Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Because, obviously, we were awesome.

Enough said? This is me and a few of my friends in junior high. But the cool junior high. You know, eighth grade, so we were almost freshmen. In our minds other words, complete badasses. That's me sitting on the floor covering my face. As you can tell, I've always had a bit of Miranda Kerr in me. Not even close. We probably even wear the same size in clothes. Liar. Traveling down those old white and red hallways sure does bring back some memories. 

Like the ones of all of the homecoming days, where we got to have field days and run around crazy. The ones of my friends and I passing notes and homemade fortune tellers back and forth to each other in our classes. The one where a boy told me he loved me, kissed me, then ran away. Or the one where I watched my friend Rachel (the one right next to me) slam some girls head into my locker repeatedly. Yeah, there's that.

By the look of my Beetlejuice shirt, you can clearly tell that we were much cooler by the time we reached high school. No we weren't. We could even talk our guy friends into wearing our clothes. Well, at least our jackets. This happened on more than one occasion. Also, most of us had nicknames by this point. Not me, because they all still call me Katherine, but this guy is known as Poncho. His girlfriend? Lucy. No, that's not her real name, that's just her nickname. Yeah, I don't get it either, but they're married and have a baby now, so maybe it was she was Lucky Lucy? I don't know.

We were so cool. We even threw up our hands in class, like- What up?!! That's not true, that never happened. The 'What Up' part, not the throwing hands up part. That part definitely happened. Also, boys carried our purses, because they were already wearing our jackets, so why not? He's going to kill me if he ever sees this. Hashtag worth it.

Sometimes we posed with guys and even though it was their idea in the first place, they look terribly uncomfortable in the actual photo. But maybe that's because the girl in the photo that wasn't you totally made out with said guy the summer before and then he started blushing every time that he was around her. Also, you had to poke and tease the same guy until he finally opened up and talked to you, so you became friends, because he was so shy. And then your best friend reads the blog post that you write that tells about her making out with the guy and she immediately screams and regrets sending you the old photos in the first place. Oops.

Then when you grow up the same boy joins the Army and when he comes home he's even more beautiful than what you remember him being. And then you get drunk with him and the two of you pass out in his truck. Like adults.

Finally, you look at the old pictures of y'all and you realize that you needed to pull down your shirt back in the day. That is until you realize that that's not even your shirt that you're wearing in the photo. It was actually the shirt of a girl that y'all hung out with that weighed about 90 pounds and you remember when you were skinny. And then you snap back into reality when your best friend reminds you of how photogenic you were when y'all were young. Because she's a hater.

Ah, friendship.