Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Letters.

Dear Jim Reeves, I like the song Senor Santa Claus, I really do. But depending on who's listening to it and how they take it I think that it may be a bit...umm...Offensive? Dear Momma, I'm sorry about Paul Walker. I know that it makes you sad, but he's ok now. I promise. And just so you know we are... Hilarious!...when we are in the car smack talking people. Just saying. Dear Greg, Thank you for shoveling out our car, the sidewalk, and the road. I really appreciate it. Also, you're lucky I'm nice and shaved the back of your neck. It was looking rough. Dear Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghost of Georgia Makers, Good movie. Real good movie. But why not just name it Ghosts of Georgia? Or The Haunting in Georgia? Or basically anything that doesn't say Connecticut in Georgia, because they are not even close to each other? Dear Sound of Music Remake, I'm glad that I didn't watch you. Boo Carrie Underwood. Dear Dani, Thank you for breakfast and the cokes. We should form a band and hit the road to entertain people with the best of the Beastie Boys. This plan would be easier if I had any talent whatsoever. Dear Aunt Susi, Thank you for lunch and I still have all of those t-shirts ready to bring to you. Two bags. Dear Kenny, Quit worrying so much. I'm fine. Dear Chicago Fire, Quit playing with my emotions. I tear up/cry everytime I watch you. And I watched the preview for next weeks episode. All I have to say is if something horrible goes wrong with Casey, I will never watch you again. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Dear Uncle Roger, You worry that I don't eat too much. You don't have to feed me, I promise, but I just wanted to say Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I really do. Dear Sadie, You're driving me crazy with all of that meowing and running under my feet. Seriously, please give me a break. Dear Jayna, Thank you for my picture of Sven that you colored. I love it and it's BEA-U-TIFUL. Dear SOA, You only have one episode left this season. Why do I feel like it's going to be cray and make me very emotional? Dear Solae, Happy 10th Birthday kid, sorry we had to miss your party. Dear LifeSaver Collision Gummies, You. Are. Disgusting. Dear Weather, Snow? Ice? Really? Ass. Dear Paul Walker, I'm sad that you passed away. You were a great actor and I loved your films. Plus, you seemed to be a really great guy. This story made me cry. Dear Nelson Mandela, I was sorry to hear about your passing too. Dear Eloise Mumford, I believe that I may want your hair. That sounded alot creepier than I meant it too. Dear Sub Conscious, You sure do give me some Cray dreams sometimes. Dear Social Media, I haven't watched TWD in weeks, and yet I still know what happened and who died. That is all. Dear Gifs, I love you. You make my life more fun. Dear Dr. D, If you keep having to get down there to do them cell tests, you're going to have to buy me a drink. Just kidding. Talk to you in a couple weeks for the results. Dear OTH, Boy does watching re-runs of you on NetFlix take me back to being a teenager. I was thinking about it- When Rachel was alot like B. Davis and I so badly wanted to be Peyton. I'm not really sure why because she always had the worst luck, but then I remembered Chad Michael Murray. Yeah, that definitely had something to do with it. Dear FSOG Movie People, Glad it's moving along. Dear Christina Perri, I know that you originally recorded it for Twilight, but your song A Thousand Years, Yeah I kind of really like it. Dear Instagram, Thank you for letting me see a little bit of everything. Especially pictures of Ian Somerhalder/TVD and FSOG. Dear Chris, Dude- You have the teeny tiniest little writing. Seriously, tiny. Dear The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Film), You were an awesome movie, and now thanks to you I think that I may have to read the series. I can't wait for the other films to come out. Between the books and the films, yet another thing for me to become obsessed about. Thanks :) Plus Jamie Campbell Bower has some of the best lines ever!! Pretty easy on the eyes too. My favorite: Simon- "You invited him to bed!" Jace- "I know we never would have all fit." Hilarious! Among all of the other ones. Dear Ian Somerhalder, Happy 35th Birthday tomorrow.