Saturday, December 13, 2014

Three girls and a Christmas list.

I told y'all that Momma and Aunt Poot talked me into taking off of work to have lunch and go Christmas shopping, right? Well, they did. And while I love my Momma and Aunt Poot, I'm a very Grinchy person and complained that we should just get everybody a giftcard and go eat, until they both told me to shut up and enjoy myself. Rude.

We went a little bit of everywhere and I came to the conclusion (not the first time) that I don't like people. Seriously. The more time I spend in public with people, the more I like my dog. People are rude. They yell and scream. Push and pull. And then two cops almost ran us over (not complaining, they had good reasons) to chase down a few criminals and kick and taser him. And don't be crying about police brutality, because those guys had guns and were planning something fishy. Uh huh.

In all do seriousness though, we did have a lot of fun and it was nice to get out, have some fun, and talk. The shopping part probably would've went better if my eyes wouldn't have gotten as big as me a kid in a candy store and want everything though. Honestly Katie, you were supposed to be shopping for other people! Tell that to my new boots and awesome new Hugh Hefner robe though.

Also, I tried to get in the spirit and wear something festive. It wasn't fun until I used the comic book app. Haha.