Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tara ran Juice's bike over with her car.

What does Huang Wu mean? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I don't know either, but I'm going with it. Last night on SOA I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Why? Because once again Wendy didn't damn die! Seriously? How do you screw up an OD on three separate occasions? She can't get anything right. I'm not saying that I want her dead, I'm just saying that if she's going to try it than maybe she should succeed within the first three tries. Just saying. Anyways.... Jax walked by the school and looked at all of the children that were outside, you can clearly tell that he was upset, and then he went into a Church and seen to young boys running around and playing and it reminded him of him and Opie when they were younger. Tara is on the downward spiral. It all started in the beginning of the episode when she psyched herself up because Thomas wasn't in his room, and she took off running to Abel's and there was Jax holding the baby. He wasn't going to take them, he was just looking at them. Get a grip lady!! He handed Thomas back to Tara and told her that they had to put some distance between them before somebody got hurt. He packed a bag and went to stay at Collette's. Juice volunteered to keep an eye on her to make sure that she didn't take off with the kids. She went to see Wendy, and Wendy tried to reason with her and told her- "Just tell Jax the truth, it's the right thing to do." Tara- "They already know the truth." Wendy- "Not your truth they don't." Tara- "It doesn't matter, you know why you wouldn't make a good mother? Because you're a coward ex-junkie." When Tara got back in her car she was having an even greater pissed off moment, put her car in reverse and ran Juice's bike over. He barely made it off in time.

She then went back to the house and got the gun out of the safe deposit box. Gemma showed up to get some of the boys stuff "just in case they needed to stay with Grandma for awhile." Tara told her that was never going to happen and that Gemma was just mad because she stole that plan right out of the Gemma Handbook. She went on to tell her that she had been her "ole lady coach" and "mentor" and that this was something that she would do. Gemma informed her that she would and has done some horrible things to protect her family, but lying about the death of a baby isn't one of them. She then told Tara that she had a choice. She could either leave and they could tell the boys that Mommy went away, or they could tell them that Mommy passed away. It was her choice, then Gemma left. Margaret told Tara that she couldn't take the chance with her life and that she was taking the vacation time that she had left and going to spend it in Sedona, since she was too scared to go home. Lowen also got scared off after being confronted by Jax last week. Tara confronted Juice at the hospital, where he was watching the boys. She demanded to know where Jax was and after a few choice words, he finally told her that he was at his business partner Collette's and gave her the address. Tara showed up at the house and walked in on Jax and Collette.... you know what they were doing. Tara pulled her off and threw her down on the floor and was punching her in the face. Jax pulled Tara off of her and she took off running. Tig had heard the commotion and came to investigate. He told Jax that he would straighten things up there, to go after Tara. Collette asked who that was, to which Tig replied- "the wife." Tig is hilarious! Did I mention that two of the four people in this situation were still naked up until this point? Well, they were. Jax ran out the door after her and met up with her outside of the house. She was holding the gun to her side and rambling on and on. She had officially lost it. She is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest! She got in the car and took off. She went to see Patterson and wanted that deal. Patterson informed her that the deal was no longer available Tara not knowing that Jax has already made a deal that ensures her fines and community services but no jail time, but told Tara that if she was fearful for her and her sons lives that she could help her. Tara stared off into space and walked out of the office. Her final words to Patterson? "No you can't. No one can help me."

Jax was trying to get the set-up between Jimmy (Italians) and Galen on the ball. However, the Chinese showed up for the discussion and Galen opened fire, killing at least three. The Chinese chased the Sons down and told them that they wanted the gun business in Cali, not the Irish. The Sons agreed to let them in on the heist of Clay, knowing that they had the deal with Patterson to deliver Galen and the entire gun shipment. Some serious shit is going to go down! Clay had Gemma to come see him in jail. He told her that when he got out on the run that he wouldn't be able to file for divorce, so he signed everything over to her so that she wouldn't have any trouble. She thanked him, they had a heart felt moment they were married for a long time, you know and she left. Nero and Unser went to check on Wendy. Unser was being a tool, and Nero just told him how it was. It was great! When they got to the apartment they noticed smoke coming from inside. Nero kicked down the door and they discovered Wendy passed out on the floor and the drugs on her stove on fire. Gemma decided to take Wendy to her house, to help her get and stay clean and sober. The episode ended with Jax sitting on his and Tara's bed after putting the kids to bed, and looking at all of the pictures. Then he went out to the garage with the baby monitor and started working on JT's bike. Like I've said before, Charlie Hunnam is seriously pulling out the emotional acting chops this season. I mean, wow! This season is just truly showing how talented all of these actors are, and their range and depth as performers. Everything is so emotional whether it be anger, fear, grief, betrayal, love, just really about anything. Only a few more episodes left this season. Next week is when the "Clay Heist" is supposed to go down. I just don't think that everything is going to go as planned. Nothing ever seems to work out for the guys. Season06,Episode11- Aon Rud Persanta.