Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watch out for the ghouls and goblins!!

May I just say- Happy Halloween!! Even though you can't tell it today, because of my lack of costume, Halloween is my favorite Holiday...Ever!! It's true! Costumes, popcorn, candy, scary movies, black, fall weather, what's not to love really? Since it's my favorite Holiday, but I'm not wearing a costume or anything I decided that I would countdown my Favorite Scary Movies that people watch during Halloween time. (Just so you know Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie).

#5: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
I don't find this movie particularly scary, but the reason it made my list is because it's a classic. Granted this is the remake version, but with either you can't really go wrong. It didn't make me jump out of my skin or anything, but it definitely is enough to make you never want to run into that family. Besides it's got a guy wearing a face on top of his face that he cut off of someone's head. Who does that?

#4: The Crazies:
This movie is incredible. It's literally your basic Zombie movie, but with the explanation of what happened. All of the evidence in this movie proves that an actual "zombie apocalypse" can in fact happen. No, I'm not talking the zombies that you see in most movies/tv shows, I'm talking about people that are so out of their minds that they become zombie-like by nature. What's going to cause zombies you ask? Chemical Warfare and Drugs...That's What!  

#3: The Scream Franchise:
The first one is classic. It literally reinvented the Slasher Film and rebooted the horror Genre. It's exactly what us Horror Fanatics needed. You can't really go wrong with Wes Craven anyways. This is your basic teen slasher flick that included sex, drugs, and drinking. The only difference is, it did what no movie before it did. It talks about itself and the "rules" to survive a horror movie. The first one was great and is followed by three more awesome ones!

#2: Halloween:
The original Halloween didn't scare me all that much and I watched it when I was little. It had already been out probably fifteen or so years before I was born and watched it. I'm sorry, but it just didn't. I was convinced that I could out run Michael and that since I didn't babysit that I was fine. He just didn't scare me and I couldn't figure out why none of them could get away from him. Flash forward thirty years and let Rob Zombie take the lead and let's just say the first time I watched his remake and it's sequel I was pretty jumpy. 

#1: A Nightmare On Elm Street:
Holy crap! Y'all I have no lie to tell, I was around three years old the first time I ever seen a NOES movie and Freddy Kreuger terrified me. For twenty years that man has petrified me. Well, when the remake came out I was all- "I'm twenty years old, I'm grown, this won't effect me, it's a new guy". I never thought that anyone could be more terrifying than Robert Englund. So what did I do? I went to see it in the theater, of course. I was so wrong! I was more terrified at twenty with Jackie Earle Haley, than I ever was at three with Robert. It was pitiful. I ended up on the lap of the guy sitting next to me. It sounds bad, but his girlfriend was there in hiding with me.

Scary Movies are my absolute favorite, unless someone calls and asks me what my favorite scary movie is. Then my answer is that I don't like them at all. Watch Scream, you'll understand. These are just five of my favorite ones, not all of the ones I like. Besides Slasher Flicks, anything about Hauntings and Witches are great! Especially if they're true stories :) And of course let's not forget The Strangers, The Evil Dead (original and remake), any Vampire movie, A Haunting in Connecticut, and Friday the 13th. You can't go wrong with Classic Horror or good scary movies in my opinion. Except Chucky...That's not ok. Ever. I just wanted to do a little something for Halloween. Ya'll Be Safe, and Watch out for the Ghouls and Goblins!!