Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Momma, I love our little inside jokes and jamming in the car with you. Dear Aunt Susi, Thank you for the new coat. I love it, and you were right, it's extremely warm and cozy. Thank you! Dear Guys that fixed our hot water heater, Thank you. If I had to see Shy shake one more time I was gonna strangle her. Am I the only one that can take ice cold showers without coming near death? Dear Kurt Sutter, Once again...You're a Genius. Dear Dr. E, I have to admit that I always thought that dermatologists were just fancy versions of witch doctors. No offense. However, that's not a bad thing because I believe in witches and now I believe in you. Thank you for helping me with this "skin attacking me like Napoleon did Germany" problem. You're awesome. Dear Greg, How dare you dis Robin Thicke you turd! Dear Ian Somerhalder, I'm sorry that you were unaware that we were supposed to get married and live happily ever after. Now that you know, we should get started. Dear Picasa, I love making collages on you. That is all. Dear FX, Why do I have to wait for two weeks for the next episode of SOA? I'm lucky it's worth waiting for. Dear Dragonfly in Amber, I know you came and I started reading you, but I had to give you a break. You're a whole lot to take on at once. I had to switch books for awhile. Sorry. Dear Chicago Fire, You're an excellent show, it almost had me in tears-I was a little misty eyed this past week, but we all know that Firemen don't look like Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer. Nice try, but you can't trick us! Although a man in uniform does tend to be hotter than other ones. Dear Uncle Roger, If you don't quit getting me junk food you're going to have to start rolling me around everywhere and using the forklift to get me up the stairs. We'll take precautions and just not take a plane ride through the Andes, that way you don't have to fatten me up. Thank you though :) Dear People, Adam Levine 2013's Sexiest Man Alive? Seriously? He beat Charlie Hunnam, The Hemsworth Brothers, and about five hundred more that I could name off of the top of my head? Ya'll are seriously slacking, get it together People! Dear Android, Now that I've learned to take Screenshots with you, I can't stop myself. It's addicting. Dear Vampire Diaries, I finished all your seasons on NetFlix, I love you, and I'm definitely a fan. Dear Kelly Clarkson, Congratulations! You're having a baby! Dear FSOG Producers-Directors-Writers-Actors, I made mention that I thought that it was corny that the movie was being released on VDay 2015. Ya'll must have heard me because now it's being released February 13, 2015. Which just so happens to be my birthday. Thanks. I think. Dear Cousin Josh, No one asked you Carl!! Dear Australia, None of ya'll want to go to Justin Beiber concerts...I'm so very proud of you! Dear Elvis Channel on Pandora, I love, love, love and have been rocking out to you! Dear Uncle Jimmy, Yeah...ummm...I think I may have broken our alarm. Just a little bit though. In all fairness, I had no clue what was happening. Ok, it's not broken, but it definitely doesn't like me. Dear Google+, I got rid of you on Wednesday and switched to a Blogger Profile. It's never given me that option before, but I think that I may really like it. Sorry, but you had to go. Dear Teresa Medeiros, I love and own all of your novels. With that being said I would really appreciate it if you would continue The Cabot series. I know that the ending of TVWLM let them all live happily ever after, but I've read AM and TVWLM at least thirty-five times apiece and love the Kane/Cabot's. Thank you. Dear Daily Weather, I reckon you have made up your mind, it's cold as a well diggers butt outside!! Dear Shy, Yes I will wear the green winter coat so you don't have to. Fashion before warmth, you can tell you're a teenage girl.