Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm (just a little) ashamed to admit how much I liked that Disney movie.

I've been talking about that Disney movie- Frozen for a couple of months now. I didn't know anything about it, nor had I seen it, but Jayna told me about it every time I seen her, and she demanded that I see it ASAHP (You know- as soon as humanly possible). She even colored me a picture (of the reindeer- Sven) back in December as a present. Btw, I love it! How can one kid be so adorable? I still haven't figured that one out yet, but she is. Even cuter than normal cute kids. We're talking into adorable territory.

People have been obsessing over this movie for months and months now. Only every single person and their momma have done some form of rendition of that song- Let It Go. I mean in all fairness, it is a really catchy song. Like really catchy. I just watched the movie last night, but I've been singing that song for two months. Yeah, I know, but it's everywhere on the radio and TV. I think that there are more adults that got into it than kids. I know that's sad, but honestly we're all big kids at heart. At least I am. I may just be speaking for myself, but I'll take the fall for it. I am a giant big kid at heart. I never understood why it's frowned upon to keep loving Disney movies as you get older. We're expected to grow up with these films and then forget all about them just because we're adults? Nope. No thank you. I'll pass. I'll continue to keep loving them. Except Pinocchio. That one scared me.

Anyhoos, back to Frozen. Like said Jayna has told me about it every opportunity that has presented itself, but even Danielle was backing her dude. They went and seen it in theaters I think something like four times. Yeah, four times. A couple of them were with the neighbor kids, but still that's a lot of times to go see one movie. And they liked it the same every time. When it came out on DVD, they went to the store at four in the morning and bought it. Not gonna lie, I was thinking- WTH?! what movie (unless it's part of the- LOTR series) is worth going to see four times and getting up to buy at four in the morning? I thought that they were a couple of crazy loons. Honestly, I really did. a couple of nutballs.  

(Best song of the movie- Reindeers are better People). Well, like I said- talking, talking, talking, and when they were done with that- a little more talking. I was in no big rush to see it, but the more that I read about people's love for it and the more Dani talked about it, I'm not gonna lie- the more that I wanted to see it.

So, while we were out over last weekend I made a stop by the Redbox to rent it. Whatevs, they were completely out so that wasn't happening. I was all- no biggy. We'll watch it some other time. I rented a couple of other ones (Thor 2: The Dark World and About Time- both of which were SO good) and we watched those. But that didn't make me want to not see- Frozen. So I thought about it for a couple of days, and I did what any and every sensible 24 year old girl would do. I stopped by the store yesterday on my way home from work for a couple of things and ended up buying Frozen (and a pair of black boots that are two sizes to big, but they were on sale and I love them). Yes, I am a grown woman that bought a Disney movie with no kids, and no intention of sharing. I bought it strictly because I wanted to see it. That is my only justification. It was driving me crazy not knowing what all the fuss was about.

I'm very glad that I did. i mean, I still love all of the Disney movies that I grew up with. I'm still convinced that there are very few things that can take the place of the beloved characters that helped to mold you, but I haven't seen a movie like this that I've liked in quite some time. But I watched this one and was like- Seriously?! So good!! I liked it so much I thought that I would share some of my favorite parts. (I SWEAR THAT I WASN'T LISTENING TO THE SOUNDTRACK WHEN I WAS ALONE IN MY OFFICE THIS MORNING...OOPS).

  • Olaf singing- "Winter's a good time to sit close and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'll be" [pauses in front of a puddle] ..."happy snowman".
  • Kristoff- "Your's turning white" Anna- "Does it look bad" [pause] Kristoff- "No". Olaf- "You hesitated".
  • Anna- "I think that some company is overdue; I started talking to the pictures on the wall" [points to painting of Joan of Arc] "hang in there Joan"
  • [After listening to Olaf sing about summer] Kristoff- "I'm gonna tell him". Anna- "Don't you dare!" Kristoff- "Well, somebody's gotta tell him".
  •  Anna- [after explaining features of the new sled] "Do you like it"? Kristoff- "Like it? I love it!" [spins her around] "I could kiss you!" [puts her down] "I could. I mean, I'd like to. I- may I? We me? I mean, may we? Wait, what?" Anna- [kisses him on the cheek] "We may". Kristoff- [kisses Anna].
  • [Olaf finds Anna freezing to death, he quickly builds a fire to keep her warm.] Anna- [concerned for olaf] "Olaf, get way from there!" Olaf- [mesmerized] "So this is heat. I love it." [his hand catches fire] "Ow, but don't touch it."
  • Kristoff- "So, uh tell me. What made the queen go all ice crazy?" Anna- "Oh well, it was all my fault. I got engaged, but then she freaked out because I'd only just met him, you know that day. She said she wouldn't bless the marriage and..." Kristoff- [interrupts] "Hang on, you mean to tell me that you got engaged to someone you just met that day?" Anna- "Yeah, anyway I got mad and so she got mad and then she tried to walk away and I grabbed her glove..." Kristoff- [interrupts] "Hang on, you mean to tell me that you got engaged to someone you just met that day?" Anna- "Yes, pay attention, but the thing is she wore the gloves all the time, so I just thought, maybe she has a thing about dirt..." Kristoff- [interrupts] "Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?" Anna- "Yes they did" [moves further away from Kristoff].
  • Olaf- "I can't feel my legs!" Kristoff- "Those are my legs!" Olaf- [as his lower body runs by] "Ooh, do me a favor and grab my butt" Kristoff- [grabs Olaf's lower body and puts the rest of him on top]. Olaf- "Ah, that feels better."
  • Anna- "But I want to help!" Kristoff- "No. I don't trust your judgement." Anna- "Excuse me?" Kristoff- "Who marries a man they just met?!"
  • Anna- "Kristoff loves me?" Olaf- "Whoa, you really don't know anything about love, do you?"
  • Kristoff- "Hey guys!" Anna- "They're rocks!" Kristoff- [off in the distance] "You are a sight for sore eyes." Olaf- [whispering] "He's crazy!" Kristoff- [off in the distance] "Hey, whoa, I don't even recognize you. You've lost so much weight." Olaf- [whispering to Anna] "I'll distract them while you run" [loud slow voice] "Hi Sven's family! It's nice to meet you!" [whispering] "Because I love you, Anna, I insist you run." [loud, slow voice] "I understand you're love experts. Ooh!" [whispering] "Why aren't you running?"
And those are just some of the cute little parts from the movie. I'm telling y'all if you haven't watched it (whether you have little kids or not) you need to. Seriously, I thought that I would feel really silly watching it by myself (technically, I watched it with Cricket and Kenny, but still), but I didn't. And I have no lie to tell- I'm sure that I'll be watching it again. It didn't feel like a Disney movie. It just felt like a normal movie. You know, something for everyone. Like I said- WE'RE ALL BIG KIDS AT HEART :)