Friday, November 1, 2013

The day after Halloween.

Today the kids celebrated Halloween. Of course yesterday was the actual day, but they cancelled it until today due to weather. Personally I think that's just a conspiracy that they created so that people could stay out and celebrate on a Friday instead of a Thursday. Just my opinion though. So I'm counting today as the day after Halloween, since it is. Well, what did I do today? I worked this morning as per usual, and when I got off Momma and I ran to the store and then we came home. The house was in full "gettin ready" swing. Kenny, Shy, and Jim were dressing up and getting ready for the trick-or-treaters and such. Before it started getting to crazy Kenny burnt grilled us some hotdogs for supper, and then the "festivities" began. We had sooo many trick-or-treaters. Sooo many! There was at least over four hundred or so. It was crazy.

Me being the awesome/caring person that I am however seen Christmas DOTS in the Halloween candy so I took them out to eat myself. Hey, I wouldn't want to confuse the kiddies. Ash and Angie brought Solae over and we all hung out while Shy took Solae through the neighborhood. Charlie sent me a picture of her dressed up as a Zombie for class. By the way, just so ya'll know she is beyond scared of Zombies. Funny but true. Bob down the street dressed up as Elvis, apparently he does this every year, and I got my picture taken with him because you know I was trying to "get into the spirit". I'm not sure what Shy was, but she was wearing alot of make-up and alot of black, so I'm assuming that she was Justin Beiber. Just a guess. Kenny's costume was incredibly bad. So bad that I can't even say what it looked like, but trust me it was bad. Thankfully he took off the hood. And Jim was a LumberJack. You know the Brawny Man? Anyways...Just so ya'll know, next time confuse the kiddies because Christmas DOTS are disgusting!! Well, that's all I got for now I'm going to continue to watch Aziz Ansari love this guy and go to bed. Happy Halloween!!! Well, technically the day after, but you know what I'm getting at!