Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Too much information to process.

Ok, so I have been thinking about doing something with my hair lately. Something completely different than I've done in a long while. I watched a show a few weeks ago and the chick on it was all- New City, New Me!! Blah, blah, blah. Anyways...even though I think that she was completely crazy she did have a bit of a point. I've lived up here in the city for a little over a year now and have been through a whole lot of changes. Seriously. A. Lot. But have managed to keep my ole mousey brown hair. I hate my original color, but have always favored myself a brunette. I've always experimented with my hair color and "look", but not in the last few years. I know- Shocking!! But I figured it's time for a little bit of a change. Nothing wrong with change.

So in order to pick the right color and all of that mess, I have to get it cut before anything, I can't even wear it down and it look right, right now because it's so bad, It needs cut on so many levels!! I do what I always do when I need information. Google Please!! I came across this article that is supposed to "help" you choose the right hair color for yourself. Apparently it's all very "scientific", because they use charts and every such stuff. Yeah, I thought the same thing...But seriously what can it hurt to answer a few questions and get a couple ideas? Nothing that's what. So that's what I did. Of course I had to ask Dani a couple things about myself, How weird is that? because I had absolutely no clue. How am I supposed to know what the difference between pink pale and regular pale are? Everything looks kinda light pink to me these days. So I answered the questions and it kind of spit out a color for me. Not exactly what I expected, but I kind of like it. I think if anyone is considering dying their hair or looking for something different, then they should give this Article a little perusing. Not saying it's right, but at least it's fun and gives you some ideas. Besides who decides what is considered "technical data" and not. Everything has a chart and a group study anymore. Just saying.

Observe What Type of Skin Tone you have. (I had to ask Dani about this one). Options: Olive, Pink, Pale, Dark, Extremely Pale, or Yellow.
Result: Pale. Pale skin suits nearly every hair color, though it does not necessarily mean that it will be flattering. Uhh...Thanks for absolutely nothing on that one. No help at all!

Determine which Clothing Color suits you best. Options: Red, Orange, Golden Yellow, Olive Green, Rust/ Bluish Red, Fuchsia, Black, Royal Blue, Pine Green/ Red, Purple, Charcoal Grey, Periwinkle, Teal.
Result: Red, Purple, Charcoal Grey, Periwinkle, and Teal. At least that's what people tell me. "I suit Neutral Tones like Sandy Blonde, Beige Blonde, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany".

Determine which Type of Jewelry looks best on you. Options: Silver, Gold, Both.
Result: Silver. It means I have "cool skin".

Determine your Eye Color. Options: Brown, Green, Hazel, or Blue.
Result: Blue. Blue eyes have a "blue base" as opposed to having a "yellow" or "brown base" which means that hair colors like light gold or ash best suits them.

Final Tallying....Consider Dying Your Hair These Colors....Plus, Don't Forget To Read ALL Of The Tips At The Bottom. This is a Picture of what my Hair Color is now ignore the fact that I'm a mess and the Result That it Gave Me...

Result: Sandy Blonde w/ Highlights.