Monday, June 2, 2014

Legen- wait for it.

I have nothing of substance to share with the world today. Literally, nothing. I could ramble on and on with the happenings of the world, but frankly, you all know what's going on. You know that Alice from the Brady Bunch passed away (and if not, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you). You know that Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting chopped her long blonde locks into a pixie cut (could she BE any cuter? I mean, damn her adorability). You know that Maleficent opened this weekend, and is apparently a HUGE success. You know all of these things. Well, you know that if the homepage on your work computer is set to Yahoo, that is.

I'm aware that all of this isn't 'world news', but frankly when I read about all of the things happening in the world, it makes me a little depressed. The news never has anything happy to tell you. NEVER. It's always murder, rape, violence, stabbing, hate crimes, so on and so forth. Don't we have enough problems without doing horrible things to each other? I mean, come on people. Quit being a bunch of jerks, and find something to do that doesn't consist of you joining in the running of being the worst human being on the planet. Not a title that anyone should want to hold.

But I digress. Because of all of this I have decided to share only two things for today. I mean, it's my first post for June, so why not? Also, Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger close on their new house in 10 days. Count it people. 10. Whoop whoop!!

When I got off of work Friday, Momma and I ran some errands and then we headed over to Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell's. They had asked us to come over for a visit, so we thought that we would just hang out with them for a little bit. Two pints of crown, some hard cider, a few beers, and a half a bottle of vodka later we were all laughing, talking, and having a good time. Then because everyone was starving we all ate pizza....and ice cream. What? It was delicious. Quit judging. You don't know my life. Just kidding, simmer, simmer. Then we went home, I made Kenny tea, and I changed clothes, curled up in my bed and passed out fell asleep after watching Friends. We hung out around the house and ran some errands on Saturday. Then yesterday Kenny, Jim, and Shylyn went with their friends to a cookout, and we went back over to Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell's to cook out and hang out. Cause we do what we want.

Question of the week: What do you do when someone doesn't follow the script to exact, like you have it played out in your head? Ignore them, of course. LIKE AN ADULT.

And most importantly, guess what started filming last week? Uhh, only the best show ever in the history of existence. That's right- Sons of Anarchy did!! Can I get an amen?!! AMEN!! I follow Kurt Sutter on everything possible, except the Twitter, y'all know that I couldn't figure out the Twitter, and I keep a look out for all things seventh season. I'm sad that it's going to be the last, but I also know that it's going to be LEGEN- what for it- DARY. Yes kids, I just went NPH on you. That's how excited I am. Did I mention that Marilyn Manson is going to be a recurring character and that Charlie Hunnam is practically a demi-god? No? Well, those are both facts of equal importance. Just saying. 

In all fairness, I told you at the beginning that I had nothing of substance. So if you read all of this, and got to the very end and the only thing that you can think is- "What the eff, Katie?!!" Well, this is as much of your fault as it is mine. Happy Monday, everybody. Here's to another long week of longing for the summer weekend. Cheers!!