazy they're still pretty great. Good Friends, that even though I don't get to see as much as I like I know that if I need them they're there. A Roof over my head, Food to eat, and a Job to help me provide for my Family, and these days not everyone can say that. I have Moderately Descent Health, not fantastic but seriously I can't complain. Not to mention I have the right to be who I want to be, when I want, and however I want. I know that some of these things are silly, but I try not to be overly serious about anything. Seriousness is what got Kerouac you know. Well, Seriousness and Whiskey. Sorry, ignore me. With all of that being said, I would just like to say- "Thank you to My Family, I love you all so very much. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and that you eat more than you can possibly stand. And last but certainly not even close to least. Thank you SOO much to all of our Military Service Men/Women. What you all do is so amazing and appreciated!! You put yourselves on the line so that we all may have a chance at a better life. There are no words that can even begin to describe the Thankfulness that I have for you. Ya'll would've been in my pictures, but I couldn't find a Soldier anywhere to get a picture of. You're all out there defending our Rights and Freedoms. Once again Thank you! Thank you so much!!" And of course people are beginning to see Christmas in the very near Future. So I had to add in a couple of the Christmas Pics :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Too much information to process.

Ok, so I have been thinking about doing something with my hair lately. Something completely different than I've done in a long while. I watched a show a few weeks ago and the chick on it was all- New City, New Me!! Blah, blah, blah. Anyways...even though I think that she was completely crazy she did have a bit of a point. I've lived up here in the city for a little over a year now and have been through a whole lot of changes. Seriously. A. Lot. But have managed to keep my ole mousey brown hair. I hate my original color, but have always favored myself a brunette. I've always experimented with my hair color and "look", but not in the last few years. I know- Shocking!! But I figured it's time for a little bit of a change. Nothing wrong with change.

So in order to pick the right color and all of that mess, I have to get it cut before anything, I can't even wear it down and it look right, right now because it's so bad, It needs cut on so many levels!! I do what I always do when I need information. Google Please!! I came across this article that is supposed to "help" you choose the right hair color for yourself. Apparently it's all very "scientific", because they use charts and every such stuff. Yeah, I thought the same thing...But seriously what can it hurt to answer a few questions and get a couple ideas? Nothing that's what. So that's what I did. Of course I had to ask Dani a couple things about myself, How weird is that? because I had absolutely no clue. How am I supposed to know what the difference between pink pale and regular pale are? Everything looks kinda light pink to me these days. So I answered the questions and it kind of spit out a color for me. Not exactly what I expected, but I kind of like it. I think if anyone is considering dying their hair or looking for something different, then they should give this Article a little perusing. Not saying it's right, but at least it's fun and gives you some ideas. Besides who decides what is considered "technical data" and not. Everything has a chart and a group study anymore. Just saying.

Observe What Type of Skin Tone you have. (I had to ask Dani about this one). Options: Olive, Pink, Pale, Dark, Extremely Pale, or Yellow.
Result: Pale. Pale skin suits nearly every hair color, though it does not necessarily mean that it will be flattering. Uhh...Thanks for absolutely nothing on that one. No help at all!

Determine which Clothing Color suits you best. Options: Red, Orange, Golden Yellow, Olive Green, Rust/ Bluish Red, Fuchsia, Black, Royal Blue, Pine Green/ Red, Purple, Charcoal Grey, Periwinkle, Teal.
Result: Red, Purple, Charcoal Grey, Periwinkle, and Teal. At least that's what people tell me. "I suit Neutral Tones like Sandy Blonde, Beige Blonde, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany".

Determine which Type of Jewelry looks best on you. Options: Silver, Gold, Both.
Result: Silver. It means I have "cool skin".

Determine your Eye Color. Options: Brown, Green, Hazel, or Blue.
Result: Blue. Blue eyes have a "blue base" as opposed to having a "yellow" or "brown base" which means that hair colors like light gold or ash best suits them.

Final Tallying....Consider Dying Your Hair These Colors....Plus, Don't Forget To Read ALL Of The Tips At The Bottom. This is a Picture of what my Hair Color is now ignore the fact that I'm a mess and the Result That it Gave Me...

Result: Sandy Blonde w/ Highlights.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Momma, I love our little inside jokes and jamming in the car with you. Dear Aunt Susi, Thank you for the new coat. I love it, and you were right, it's extremely warm and cozy. Thank you! Dear Guys that fixed our hot water heater, Thank you. If I had to see Shy shake one more time I was gonna strangle her. Am I the only one that can take ice cold showers without coming near death? Dear Kurt Sutter, Once again...You're a Genius. Dear Dr. E, I have to admit that I always thought that dermatologists were just fancy versions of witch doctors. No offense. However, that's not a bad thing because I believe in witches and now I believe in you. Thank you for helping me with this "skin attacking me like Napoleon did Germany" problem. You're awesome. Dear Greg, How dare you dis Robin Thicke you turd! Dear Ian Somerhalder, I'm sorry that you were unaware that we were supposed to get married and live happily ever after. Now that you know, we should get started. Dear Picasa, I love making collages on you. That is all. Dear FX, Why do I have to wait for two weeks for the next episode of SOA? I'm lucky it's worth waiting for. Dear Dragonfly in Amber, I know you came and I started reading you, but I had to give you a break. You're a whole lot to take on at once. I had to switch books for awhile. Sorry. Dear Chicago Fire, You're an excellent show, it almost had me in tears-I was a little misty eyed this past week, but we all know that Firemen don't look like Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer. Nice try, but you can't trick us! Although a man in uniform does tend to be hotter than other ones. Dear Uncle Roger, If you don't quit getting me junk food you're going to have to start rolling me around everywhere and using the forklift to get me up the stairs. We'll take precautions and just not take a plane ride through the Andes, that way you don't have to fatten me up. Thank you though :) Dear People, Adam Levine 2013's Sexiest Man Alive? Seriously? He beat Charlie Hunnam, The Hemsworth Brothers, and about five hundred more that I could name off of the top of my head? Ya'll are seriously slacking, get it together People! Dear Android, Now that I've learned to take Screenshots with you, I can't stop myself. It's addicting. Dear Vampire Diaries, I finished all your seasons on NetFlix, I love you, and I'm definitely a fan. Dear Kelly Clarkson, Congratulations! You're having a baby! Dear FSOG Producers-Directors-Writers-Actors, I made mention that I thought that it was corny that the movie was being released on VDay 2015. Ya'll must have heard me because now it's being released February 13, 2015. Which just so happens to be my birthday. Thanks. I think. Dear Cousin Josh, No one asked you Carl!! Dear Australia, None of ya'll want to go to Justin Beiber concerts...I'm so very proud of you! Dear Elvis Channel on Pandora, I love, love, love and have been rocking out to you! Dear Uncle Jimmy, Yeah...ummm...I think I may have broken our alarm. Just a little bit though. In all fairness, I had no clue what was happening. Ok, it's not broken, but it definitely doesn't like me. Dear Google+, I got rid of you on Wednesday and switched to a Blogger Profile. It's never given me that option before, but I think that I may really like it. Sorry, but you had to go. Dear Teresa Medeiros, I love and own all of your novels. With that being said I would really appreciate it if you would continue The Cabot series. I know that the ending of TVWLM let them all live happily ever after, but I've read AM and TVWLM at least thirty-five times apiece and love the Kane/Cabot's. Thank you. Dear Daily Weather, I reckon you have made up your mind, it's cold as a well diggers butt outside!! Dear Shy, Yes I will wear the green winter coat so you don't have to. Fashion before warmth, you can tell you're a teenage girl.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ways the movie "Crossroads" ruined my life.

Let us travel back to 2002 for a moment shall we? I know what you're thinking. Why on Earth would we want to travel backwards in time to eleven years ago? Wow, I just felt incredibly old when I said that. Has it really been eleven years? Eleven years since I was twelve? Damn, starting to feel old again. It's all down hill from here on out. Continuing with the subject let us travel back to 2002, the year of Trucker Hats, Shell Necklaces, The Anthrax Scare, Bandanas, and Crossroads.

Britney Spears herself set me up for disappointment throughout life, but it was Crossroads that really ruined it for me. When that movie came out I Looooved it! Still secretly do. I wanted to be talented like Lucy, have a boyfriend like Ben, and have the attitude of Mimi. Not to mention my dream car suddenly became a pale yellow '69 Buick Skylark. Oh come on, like you don't have a dream car. But like all things in life I had to eventually face reality as it came. But here today, I wanted to share some of the Reasons that Crossroads Ruined My Life...

*I assumed that as long as my friends and I buried a "wish box" that there was nothing that we couldn't accomplish. I mean it worked out for the girls didn't it? Guess what? We buried that box filled with our hopes and dreams and dug it up years later. We had forgotten what we had put in there, but when we dug it up and peered inside it wasn't near as fulfilling as we had hoped.

*I assumed that as long as you were childhood friends that you would stay tight forever. Wrong. Rachel and I were pretty much inseparable from childhood until we were fifteen, then we still kept in touch until I moved back. We spent an enormous amount of time together, and whenever we had another friend around it was usually Mo. We were close. However, one girl growing up and working a full time job, one having kids and going to jail, and one girl sleeping with her friends b/f and lying about her later we all went our separate ways.

*Rachel and I thought that it was perfectly acceptable to creepy stare at a guy that we thought was hot, as long as we hid behind a door when we did it. Yeah umm, that's referred to these days as Stalking, and it's definitely frowned upon. Learned that one the hard way.

*The "Pretty Popular Ones" are really loving and caring at heart? Wrong. They're actually just really Bitches. Sorry, but it's true.

{{Remember that I was twelve when this movie came out, and those are some pivotal years my friend. We're very impressionable and somewhat gullible at that time. Well, with that being said I would just like to go on the record by saying it sounded good in my head!}}

*I thought that it was mandatory that every guy looked like Ben, was romantic and automatically drove an awesome car, played the guitar/piano, and looked at you like you were the only girl on Earth. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! My teenage self was very disappointed that this one wasn't true. Not to mention they don't sing Sheryl Crow with you.

*Karaoke. Not everyone is meant for it ok? Just trust me on this one, sometimes it's better just to have trust. Do as I say not as I do. Brit made it look so easy and sexy. Guess what? We're not all Britney Spears. We don't sound, look, nor dance like her. Just let it go. Even if we do too Love Rock -n- Roll.

*We don't all look fantastic after walking through the rain. We don't get consoled on the bathroom floor by the man of our dreams. Nope, we look like drowned rats and get bronchitis.

*The girls were very pretty in that movie, especially Brit, so what did I do? Well, chop my hair off and dye it blonde, buy some boys underwear, get a white fisherman hat and some hip hugger jeans, and started wearing sweatpants and peasant tops. Yeah, umm...I was a bit of a mess. More than a bit actually.

*It made scrunchy hair look amazing! Guess what? Scrunchy hair is dirty looking, hard, crunchy, and disgusting. Not to mention when you have naturally curly hair it doesn't scrunch. One side poofs while the other sticks to the side of your face.

*Guess what? There's not an over abundance of Men walking around looking like Anson Mount. Unfair, but true. Sorry.

*Boys aren't secretly ok with you and your girlfriends taking their cars whether asleep in back or not. They really don't like it. They also don't go stomping around and throwing stuff in the distance to calm down. They straight up look you in the face while they're yelling that you stole their car. So sensitive.

*I'm just gonna go ahead and be honest about the bedroom scene. Losing your Virginity, does NOT look like that!

*We can't all be Madonna's. Just because you bounce around your bedroom belting it out, and re-enacting your favorite Madg video doesn't mean that you are anywhere close to being that cool. It's a Material Girl world, and we're just living in it.

*Boys briefs are not more comfortable than panties. Not even when they're boy briefs panties. They squeeze and pinch. Not to mention they cause serious wedgies.

*Just because some dude comes up to you at a bar and gets all up on you doesn't mean that your knight in shining armor is going to come to your aid and defend your honor. Some guys are just tools, and you have to learn how to take care of yourself.

*Finally, Don't belt out boyband songs unless your around fellow boyband lovers, and not all accents are cute. Sometimes we just sound twangy, loud, and hicky. Yes, I said hicky. It's a word because I want it to be and it fits properly in that description.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I said, "what the f*ck" so many times, that it lost all meaning.

Well, it's official. Last nights episode of SOA was called Aon Rud Persanta, and originally that confused me because I have not even the slightest clue what it means. I'm not confused anymore. I know what it means. It very literally means- Holy. Shit. Seriously. Ok, maybe not seriously, but with what went down on it last night, that's definitely what it should mean. I hollered- WTH at least fourteen times. It was like Jax and his- Jesus Christ! I'm a bit overly-dramatic when I watch Sons. For starters, I would just like to go on the record by saying that I called the fact that Galen was gonna bite the dust. Period. That's just all there is to it. The fact that his two lackeys bit it with him.... well.... collateral damage. Please, like they all didn't have it coming. Especially Galen, he did blow up the clubhouse thinking that everyone and their families were in it earlier this season! He had to go. The part that was incredibly shocking without actually being all that shocking was when it was revealed that the MC had voted that hit in and also what their other vote was. What was it you ask? Wait for it.... I wanna tell you.... honestly I do.... ok, enough with the suspense, they unanimously voted that Clay also had to be taken out. Now with that being said, I would just like to add that we all seen this coming. Clay has had a serious fall from grace. I mean, he killed Piney, he's pretty responsible for the death of Opie, he put a hit out on Tara that instead Jax saved her and got her hand crushed in the process ruining her career, he had Donna killed, he beat Gemma to a bloody pulp when she confronted him about Tara and Piney. Not to mention the numerous other things. The point is we all seen this coming. But just because we seen it coming doesn't mean that we expected it. Does that make sense? I figured out what was happening a little before Galen was shot, but by the time that it was time to "off" Clay, I was half expecting someone to show up and rescue him because, well, he's Clay. But no, no one came. Clay stood straight and looked Jax in the eye while Chibs handed him the gun, surrounded by Chibs, Tig, and Juice. He then looked out of the window at Gemma with tears in his eyes as Jax shot him. He went down with the first shot, it was in his throat, and then Jax emptied the rest of it in his chest. I'm assuming that was to make sure that the Devil didn't come back. Gemma was of course upset, Tara was relieved and honestly it seemed a little happy. Understandably so. Nero was just like- Wth? What have I got myself into? They saw what happened because they were in the airplane hanger when it went down.They were there because in the process of the MC taking down the armored truck to rescue Clay (ironically so they could kill him their selves),  Bobby was shot twice in the shoulder. It was a pretty gnarly wound.

It even had Chibs on edge. He managed to stop the bleeding for a bit, but he told Jax that it was out of his capabilities, and that they needed a real doctor. Insert Tara here. With everything that's happened lately between Jax, Tara, and Gemma, they're not all exactly on friendly terms. However, they all love Bobby and saving his life seemed a bit more important. Tara was at Gemma's, picking up the boys when Jax called and the two women and Nero headed out. After Jax killed Clay, Tara informed him that she had to go to the hospital to get some supplies and that they all had to go to the cabin to do the surgery on Bobby's shoulder. Jax opened her door for her, and as she climbed in she grabbed his hand and held it for just a second. The look those two exchanged.... well let's just say it was.... emotional. Did I mention that Juice ran over and killed a cop in the process of getting away? Well, he did and he seems to be slipping from reality a tad. Just saying. The DA was freaking out because she thought that Jax had betrayed her and went back on their deal. He didn't, he just went about it a tad bit different way. She, of course, called Tara and wanted to offer her a deal in exchange for the MC, and now Tara is debating whether or not to give Patterson the slug she pulled out of Bobby's shoulder and get out, or to stay semi-loyal/true to her husband. Since she does love him. If that's how you treat people you love, I'd hate to see what you do to enemies. Decisions, decisions for ole Tara. What to do? What to do?

Gemma and Tara also had a moment in the car on their way to the hospital, where Patterson and Eli secretly met Tara. Gemma was crying, and Tara explained to Nero what Clay really was and what he had done, and then Tara put a hand on Gemma's shoulder to comfort her, and Gemma held her hand. By the way, Wendy is still recovering at Gemma's house. Like anyone really cares, she's a whiny pain in the butt. You know it's true. While waiting for Tara, Gemma told Nero that Jax loved him and he joked saying- I'm too old to adopt. She replied- You could always marry me. Nero- No offense, Momma, but I've seen what happens to your husbands and it ain't pretty. Touche. Fair point always made by Nero. Unser also confessed his whole "being in love with Gemma" thing to her after trying to talk some forgiveness into her. Hello! Everyone knows that you're in love with her, we all established that season one, dude. Where you been? The episode ended with Jax telling Tara that he understood why she did what she did, and apologizing saying- I'm sorry that being with me made you go to that place. She closed the door behind him, pulled the bullet out of her pocket, and thought long and hard. Then poof, that was it.

What are The Kings gonna say about Galen/Clay? By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Timothy V. Murphy (Galen) always plays a ruthless badass? Will Tara, in fact, rat out the MC? And the most important one of all. Do the Chinese still have Happy and is he ok? There are only two episodes left for this season, but it's not on next week due to the Holidays. Or, so I'm assuming. But two weeks from now, it's gonna go down. Well, more so than it already had. You know what I mean. I like the title for the next (next to season finale) episode. Season06,Episode12- You are My Sunshine...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ok, small problem.

So, I went back to the dermatologist this morning. All seems well enough, he refilled my prescriptions for the next three months and I don't have to return until February. I go back to my "Lady Doctor" on the third next month and we'll see what happens there. Who knows. Hopefully it's all good though. That's not what I wanted to talk about though. Well, it kinda is but also isn't. Does that even make sense? Oh well, just go with it please. Thank you.

On my way to work this morning after leaving the dermatologist Momma and I were talking about some random things. I made mention to her about my current eating habits. Now this is strange, but some of the things I used to love I can't hardly eat anymore. They literally make me gag. Seriously. I'm not sure if it's just my body and taste changing all by itself or if it has something to do with the kind of medicine that I'm taking. Who the heck knows. All I know is that some of the things that I used to eat and drink constantly, I can't even stomach to look at let alone eat. Things like: ranch dressing, bbq, alfredo sauce and meat.

Just to name a few. Not all kinds of meat, but most of it. I can still eat hotdogs if they're burnt, and I don't really mind chicken bites and stuff, but for the most part especially with red meat I can't do it. It makes me gag. The last two times Jim made steak for dinner I couldn't even look at it. It's so weird. I have always loved steak. Always. But now nope. Nada. Not happening. And I used to put ranch dressing on everything. Everything. Now I can eat it on occasion, but for the most part I have to eat a different kind of dressing. I don't understand. It could be my taste or the medicine. Who knows. All I know is my eating and drinking habits have changed considerably. I used to hate hot tea, now I love it. I don't know why I felt the need to share this, I guess it just struck me as weird after thinking about it this morning. My body is either trying to reject the healthy or make me overly healthy. I don't like it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Weekend, Thank you for coming around as quickly as possible. I greatly appreciate it. Dear Momma, Thank you for all of the laughter that we share. We're definitely not right, but two peas in a pod. And that's saying something because I don't like peas. Dear Winter, Seriously? Can't you make up your mind by now? Stay, go, whatevs just make a decision! Dear Kurt Sutter, You are a sick, twisted psychopath that feeds on peoples emotions. And I love you for it. Dear Noodle, Thanks alot for leaving me hanging, I've managed to think up about five million things that involve our old friend in the past week. But it's all good because I still love you. Dear Dani, Thank you for the bit of hilarity that we always share on those long Fridays, so that they end quicker and can start our weekend off right. But just because it says Mario Lopez, doesn't mean that you can just assume they mean AC Slater. Who am I kidding? Yes, you can. Dear Vampire Diaries, You are highly addictive and I think that I may be a little bit in love with you. Or Ian Somerhalder. It's one or the other. Dear Amazon, Thank you for Delivering. Dear Tony (from down the street), Thank you for fixing the Wii Bar enough so that I can watch NetFlix. You're officially in the running with BatMan to be my Hero. Dear Uncle Kenny, You know I love you more than my luggage, but no I'm not watching anymore of those Christmas movies. Ok, maybe a couple more, but that's it. Dear Lindsey Lohan, Start taking better care of yourself girl, your breasts should not be that low at your age. Get it together. Dear Aunt Susi, Have fun at your gun class today, I know that you'll do great. And Uncle Roger...Good luck! Dear Charlie, Thanks for listening to me being melodramatic. Dear Kittens, You invade my space, my life, and my couch/bed, you eat my food, knock stuff off of my table, chew through cords, attack my feet, and jump on my face while I'm sleeping. You're lucky you're cute. Dear Greg, You're my brother and I love you. With that being said if you wake me up at three in the morning by banging on my window without a legitimate excuse, not being locked out from staying out all night, I'm going to be forced to treat you as an intruder and beat you with a ballbat. Dear Tayder, I still love you as much today as the day I adopted you. I just thought that you should know. Dear Dragonfly in Amber, As soon as you get delivered via Amazon, I'm going to be forced to start reading you! Dear Keflex, Oh thou art a heartless bitch! Dear Lady that hit my car yesterday morning, Don't worry. Accidents happen, you're not going to hurt my car by dinging it a little bit. Dear Uncle Jimmy, I will no longer eat a banana. There are spiders in there! Enough said. Hope everybody has a safe and happy rest of their weekend!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tara ran Juice's bike over with her car.

What does Huang Wu mean? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I don't know either, but I'm going with it. Last night on SOA I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Why? Because once again Wendy didn't damn die! Seriously? How do you screw up an OD on three separate occasions? She can't get anything right. I'm not saying that I want her dead, I'm just saying that if she's going to try it than maybe she should succeed within the first three tries. Just saying. Anyways.... Jax walked by the school and looked at all of the children that were outside, you can clearly tell that he was upset, and then he went into a Church and seen to young boys running around and playing and it reminded him of him and Opie when they were younger. Tara is on the downward spiral. It all started in the beginning of the episode when she psyched herself up because Thomas wasn't in his room, and she took off running to Abel's and there was Jax holding the baby. He wasn't going to take them, he was just looking at them. Get a grip lady!! He handed Thomas back to Tara and told her that they had to put some distance between them before somebody got hurt. He packed a bag and went to stay at Collette's. Juice volunteered to keep an eye on her to make sure that she didn't take off with the kids. She went to see Wendy, and Wendy tried to reason with her and told her- "Just tell Jax the truth, it's the right thing to do." Tara- "They already know the truth." Wendy- "Not your truth they don't." Tara- "It doesn't matter, you know why you wouldn't make a good mother? Because you're a coward ex-junkie." When Tara got back in her car she was having an even greater pissed off moment, put her car in reverse and ran Juice's bike over. He barely made it off in time.

She then went back to the house and got the gun out of the safe deposit box. Gemma showed up to get some of the boys stuff "just in case they needed to stay with Grandma for awhile." Tara told her that was never going to happen and that Gemma was just mad because she stole that plan right out of the Gemma Handbook. She went on to tell her that she had been her "ole lady coach" and "mentor" and that this was something that she would do. Gemma informed her that she would and has done some horrible things to protect her family, but lying about the death of a baby isn't one of them. She then told Tara that she had a choice. She could either leave and they could tell the boys that Mommy went away, or they could tell them that Mommy passed away. It was her choice, then Gemma left. Margaret told Tara that she couldn't take the chance with her life and that she was taking the vacation time that she had left and going to spend it in Sedona, since she was too scared to go home. Lowen also got scared off after being confronted by Jax last week. Tara confronted Juice at the hospital, where he was watching the boys. She demanded to know where Jax was and after a few choice words, he finally told her that he was at his business partner Collette's and gave her the address. Tara showed up at the house and walked in on Jax and Collette.... you know what they were doing. Tara pulled her off and threw her down on the floor and was punching her in the face. Jax pulled Tara off of her and she took off running. Tig had heard the commotion and came to investigate. He told Jax that he would straighten things up there, to go after Tara. Collette asked who that was, to which Tig replied- "the wife." Tig is hilarious! Did I mention that two of the four people in this situation were still naked up until this point? Well, they were. Jax ran out the door after her and met up with her outside of the house. She was holding the gun to her side and rambling on and on. She had officially lost it. She is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest! She got in the car and took off. She went to see Patterson and wanted that deal. Patterson informed her that the deal was no longer available Tara not knowing that Jax has already made a deal that ensures her fines and community services but no jail time, but told Tara that if she was fearful for her and her sons lives that she could help her. Tara stared off into space and walked out of the office. Her final words to Patterson? "No you can't. No one can help me."

Jax was trying to get the set-up between Jimmy (Italians) and Galen on the ball. However, the Chinese showed up for the discussion and Galen opened fire, killing at least three. The Chinese chased the Sons down and told them that they wanted the gun business in Cali, not the Irish. The Sons agreed to let them in on the heist of Clay, knowing that they had the deal with Patterson to deliver Galen and the entire gun shipment. Some serious shit is going to go down! Clay had Gemma to come see him in jail. He told her that when he got out on the run that he wouldn't be able to file for divorce, so he signed everything over to her so that she wouldn't have any trouble. She thanked him, they had a heart felt moment they were married for a long time, you know and she left. Nero and Unser went to check on Wendy. Unser was being a tool, and Nero just told him how it was. It was great! When they got to the apartment they noticed smoke coming from inside. Nero kicked down the door and they discovered Wendy passed out on the floor and the drugs on her stove on fire. Gemma decided to take Wendy to her house, to help her get and stay clean and sober. The episode ended with Jax sitting on his and Tara's bed after putting the kids to bed, and looking at all of the pictures. Then he went out to the garage with the baby monitor and started working on JT's bike. Like I've said before, Charlie Hunnam is seriously pulling out the emotional acting chops this season. I mean, wow! This season is just truly showing how talented all of these actors are, and their range and depth as performers. Everything is so emotional whether it be anger, fear, grief, betrayal, love, just really about anything. Only a few more episodes left this season. Next week is when the "Clay Heist" is supposed to go down. I just don't think that everything is going to go as planned. Nothing ever seems to work out for the guys. Season06,Episode11- Aon Rud Persanta.

Friday, November 8, 2013

I said that I would.

I made a small list of things the other day that talked about things that I Will Do Someday. Well, number seven on that list was to read the entire Outlander Series. I have been trying to read that series for probably a little over six years now. I have them all and finished the first book when I was seventeen. I decided to start reading them when my English Honors Teacher Mrs. Lynch at the time had suggested them to me. {{On a Side Note, I really liked her. She was an amazing teacher, and taught me alot. Not just about Literature either, but about life. To her I say- Thank you.}} I don't really know why I have never finished the rest of them, but now that I think about it I really want to. I have enjoyed everything that I've read so far, so now I want to know the rest of the story. Last night, I decided that it was time. Time to put down everything else that I have been reading and watching lately I have a giant list of novels that I'm convinced need my attention and give Outlander another go. The only way I'll know if I like them is if I read them. Right? So that's what I did. I decided to go ahead and start from the first book again, and then move through it. You know to remind myself of what was going on. I'm glad I made that decision, because I had forgotten alot of crucial parts. It's as good as I remember it, all 800 and some odd pages of tiny print of it. I'm enjoying it so far, like I knew I would. If ya'll need me- I'll be in 1743 Scotland, Sassenach!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I "nose" the truth! And yes, I know that's a dumb pun.

Ok, I would just like to start by saying that Kurt Sutter is a genius, a psychopath, has a warped sense of humor, I'm pretty sure that he may be a sociopath, and frankly I kinda wish that he was my dad. The only reason that I don't wish that he was my dad 100% is because I find him reasonably attractive, and that would just be weird. Just when I think that he can't get anymore brilliant, he pulls something out of his hat and surprises me. Although, I'm pretty descent at calling certain things that are going to happen I called Opie, most of the time he always gets me. With that being said, here's what went down last night on SOA.... last nights episode of SOA was called John 8:32. From the book of John: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Boy, they were not kidding when they named that one after it was written. Things came out, old and new. The only other name that would have been acceptable to call it would have been Revelations and Damn!!

For starters Jax finally called Tara out on all of her "distance" bull. Look, I know that I'm supposed to be all- "Tara just doing the right things no matter the consequences to get her boys out and protect her family. Gemma would do the exact same thing, and there was no other way. Jax has done her bad, she's lost everything because of the club." Blah, Blah, Blah. But let's face it, I'm not. I'm not saying that I'm #TeamGemma, but I'm not #TeamTara either. The whole situation was just beyond screwed up and I know that she was putting this plan together in a desperate/short amount of time, but I mean.... come on. Then not only betray Jax beyond contempt, but also frame his mother to drive them apart, use the leverage of their son against someone so unstable Wendy, bring in a woman that could lose everything including her license and job Margaret, use the love he has for the boys to con Unser into helping, play the martyr to the clubs lawyer Lowen so she will help turn everything against Jax/ Gemma/ the club, and further more, bold-faced lying on Nero. That does it right there! How you gonna lie on Nero? He's all the time helping and doing what he can for everybody. Seriously!? And you know what now that I think about it, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I know she's crazy and has done and still does some horrible things, but I'm sooo #TeamGemma.

We finally got to see the Homeless Woman for the first time this season, although it was towards the end. Got to meet her daughter though and man was she a real little peach. Just full of sunshine and joy. First, she was sitting on a brick wall across from the ice cream shop/new clubhouse when Jax pulled up. She just sat there as he walked in. He noticed her, but didn't bother her. As Jax and Unser were talking in the shop, the rest of the guys were upstairs, she started beating up Tig's bike with a giant red pipe wrench and when  Jax went to go outside and ask her what she was doing she threw the pipe wrench through the plate glass window and took off running. He followed her and when he caught up to her she started screaming, "Help! Rape! Somebody help me!" Everyone knew that she was acting crazy, but Jax let her go and stood there confused as she ran away. When they got back to the shop, they talked about who the girl was and her father/mother. Come to find out that the girls mother had passed away not long after she was born, due to a car pile-up caused my the truck that had jack-knifed and killed John (Jax's dad). Jax went to see her dad and he explained to him that she had some issues, and had her whole life, that her mother did too, and said they lost their house this week and that they would pay for the damages. Jax told him no not to worry about it and that he was sorry. He also seen a picture of the girls mother and said that she looked familiar. Why? Because it was the Homeless Woman all cleaned up in her wedding photo twenty years prior! I was sitting on my couch screaming at the tv- "Jax! Don't be a dunce, you can figure this one out dude!" Jax talks to Oswald about helping the two keep their house (the father works for Oswald), and he agrees to help them. At the end the girl comes to the shop to find Jax and apologize. They talk a little and she cries, while he sits there to comfort her.

Oh, and before I forget since it was Tig's bike he said- "Why my bike? Why? Do all teenage girls just hate me?" They all said, "Yes." And he just nodded and was all, "Yeah, I get that." It was hilarious! Poor Tig.

Back in prison things were being set into motion with Clay and the IRA. Clay had to attend church services and make a scene that would require them to send him to the psych ward for evaluation so that he could use the paid off doctor's phone to call Galen and the other Kings. Well, that sounded easy enough, right? A little something that would ensure that you needed a psych eval. Just do something to cause a bit of a scene and act crazy or suicidal. Nope. He took it to a whole new level. He stood up in the middle of the sermon, and started preaching about his savior: "P#$@*". Then when they tried to restrain him and take him down, he straight up bit one of the guards nose off! Like clean off! Just bit it off! I was like, "Wth?!" Then he was screaming- "I Nose The Truth!!" Get it? Nose it. Sorry, but I thought that was kinda funny. Needless to say he got his psych eval and got to make his secret phone call. However, the Doctor also let two guards in after his phone call one of them being dude with no nose to take out some aggression. Hey, dude is corrupt. What did you expect?

Barosky severed ties with the club because of the DA bringing down all of the heat on them, so that means that the club's legitimate porn business is going bye bye.... for now, at least. That madam lady ain't fooling anybody, she just wants to stay in business with the Sons so that she can have the possibility of getting into Jax's pants again. Not saying that I blame her, because honestly.... you go, girl! But seriously, we all know that's why you're doing it so just fess up. After Barosky left, Jax informed the guys that they needed to get everybody together in "the chapel" aka "the table" because they needed to take a vote. What was the vote you ask. Well, it showed them all voting "yay" but doesn't say why until Jax goes to see the DA Patterson. That's when the vote comes out. He starts telling Patterson about how John wanted a legitimate club and how he died before that happened. She tells him to get to the point and he explains, the club had agreed to give Patterson Galen O'Shea and the other "Kings", plus a full shipment of guns for all of the charges past and present involving guns against the club be dropped. Patterson asks him what he wants selfishly and he tells her that he wants her to review Tara's case again, that it was Toric connecting the dots that weren't there, that she had no clue what Otto was going to do to that nurse, that she was innocent and that Patterson knew that as much as he did. She agreed to review it and then asked, "So everyone in the MC gets out scot-free without so much as a slap on the wrist?" He replied, "Lady, you can slap my wrists until they're bloody for all I care. I just want my club and family taken care of. I'm the Outlaw scumbag and you're the pillar of Justice, and neither one of us likes seeing ourselves in the mirror. I'm giving you a deal high above your pay grade. Let's not get too lost in righteousness." She agrees, they make the deal, and Jax leaves her office.

Gemma told Nero all about what Tara had done and he tried to talk to Jax about it. Jax didn't want to talk about any of it and told Nero to stay out of it. So what did Nero do? Go and see Tara at the hospital, of course. He tried to talk some sense into her and reason with her very nicely by the way but she was having none of it, and told him that Gemma killed John and that if he was smart he would get out while he was still alive. Tara then called Jax and lied to him saying that Nero had called her a manipulative, lying bitch. Nero replied, "Well, if she said that I said any of that than I guess that she is." This did not settle with Jax well. He swung on Nero and they fought. Gemma showed up and told Happy and Quinn that they had to stop them before they killed each other. Happy agrees because they all still love Gemma and they break the two up. Nero then starts telling Jax about what Gemma has done for him, his family, and the club and she tried to stop him. He said, "No Momma! He needs to know!" He then told Jax all about everything that happened with the guards when she went in for a visit for Jax. Jax tries to apologize, but Gemma tells him to forget it, it's done. While they're on the subject of sharing secrets Gemma tells Jax that Tara had been lying, that she faked the entire pregnancy and miscarriage to set Gemma up a theory she had confirmed earlier because she had tricked Margaret at the hospital and that she was divorcing Jax and taking his boys away. She told him, "Son, I get that you don't believe me, but it's the truth and if your wife won't tell you the truth, then you need to find someone who will." Nero asks Gemma later about what Tara had said about John, asking if she killed him, and Gemma tells him all about the man John was, and what they had went through. She then says, "I didn't kill John. But I knew that he had to go, and I didn't hide my opinion from the man I had fallen in love with. I gave Clay my blessing to end John. I've never told anyone that, not even my son." With that she leaves and goes home, leaving Nero in shock contemplating everything.

Jax enlisted Unser's help into getting Lowen to TM in Unser's trailer so they could talk. Unser leaves her on the couch and shuts the door, and Jax comes walking out of the bathroom with a gun. She gets up to run, but Jax tells her to sit down. This conversation was sooo emotional! He tells her, "I have some questions and you're going to give me the answers." Jax: "Is Tara divorcing me?" (And when she doesn't answer quickly enough he slams his hand down on the table scaring her and making her cry) she replies: "Yes." Jax: "Is she trying to get full custody of my boys?" Lowen: "Yes." Jax: "Was the whole pregnancy and miscarriage a lie?" Lowen: "Yes.... I believe so." Jax: "Why?" Lowen: "So Gemma couldn't contest custody." She then begs Jax not to hurt/kill her and he tells her to get out. When she doesn't make a move he kicks the door open almost off of the hinges and screams at her, "I said get the f*ck out!" She gets up, unsteady, and gets in her car and leaves. As soon as she pulls out of TM she calls Tara and tells her that Jax knows everything. Unser reminds Jax that he promised that no one would get hurt and Jax replies: "Yeah.... no one gets hurt" and walks away. The episode ends with it going back and forth between Jax and the Homeless Woman's daughter, Gemma and Nero, and Tara rocking Thomas in the rocking chair in his room, singing him a lullaby, while a loaded gun rests on her lap. I know this is off the subject, but Maggie Siff really does have a pretty voice. Charlie Hunnam really pulled out all of the stops on this one. He proved just how much of an amazing actor that he is. He really showed his range of emotions and was just.... well.... amazing. Next week is sure to be as emotional and nail-biting worthy as last nights. Season06, Episode10- Huang Wu.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh boy, the bigger they are, the dopier they come. -Gidget, 1959.

This quote reminds me of you, Gidg. I got a message from my old friend, Rhonda, tonight telling me that our friend Tonya, although she will always be Gidget to me, had passed away. I thought that she was completely wrong. Not saying that she would lie about something like that, but you know how rumors get started and travel in a small town like the one I used to live in. Sadly, she was right.

Gidget had passed away yesterday. Although noone knows for sure what happened, they are thinking heart attack caused by the strain that she was under from the flu.

But like I said, noone really knows. I don't want to talk about that though. No, Gidget wouldn't want that. She was so full of life and love and sarcasm and wit. She had a mouth on her that could put Howard Stern to shame, but you couldn't ask for a more caring, giving, loving person. She was an incredible friend, a fun co-worker, loving mother and grandmother, and an avid chihuahua lover. Instead of talking about her passing, I want to talk about her life. The part that I got to share at least. I don't know everything that happened before I met her, and I don't know everything that happened after I moved. All I know is she was my friend, and I loved her. Still love her. There wasn't one time that we talked that she didn't manage to put a smile on my face. I thought that I would write her a letter, not to say goodbye, but just to remember some of the good things that we shared.

To my friend, Gidget,

Hey, it's me, your little Mini-Me. Out of all of the nicknames that I've ever had, I think that you may have got the biggest kick out of making one up. You were so convinced that I was just a younger version of you. At least in certain parts. Well, I have to agree with you. We were alike in so many ways, and not only co-workers, but friends. We definitely have some great memories together. I'll never forget the talks we had during our rounds and breaks at all hours of the night, you seeing me off to my Senior Banquet, when you gave me some of the best advice that I've ever gotten, sharing coffee, mountain dew and french fries at one in the morning more than once, all our private jokes, and your "puss" coat. Boy, if we had a nickel for every dirty joke that was made about that one. Granted it was usually by one of us, but still. You were a great friend, and one that I will honestly miss.

I'll miss getting those random FB messages from you, those random text messages, and random pictures just to make each other laugh. Because no matter what we were doing, we always could make each other laugh. We had to go through some serious, stressful, things at work, but you know what? We did it and managed to keep a little piece of sanity and a smile. You were always one to tell me that I had a cute smile and an adorable laugh. I think it's because you felt the need to baby me for some reason. Alot of ya'll did. I can still remember all the smack we talked about Anthony and Tom, and the night that you gave me advice on Justin. By the way...not only hilarious, but effective. But of course you already know that, because we talked about it...more than once. I know that you'll remember the night that I showed up at your house a little inebriated and when you wouldn't answer the door, I took your work shoes off of your porch to hide them. Then I just ended up wearing them to work for like three weeks before you even realized it. Poor Tom, trying to convince you that a dog must have carried them, off and you were all- "Not both shoes Dumb@**!!" When you found out it was me all you could do was laugh, and we never told Tom. We'd be very rich if we had a nickel for every time we played a prank on each other, and then teamed up to get somebody else.

Then the day that they came into the Nusing Home looking for Denver and when you went outside to talk to them Heather told everybody you were hiding Denver in your trunk with it 103 degrees outside, because that's just what people do. So what did we do? Play it up of course! We had so much fun with that one. Heather thinking that I was helping you hide him and that she was some kind of undercover agent or something trying to "catch us in the act". The only thing better is you, me, and Timmy petting your coat and talking about boys. We all used to have a ball. And let's not forget our random sharing of fuzzy socks! We do love our fuzzy/crazy socks. I'll never forget you Gidget, and from time to time I will definitely think about and possibly even write about the things that we have done. Just so you know I still have all of those old pictures of us all from back in the day locked up in storage. I'm gonna miss you Gidg, and I love you.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The day after Halloween.

Today the kids celebrated Halloween. Of course yesterday was the actual day, but they cancelled it until today due to weather. Personally I think that's just a conspiracy that they created so that people could stay out and celebrate on a Friday instead of a Thursday. Just my opinion though. So I'm counting today as the day after Halloween, since it is. Well, what did I do today? I worked this morning as per usual, and when I got off Momma and I ran to the store and then we came home. The house was in full "gettin ready" swing. Kenny, Shy, and Jim were dressing up and getting ready for the trick-or-treaters and such. Before it started getting to crazy Kenny burnt grilled us some hotdogs for supper, and then the "festivities" began. We had sooo many trick-or-treaters. Sooo many! There was at least over four hundred or so. It was crazy.

Me being the awesome/caring person that I am however seen Christmas DOTS in the Halloween candy so I took them out to eat myself. Hey, I wouldn't want to confuse the kiddies. Ash and Angie brought Solae over and we all hung out while Shy took Solae through the neighborhood. Charlie sent me a picture of her dressed up as a Zombie for class. By the way, just so ya'll know she is beyond scared of Zombies. Funny but true. Bob down the street dressed up as Elvis, apparently he does this every year, and I got my picture taken with him because you know I was trying to "get into the spirit". I'm not sure what Shy was, but she was wearing alot of make-up and alot of black, so I'm assuming that she was Justin Beiber. Just a guess. Kenny's costume was incredibly bad. So bad that I can't even say what it looked like, but trust me it was bad. Thankfully he took off the hood. And Jim was a LumberJack. You know the Brawny Man? Anyways...Just so ya'll know, next time confuse the kiddies because Christmas DOTS are disgusting!! Well, that's all I got for now I'm going to continue to watch Aziz Ansari love this guy and go to bed. Happy Halloween!!! Well, technically the day after, but you know what I'm getting at!