Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's been years since I had a snowday!!

I would just like to go on the record by saying that this snow-ice-hypothermia-frostbite weather damn well sucks! Seriously, I don't like it not one little bit. I call bullshit. I am so COLD. I'm not one to complain about being cold constantly, but since I'm pretty sure that hypothermia is setting up in my fingers while I'm inside the house and/or office it's what I'm going with. I haven't been through this kind of weather in years. YEARS. I grew up in Tennessee. It gets really cold there, but not so much with the snow and negative temperatures. You can tell it's winter, but you don't wake up and assume that you have magically teleported to the arctic in your sleep. I also lived in Alabama and Florida. I don't know how cold it gets in Alabama, while I lived there it was the longest miserablest horriblest spring-summer-fall of my life. And it gets chilly in Florida, but a sweatshirt and you're good. The chilliest days are usually lovely. And by lovely I mean it's so sunny that I wanted to shoot myself. It's the rain that's the coldest when it comes to Florida. But now I have moved back north. Back to Indiana. When some people describe Indiana they say: home of the colts, the Hoosiers, the pacers, the fighting Irish, and the boilermakers. Birthplace of: James Dean, John Dillinger, Jimmy Hoffa, Anne Baxter, David Lee Roth, John Cougar Mellencamp, and the Jacksons. It's where: David Letterman started his career, Larry Bird shot his first basket, Jay Cutler threw his first football, and Jeff Gordon drove his first car. Some of the most famous people were born, raised and/or have lived here. I think all of this is so cool. Especially James Dean and John Dillinger, but for right now all of that is pushed to the side. ALL OF IT. Why? Because it's so cold that it eliminates everything that there is good. EVERYTHING.

It's been cold for a couple weeks of course, but then Sunday came. That's right- Sunday. Saturday Momma and I had run to the store because the news said that bad weather was coming and that people might be stuck in their houses for a couple of days. For one, when people think that they're going to be stuck somewhere and that someone else is going to have something that they don't they freak the hell out. People were CRAZY!! Two, basically is just repeating one. People are crazy! Anyways the weather started getting colder and it snowed on Saturday night. By Sunday there was a bunch of snow and ice and my car was buried. I went out with Momma and shoveled the walk-way and sidewalk and we possibly had a snowball fight. Unplanned. Then I may have tackled Shylyn into the snow, rolled us both down the hill and into the street and managed to shove a bunch of snow in her face making her eat it. OOPS.

Sorry, but I'm not sorry. It was hilarious and fun. Sadly I remembered that I haven't tackled a fourteen year old into the snow since I was eleven. And it was Greg's friend Corey. And I was sick. And he snuck me out of the house. And we all went sledding on a freshly painted car hood. And there was only like three inches of snow. And now that I think about it I'm pretty sure he wasn't fourteen, he was barely thirteen. And I got sicker. And it was totally worth it. Anyways, after all that it started getting COLDER...and COLDER...and COLDER...until it was eventually FREEZING. Literally. By nine Sunday night it was (-10) degrees and Aunt Susi text me to tell me that Uncle Roger had said to stay home from work on Monday. The temperatures and roads were that bad. It's a good thing to, because even though I had dug it out, my car was reburied. Even the Governor said to stay off of the roads and in your house unless it was an absolute emergency. I think that we were in a state of emergency. Honestly. So Monday was my first official "snow day" in many years. I'm pretty sure I haven't had one since I was in seventh or eighth grade. So very very long ago. So how did I spend my snow day?

Well, like any normal person, it was too cold to go outside. Really, it was (-27) degrees and dropping. So I spent the day curled up on the couch, drinking hot tea and hot chocolate, watching Criminal Minds with Tayder. Yes, all day. And I don't even care, because it was great. I came back to work today, but Uncle Roger and Aunt Susi had to pick me up this morning, because guess what? My car is still buried and I don't even know if it would start with it being as cold as it is. Poor thing. I wouldn't want to start. Hopefully Greg will dig it out while I'm at work. Yeah, fat chance. It's still freezing and horrible, but thank you for the snow day Uncle Roger. It's been a minute. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Greg's friend is stuck at the house with us and has been since Saturday? Yeah, I know. I'm creeped out too. He pets me and I'm thinking about punching him in the face. If he don't quit it's gonna happen. Seriously.