Monday, July 7, 2014

We got lost at midnight.

Hey y'all! Look who showed up for class today. Whoot-whoot!! I bet y'all didn't see this one coming. Of course, that also means that I've convinced my self that you put that much thought into me. Narcissistic, much? Kidding! They redid our bathroom on Sunday, but they started it Saturday, so needless to say this girls hair is a mess! We could wash everything else, but my hair is extremely thick and weird, so washing it in the sink is quite the feet. However, if our shower isn't up and running by today I'm gonna go over to Aunt Poot's and take one. Because, well, I just will.

Did y'all have a good weekend? I reckon it was alright. Probably would've been better if I wouldn't have come down with something on Saturday evening. Go figure. But Friday was pretty awesome. For the most part. I don't usually celebrate the 4th of July. I haven't in about five years, because as some of you know, that's when my friend Amy passed away. So, every year since then I have stayed at the house, and distracted myself. However, this year I realized that Amy wouldn't want me sulking around. So, we (Momma and I) went to a cookout/to watch fireworks. We didn't get home until after midnight, because there was so much traffic, and then we got lost. Oops. We had a great time. I have pictures to show y'all too. They're really grainy and Momma managed to not have her picture taken. She's a sneaky one. But before I do that let me tell y'all some things that make my heart happy. Some of them are probably pretty strange.
  • Swirled waffle cones from Rally's
  • My Momma (yes, I am a big ole Mommy's girl- and I don't care)
  • Watching all of the LOTR movies consecutively
  • Crown Royal and pineapple juice (WATER MOCCASINS!!)
  • Seeing a soldier reunite with his/her family
  • Candy
  • Stopping on page 260 of TFIOS
  • I bet you just looked or remember what was on that page, huh?
  • Hearing Danielle read internet articles out loud
  • Getting letters (not bills) in the mail
  • My face clearing up
  • When I do math correctly
  • When someone runs their hands through my hair/scalp massages
  • When my toes are painted red
  • There are a lot more, but I'm running out of time here:), so I won't make you look at pictures of the fireworks, but I do want to show y'all a few 'gems'.
{{I'm only smiling, because I'm gonna eat that kettle corn Aunt Poot is holding.}}
{{See me throwing up my pimp hand back there?! That's what I'm going with.}}
{{Another angle of my happy/kettle corn eating face, I guess?}}

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