Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Letters.

Dear Momma, who would've thought that Greg would be with a girl that knows the people from your past? It's a small world after all and I love it. Plus, we always have so much fun together. You really are the best Momma ever. Dear Aunt Susi, thank you for the biscuit and Hotbox pizza. It was so good. Also, I'm glad that you're looking into moving. I know that you really want to and I'm very happy for you. Dear Kenny&Jimmy, I'm glad that you're getting the basement cleaned out and getting your house organized. I know it's been a long time coming, but I have to be honest. I am so lazy too help. I mean I'll do it, and have, but in my head I really just wanna sleep and watch TV. I know, I'm horrible. And I'm really glad that you found my the kaleidoscope. Dear Jason Mraz, I love your song I won't give up. I really do like every one of your songs that I hear. I know some people compare you and Jack Johnson, and I would just like to personally say in my humble opinion- you kick Jack Johnson's ass! Dear Uncle Roger, I told you that she wouldn't give up. Dear Charlie, I'm real sorry about your daddy. You're welcome for teaching you the way around teching, and thank you very much for teaching me certain things that I needed to know that nurses do. You're amazing and you'll get through this. Dear Dani, you're a puss for not asking Uncle Roger if you could take Tuesday off at the office and texting him instead. By the way, we really should have invested in that Watergate shredder. Just saying. Dear Dunkin' Donuts, you suck. That is all. Dear Kristi, it's been nice getting to know you. I don't care as long as you and my brother are happy spending time together. Also, thank you for trying to get the tattoo on my foot fixed/redone. I appreciate it. Dear Tayder, I still love you! So, so, so much! You are the best puppy dog ever!! Dear Buzzfeed, thank you for keeping a girl entertained. Dear Chris, happy birthday. Dear universe, happy new year!! Let's make this one great!! Dear Gen Con, can I come to you? Am I allowed? I just want to go and see what you're all about. Dear Safe Haven, you're a surprisingly good movie. Dear Nicholas Sparks, you've been giving me unrealistic expectations and setting me up for failure for years now. Thanks. Dear Greg, you suck for taking your PlayStation. Your girlfriend is a bit loud. But I still love you. Dear my head when I'm sleeping, why am I having dreams about passing notes with the boy I liked in high school? Really? If this is your idea of a joke- it sucks and I am long past that. Just saying. Dear Flipagram, Picslide, Picflow and Slidergram, I tried using every single one of you on New Years Eve to make an Instagram slide with music. None of you work properly. Therefore I don't like any of you and uninstalled you all. Dear Uncle Roger, thank you for lunch and the other thing. You know what I'm talking about. You don't have to do stuff like that, but thank you. I do appreciate it. Dear snow and ice, stop it!! Dear Tony and Doug, spending lunch with y'all wasn't too bad. Even though Tony did try to kill us by pulling out in front of people on icy roads. By the way Doug, I don't care to sit in back for a little bit and share a booth with you. Your legs are longer than mine, even if only by two or three inches. Tony- you should've got the bacon. Dear hair atop my head, really? Really? Reeallly?? Dear Kaley Cuoco, congratulations on your marriage to Ryan Sweeting! I think it's cool you went low-key and wore a pink dress. Just wish Sheldon had been there for those wedding pictures.