Sunday, January 5, 2014

I finally watched that other Jude Law movie.

The Holiday. I've been trying to watch that damn movie for like six or seven years now, and I finally got too. Can I get an amen for snow days? AMEN! Anyhoos, I wanted to watch it because I'm a fan of basically all of the main characters. Cameron Diaz is hilarious, Jack Black is genius, Kate Winslet is my home girl (hello, we share our name), and Jude Law...well, we all know how I feel about Jude Law. Yummy. It was such a good movie.

I recorded it on the DVR the other night, when it was on late and I was in bed because apparently I'm a little 87 year old woman trapped in a 23 year old womans body and since Shy and I were up since early, Greg called my phone and woke us both up,we figured- "Ahh, why not? Let's watch it." So watch it we did. I didn't realize that it was almost three hours long, but it's all good, because it was beyond worth it. It really relates to your own life and of course it made Shy cry. You know related to your life if Jude Law showed up, fell in love with you, and told you things like- "You're lovely." Oh if only. It made me laugh, cry (not Shy cry, but I got a little teary), and fall even more in love with Jude Law. And yes I insist on saying his whole name every time. The point is- since it's freezing outside, here me and Shy sit on the couch, with our quilts, drinking hot tea and watching TV. The Holiday down, a bunch of other random stuff to go. We agreed that it's a nice way to spend a cold Sunday (or any Sunday), it's only us up right now anyways. We'll just stay quiet and watch TV. No harm, no foul.